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House 11 in the Horoscope

Eleventh house denotes, fulfilment and realisations of desires, hopes, ambitions, wishes and aspirations. The houseeleventh house is represented by the sign Aquarius.

It is accounted as Masculine, Barren, Malefic, fixed Airy, positive, direction WEST, lagna duration 1 hour 36 minutes, of short ascension and a succeedent house.

It signifies legs, left ear, blood circulation, teeth, ankle, metatarsus of body parts.

It signifies friends, wishes, hopes, aspirations, desires advisors, favourites, flatterers and such like contingencies. Elder brothers and sisters, success in undertakings and all pursuits.

In Hindi it is denoted labh-sthan, means house of gain and profits, accumulation of wealth, emotional attachments, love affairs and friends, Paternal uncle, high level intelligence, costly jewellery and ornaments, devotion to God deities, Advisor, brother in Law, Good deeds, gain from men in position and authority, honourable and steadfast in friendship, social success, Government, loans, irrigation, gas and contracts with friends.

It also denotes financial gain from occupation money or substance of Governments and persons in position and authority being 2nd to 10th or gain from father (If 10th is treated for father) brethren of religious person, father's short journeys (9th as father), gain through correspondence, editing, publishing, younger brother or sisters as being 3rd to 9th, children of enemies or WIVES or partner, birth or children, pleasurable pursuits, speculations etc. as being 5th from 7th, sickness of servants, enemies, offsprings, daughter in-Law, the children's competition in examination, etc. as being 7th , being 8th to 4th , it denotes danger, difficulties, disappointments and deaths connection with education as being 3rd to 9th; freedom from misery and pain, discharge from hospital as being 12th to 12th .

Significance of Nine Planets in Eleventh House of Horoscope

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