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Sage Mandavya says that lord Saturn had two sons named Mandi and Gulika as two villians and they cause a lot of injury to the house dwelt or tenanted by them.

The details or delineations are not commonly known and used. But in Hindu Astrology, the Sages have opined that the position of Gulika and Mandi must be analysed in the horoscope. Gulika aspects 2nd, 7th and 12th houses from his position.

So we provide the details about them and the author recommends the use in delineations and in the predictions.

We now provide methods to find the positions of Gulika and Mandi which will correspond to the lagna at the time.

The distinction between Mandi and Gulika should be carefully noted. Their exact position on any week day are not the same.


The length of day and night on the day of birth is to be ascertained, which is called DINMAN and RATRIMAN respectively. A day and night is composed of 60 Ghatis. One Ghati is equal to 2 hours 30 minutes.

In Jataktava, it is stated in Sloka A-61 to 63, the method of finding the position of Gulika which reads as :

From Sunrise to Sunset is the day, it is night afterwards and lasts till the entry of the next weekday. The entire interval of day or night as the case may be, when multiplied by week days past as stated below and divided by 8 will reveal Gulika's position at the same time, which corresponds to the lagna at the time of birth.

In a day time, if a day be divided into 8 equal parts, Gulika's period will be 7th part on a Sunday, the 6th on a Monday 5th on a Tuesday, 4th on a Wednesday, 3rd on a Thursday, 2nd on a Friday and the 1st on a Saturday.

During night time, the counting has to be made from Mercury instead of from the Sun; that is, when a night is divided into 8 equal parts, Gulika's position will be the 7th on a Wednesday night, 6th on a Thursday night, 5th on a Friday night, 4th on a Saturday night, 3rd on a Sunday night, 2nd on a Monday night and 1st on a Tuesday night.

Example. Suppose a native is born on 13th/14th October, 1928 on Saturday night 6 Ghatis and 45 vighatis before Sunrise at Lat. 30°-12' N and Longitude 71°-28' E. Length of night was 31 ghatis 43 vighatis. Divide this by 8, one gets duration of each part of night to be 3 ghatis 57 vighatis and 52 1/2 palas. According to the rule supra Gulika's position on that night is 4th part or the lagna revealed at 4x(3-57-52 1/2) or 15 ghatis 51 vighatis 30 palas. After Sunset or dividing by 2 1/2 we get 6 hours 20 minutes 30 seconds. The position of Gulika will correspond to the lagna or ascendant at the time. So from the table of ascendants we find the position for 30°-12' N Latitude. Lahiri's table indicates the position as Virgo 11 degrees 28 minutes.


In Jatak Parijats, Adhaya II Sloka 6, the method is stated thus :

When the length of day or night is 30 ghatikas, the position of Mandi on the week day counting from Sunday onwards is at the end of ghatik as 26, 22, 18, 14, 10, 6 and 2 during day time. These figures have to be proportionately increased or decreased accordingly as the length of day chosen is greater or less than 30 ghatikas. But since the lords of the first 7 muhuratas in the night are counted, not from the lord of the week days chosen; from that of the 5th, the position of Mandi at night time will be different on the week days, viz; at the end of ghatikas 10, 6, 2, 26, 22,18 and 14 respectively.