EFFECTS OF GULIKA IN TWELVE HOUSES in horscope online at atsroshastra
Manglik Dosha Pitra Dosha Kemdrum Yoga

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Note : The effects are as detailed in Phaladeepika Adhaya XXV Slokas 8 to 14.

First House. If Gulika is posited in the ascendant, the native will be a thief, cruel, liar, devoid of modesty, will not be very stout, dull and sickly, not much intelligent and will not have many children. Glutton, no happiness, coward, stupid and of irritable nature. If associated here with malefic planets, the native will be deceitful, lustful and depraved especially.

Second House. The native will be craving for sensual pleasures, of wandering habits and indulging in scurplous language. If associated with malefics, one will have no wealth, little knowledge, not true to his words and will live abroad.

Third House. When in 3rd house, the native will be distinguished by aloofness, pride, drunkenness and such other qualities, will display an abundance of ill temper and ostentations in the acquisition of wealth, will be exempt from distress and fear and will be without brothers and sisters.

Fourth House. One will be devoid of learning, vehicles, wealth, houses, happiness, land and will be a wanderer.

Fifth House. Indicates that native will be fickle minded, badly disposed, immoral, irresolute, evil minded, a few sons. The native may be short lived.

Sixth House. Destroyer of enemies, brave, good sons, will dabble in demonologv.

Seventh House. One will be quarrelsome, many illicit relations with the opposite sex, ungrateful, public enemy, stupid and will have a bad tempered wife.

Eighth House. One will have deformity in the face, with weak and impaired eyes and short stature.

Ninth House. Deserted by elders and children. One will engage himself in vice deeds to such an extent as ultimately to become the murderer of his parents and preceptors.

Tenth House. One will abandon all religious canons and duties. Shameful deeds, deaf to all senses of honours and self respect. Will not be disposed to give any thing to others.

Eleventh House. Such persons will have beauty, power, wealth and happiness. One will be intelligent, have children and good fame also. But one will meet with the demise of an elder person.

Twelfth House. One will have no liking for sexual pleasure, an ascetic appearance, poor and heavy expenditure. One will get money from every quarter by cleverly using the language of the distressed.

If the lord of the house occupied by Gulika be possessed of strength and be posited in a kendra, trikona, his own, exaltation or friendly house, the above results will be modified to the extent that such person will own conveyances, beautiful as Cupid, will be highly respected and widely renowned, and will be a man of power and authority.