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The Jupiter is a dignified planet and significator of children. Also generosity, educational interest, law, religion preceptor, banks, foreign lands are indicated. Social air travels; long journeys, in foreign land, occult science, honest, truthful, sincere and dutiful, one gams through inheritance, education, position of power and authority. Providential help, pilgrimage, winner of law suits and charitable in nature.

When Jupiter is afflicted it signifies extremists, liberal, lavish extravagant, careless, over optimistic, misfortune, misjudgements, law suits, loss of money, unpopular and frivolous.

In view of the above traits of Jupiter, we now give detail, its effects in the twelve signs of the Zodiac when posited in the Horoscope.

1. In Aries. Jupiter in Aries indicates a progressive person, ambitious, ardent, high minded, liking for travel, movement in open air, amusements, reasonable and aspiring. Success through personal efforts and merits and through domestic relationship, social standing and influential persons and friends. Generous, dignified and honest. High position of responsibility, power and authority. One changes his profession, strong liking for literature, travelling, usually respected and fortunate, ambitious for advancement, improvement and religion. Gain through good intellectual friends, speculations, investments, travels, children, young people and shipping etc.

When afflicted renders the native ill tempered, inbalance, impatient, inclines to rashness and impulsive actions.

Diseases indicated are diabetes, brain congestion, fainting fits, and dizziness. Much movement in open air is most desirable.

2. In Taurus. The native is affectionate, kind, sympathetic, loving, liberal, fond of etiquette, decorum and ceremonies. Love for home and not much given to change. Seldom travels, fixed in religious views. Gain through opposite sex, sociability, gifts, legacies, speculation, children, marriage and partner.

When afflicted loss through above sources and things, the native is inclined to excessive expenditure, fond of show and worried.

Diseases indicated are nose bleeding, apoplexy, throat inflammation and boils. Greediness be avoided.

3. In Gemini. This position indicates resourceful, kind, charitable, sympathetic and humanitarian. Truthful and trustworthy, fond of novelty, travelling and mental recreations. Humors, helpful to every body, a happy go lucky man and of lofty mind, two marriages and attraction to opposite sex, may there be some difficulty in marriage through relatives, writings or travels.

When afflicted, sudden difficulties or opponents, critical as regards religion, reckless, unpopular, improvident, differences or separation from relatives. Diseases indicated are congestion and, bleeding of lungs, blood diseases, liver fattening, pleurisy and rheumatism of hips and thighs.

4. In Cancer. Very sensitive, social, friendly to every body are the basic traits of such natives. Ambitious, humored, charitable, sympathetic and kind. Popular among friends, intellectual, power of intuition, fond of amusements, other's welfare, occult and psychic learnings. Gain in public work through mental ability, investment, inheritance, property or marriage. Peaceful death away from birth place or abroad. Jupiter is in exalted sign.

When afflicted, loss and difficulties through above sources. Also greediness, excessive food which will be detrimental to the health. Diseases are indicated as diabetes, enlargement of stomach, indigestion, dyspepsia, kidney troubles, jaundice and pimples etc.

5. In Leo. Makes the native jovial, hearty and easy mannered, it also gives a great inclination to pleasures, luxury and love of deep nature. Sincere and honest, wise, devoted, courteous, good financial position, of idealistic nature, good vitality and strong constitution. Good judgement and will power, position of trust and responsibility, honour, prestige and fame. Favour from Government and gain through long journeys, judicious, religious and lover of arts.

When afflicted, ostentations, sensuous, extravagance, fond of pleasure and speculative nature. One should keep control over feelings, one thinks himself as of good and beautiful character than it really is, which he should and see in the correct perspective.

Diseases indicated are palpitation and fattening of heart, irregular blood circulation, apoplexy, pleurisy and swollen ankle.

6.In Virgo. Intellectual, religious and materialistic view of things. The nature is cautious, not easily imposed upon, prudent, one has always deep eyes in selection friends, helpers and dependents etc. Methodical, prudent, tactful, wisdom. Rise in life above average, has foreign associations and travel due to business. Marriage is somewhat peculiar and a social inferior. Practical, fit for business and interested in every useful thing.

