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House 10 in the Horoscope

It is accounted as feminine, semi fruitful, benefic, movable, earthy, negative, direction South, lagna duration 1 hour 59 tenth houseminutes of average ascension and is a angular or oopachaya house. It is denoted by Capricorn sign, ruled by Saturn. The body parts denoted by this house are knee joints, petalae, bones and Joints, hairs, nails, popital Fossa and Skeleton in general.

It known as Mid Heaven, medium coeli or angle of the-South. It signifies honour, credit, renown, authority, trade preferment, eminence, Father (as per Northern India astrologers) dignity, Government, meritorious deeds, virtue, position, essential things, rainfall and celestial phenomena, trade business, profession, commerce,.livelihood, sacrifice, rank, command, honour, wealth, public esteem, respect, reputation, ambitions, popularity, all Questions regarding wordly activities and moral responsibilities of the native are determined from the house.

As regards the service, profession etc. promotion, permanent position, advancements, profits, gain and superiority are considered from it. So it is called house of profession, occupation or business.

Also it signifies religious merits, horse riding, athletics, talisman, adopted son, mantras and hymns, ornaments, sanyas, renunciation of world. Judges and Judgement.

Albatezan an ancient writer further says, "It is the house of father's self acquisitions, Judges, judgement, substances taken away by thieves, also the substance and money of religious person, being 2nd to 9th ;

Also Maraka house for father and mother, Danger to younger brother or sister, his or her legacies and brethren of the servants of open enemies, as being 3rd to 8th; permanent possession, conveyance of business or married partner as being 4th to 7th, speculative and pleasurable pursuits of servants and their children, being 5th to 6th, sickness of sons or their debts, being 6th to 5th, mother's opponents, public enemies in litigations, elections etc. as being 7th to 4th.

Death of younger brothers and sisters, his or her legacies as being 8th to 3rd ; the religion of the servants of native, being 9th to 2nd , also friends of private enemies being 11th to 12th, and private enemies of friends and loss of secret enimical activities to one's elder brother or one's dear friends and their hospitalisation, as being 12th to 11th.

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