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House 3 in the Horoscope

Third house signifies courage, firmness, intelligence, bad thoughts, younger brothers and sisters, mental strength, third house heroism, patriotism, mind, intellect, higher secondary education, research, wisdom and philosophical tendencies, servants, papers, correspondence, neighbours, cousins, rumours, hills, mountains, short journeys, casual acquaintances, short Air travels, and also by road, rail, lake and river.

Accounting, mathematics, post office, telephone, telegraph, radio, television and other means of residence, want of peace, transition and change, library bookstalls and shops, signing contracts and agreement. Body parts denoted are right ear, hands, throat, arms, nervous system, shoulders, scapula, upper ribs, thyroids Glands, also partition of property, female servants and steadiness.

IT denoting sects, epistles, dreams, mutations, churches, clerks, carois, changing of women from place to place etc. being 4th from 12th, indicates fathers of private enemies, sons or friends, of being 5th from 11th , sickness of kings as being 6th from 10th, enemies of religious persons as 7th from 9th, trade of servants being 10th to 6th, friends of children as 11th to 5th and the private enemies of the mother, as being 12th from 4th house.

" Health of younger brother, his success and failure, position of maternal uncle, birth of children to elder brothers or sisters.

It is masculine, Barren, Common, Airy, positive, Fiery, malefic, denotes west direction, lord of house is Mercury and Gemini. The duration of Ascendant of Gemini is one hour and 59 minutes. It is known as cadent house also.

Significance of Nine Planets in Third House of Horoscope

1. Sun
2. Moon
3. Mars
4. Mercury
5. Jupiter
6. Venus
7. Saturn
8. Rahu
9. Ketu