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House 5 in the Horoscope

It is denoted by the sign LEO ruled by Sun. The house signifies children, first conception, abortions, pregnancy, 7th showsfifth housethe second child, the ninth, the third child and so on. Pleasures, society, lady love, social inclinations, artistic talent, house of amusements, romance, sports, recreations etc. Also cinema, games, music, drama, dance, banquet, places of entertainments, speculations, good deeds of past birth.

All games like shares, horse racing, cards, lottery, Gambling, betting, stock exchange, love affairs and degree of achievements, courtship and Adulterousness, prior and after marriage romances, attractions, social intercourse, kidnap, rape etc. all connected with legal or illegal amusements, religious mind, deep and wise learning and wisdom, riches, spiritual practices, mantras, hymns, literary compositions, pilgrimage, children's health, legacies and all sorts of illegal unions and relations,

"It signifies also brother of brethren as being 3rd house from 3rd. Sickness of private enemies being 6th from 12th. Bank position of mother being 2nd from 4th, enemies of friends as being 7th from 11th. Death of kings or monarches as being 8th from 10th and the magistery or dignity of the absent as being 11th to 7th, private enemies of servants as being 11th to 7th."

Also denotes gain to father, profits to opponents, long journeys by father, his high academic qualifications, his contacts with strangers and foreigners, marriage of elder brother or sister, changes in maternal uncle's position, loss etc. and partner of elder brother in business being 7th from 11th.

The sign is masculine, unfruitful, barren, fiery, malefic positive, fixed, Direction denoted is EAST, lagna duration 2 hours 34 minutes. Also signifies heart, liver, belly, Gall blader, Spleen, Abdomen Stomach intestines. The sign is of long ascension and is a succeedent house.

Significance of Nine Planets in Fifth House of Horoscope

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