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House 4 in the Horoscope

This is denoted by sign Cancer ruled by Moon. It signifies property, house (immovable), land, mother, vehicles like Car,fourth houseScooter, Tractors etc. Water, learning, happiness, tracts, special medicines, treasures, crevices, Estate, domestic environments.

General conditions of life in latter part of life (old age), private affairs, hidden things, secret life, curious, secrets, taking or given on lease and rent, tenant, lease, fields, orchards, mines, gardens, monuments, antiquities, inheritance, mental inclination to study, termination, conclusion, and end of undertakings, water, mild, false allegation, loss of one's dwelling, cow, buffalow, crops, agriculture and its produce, treasures hidden under the ground and permanent possessions.

Alcabitus and other manuscript writers say of this house that it denotes dead men's goods and all inheritances descending by a right line to the native, and gives judgement on all things immovable, as cities castles, and such other and of treasure hid, and of what shall befall the dead man in his grave, and (after his burial) to his corpse and what shall fall after death, as also upon all questions touching the substance of brother, being 2nd to the 3rd , and of the children of private enemies, being 5th to the 12th, and sickness of friends as being 6th from 11th also upon the kins's enemies being 10th from 7th; also upon the friends and fortune of servants, being 12th of enemies to the 5th ,".

Also bank position of younger brothers and sisters, health of mother, loss to children being 12th from 5th, Gains, maternal uncle, profession of partner (10th from 7th), danger to father, open enemies to elder brother, secret enemies, their children being 5th from 12th house.

The sign is Feminine, fruitful, movable, watery, negative, direction North and benefic. The duration of Ascendant Cancer is 2 hours 19th minutes.

It represents Breasts, chest, lungs, stomach, Diaphragm, Elbow joints, major arteries and ribs in general.

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