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House 7 in the Horoscope

The seventh house, the cusp of which is Western line of the descending horizon, or point where the Sun sets is of seventh housegreat significance in Astrology, being most powerful in regard to marriage and domestic happiness. If Saturn or Mars should happen to be posited in it, unaided by the assisting beams of Jupiter and Venus, the native is certainly fated to be unfortunate in the wedded state, and born to lead a life of continual trouble therein.

Unhappiness in wedlock, arising from the most strange and unaccountable cause, is also the effect of URANUS when found therein; in which respect the seventh is certainly more powerful than Moon or Venus." Thus has been expressed by ALAN LEO. It is called house of Union.

So this signifies marriage and married life; love question, contracts, partners, speculation in business, war or public deals, encounter with thieves, law suits, litigations, missing persons, travellers, outlaws, change of residence.

Also desire, cohabitation, passion, wife or husband, dowry, legal union, competitor in any shape, rivals etc. (in election, selections etc.) Mixing up freely in society, fines, divorce, agreements, honour and reputation in foreign countries. Being a maraka house danger to longevity. Recovery of lost or stolen property, thief, pickpockets etc.

"Alcabitus, Aedila, Morbecaa and various Arabian, Astrologers regard the 7th as the of all contentions, opposition, contrariences and things opposed, from this is- delivered judgement upon battles, strife and enmity, fines, pleas, law etc. and it is the house of buying and selling and nuptials, death of enemies, friends of brothers; sons of friends and the place of thief."

And in compound significations it is said to be the house signifying the substance of servants, self acquisition of the native's servants or employees as being 2nd to the 6th, sisters of brothers, younger brother or sister as being 3rd to 5th, also mother's immovable property etc, as being 4th to 4th, children of the brother, being the 5th to 3rd, also signifies the death of private enemies being 8th to 12th .

Again religion or long journeys and higher education of friends or elder brothers as being 9th to 11th, honour and credit of Government being 10th to 10th or Mid Heaven.

Also the friends and fortune or religious persons, associates and- friends or father being the 11th to the 9th; private dealings of the absent and enemies, as being the 12th to the 8th.

It is accounted as masculine, fruitful, movable airy. Positive, direction West, lagna duration, 2 hours 21 minutes, malefics, of long ascension, Kendra. It denotes body parts viz; Private parts, uterous, pineal glands, prostrate Glands, Lumber and Vertabrae. Its sign is LIBRA, ruled by Venus.

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