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House 12 in the Horoscope

It is also known as EVIL and Trik house like 6th and 8th. It signifies private enemies, imprisonments, misery, sufferings, every kind of grief, persecution, malice, secret toil of mind, sedition, assassination and suicide, cattle and great beasts. twelvth house

Also denote deceivers, sorrows, lamenting, missing persons, lost goods, disobedience, expenditure, loss, impediments, limitations, obstacles, fraud, repayments of debts, sorrows and sins, tribulations, poverty, suspicion, solitude, self undoing, occult studies, mental anguish, mutilation of a limb, wound, accident, hospitalisation, loss by marriage and of wife, renunciation, enjoyment, pleasure of beds, disputes, charity, cultivation and institutional expenditure, parental wealth, termination of appointment, death, misfortune, waste of wealth, loss and fall of position, relations with mental institutes, nursing homes, sanatorium and hospital. Residence in foreign place, change of place from one's permanent residence.

This signifies the money of friends and elder brothers being 2nd house to 11th; younger brothers or Sister's profession, and their popularity, prosperity etc. as being 3rd to 10th, father's permanent possessions, vehicles as being 4th to 9th , sons of absent being 5th to 8th, sickness of wife or husband and their debts, as being 6th to 7th, servants, enemies being 7th to 6th, long journey to mother, her foreign travels, being 9th to 4th."

It is accounted as feminine house, fruitful, common, watery, negative, direction North, benefic, of short ascension and is a cadent and Trik house. It is represented by sign PISCES. It denotes feet, eye and legs of body parts.

Significance of Nine Planets in Twelvth House of Horoscope

1. Sun
2. Moon
3. Mars
4. Mercury
5. Jupiter
6. Venus
7. Saturn
8. Rahu
9. Ketu