When afflicted, one is lazy and careless. Cynical, loss and troubles through above things, critical about others, egoistic, distrustful, unlucky, lack of application, method and concentration

Diseases denoted are afflictions and enlargements of liver, jaundice, weak intestines, impaired indigestion, liver diseases and consumption.

7.In Libra. Loves peace, justice and harmony. Sincere, earnest, compassionate, intellectual and cultured. Charitable, fond of music and art. Gain through opposite sex, powerful friends and good social circle. Gain through commerce, employees, science, public institutions and hospitals. A happy marriage, fruitful union and happy children. If afflicted, legal difficulties, psychic depression, self indulgence, disappointments in love affairs and partnership. Open enmity, opposition and loss through treachery from women, friends and associates.

Diseases indicated are kidney affliction, diabetes, coma, skin diseases, poor or defective blood circulation and pleurisy.

8. In Scorpio. Emotions are deep, strong Willed, ambitious and generous. Eloquence and subtle, proud, aggressive, fond of occult and psychic experiences. Dignified, enthusiastic for noble causes, resourceful and practical. The mind is active, resolute, self confident, analytical, friendship of peculiar nature or open to criticism, intrigues with superiors, long voyages and strange adventures abroad.

If afflicted jealous, wrong opinions, uncontrolled, passions, sensual, proud and greedy. Powerful enemies, loss through speculations, enemies, death of child, misfortune and liability of death through water and voyages. Liability to quarrels and litigations.

Diseases denoted are heart disease, hereditary diseases, abscesses in sex organ, dropsy, piles, fistula, urine affliction and skin eruptions.

9. In Sagittarius. The native is courteous, kind, generous, humorous, sympathetic, loyal and of noble nature. Broad minded, liberal, sincere, prophetic dream, good fortune and general success in his enterprises. Often receives honour and is a leader among associates. Favourable for matters connected with sports, literatures, horses, religious bodies and gain through speculations, marriage, legacy or voyage. Jupiter in own sign.

If afflicted, troublesome social affairs, difficulty through sports and loss through speculation or gambling. Extravagant and sectarianism.

Diseases denoted are rheumatism and gout. Bleeding of lungs etc.

10. In Capricorn. Jupiter is in debilitated sign. Serious mind, ambitious and gains pupularity, general success in occupation, thoughtful and ingenious. Of creative and organising ability. Practical, industrious, methodical, success in connection with public, commercial or foreign affairs, Legacy, father of superiors are the sources or gain. Long journeys. It may deny Son.

If afflicted, of orthodox nature, troubles, difficulty and obstacles in occupation and some discredit. Sorrows and misfortunes of friends and inactivity.

Diseases denoted are fatty degeneration of liver, sluggish circulation impaired digestion, eczema, skin diseases and jaundice.

11.In Aquarius. Favourable to all enterprises, along social educational and philosophical lines. Support of friends, liberal, independent, social reformer, compassionate, of prophetic mind, intuitive, investigation to new thoughts, occult subjects, curious and mystical studies. Original, independent and of progressive views, gain through sincere friends, interest in public institutions and public work. Psychic and occult experiences, and acquaintances through foreigner and political executives.

If afflicted, restless, indecisive, revolutionary, lazy and unreliable. Loss and difficulties through above things.

Diseases denoted are impure blood, bad leg from childbirth, swollen ankles, heart disease, apoplexy and palpitation of heart.

12.In Pisces. Jupiter is in own sign. Institutional and spiritual perception also the native experiences psychic impression and receives benefits through them. Strong ideality, prophetic dreams or vision. The native is studious, hospitable, social, kind, charitable, sympathetic, helpful to others, travelling specially through water. It inclines to honours, gain, favour and high occupations, friends, mining, shipping and hospitals etc.

If afflicted, loss through speculation and deception. Too ambitious at times, changeable, fond of ease and pleasure, indolent, easily influenced, doubting, cowardly and self indulgent.

Diseases indicated are swollen and perspiring feet, enlargement of liver, dropsy, tumors and jaundice.


When Jupiter is unfavourable or afflicted, one should donate yellow gram dal, salt, tarmeric, Gur, brown sugar, yellow cloth, yellow flowers and ladoos.

Saffron either be eaten or be applied on tongue or central part (.1 belly called Naval or umblicus.

One should wear white pearl or yellow sapphire plus Red Coral in Gold on Thursday morning after offering prayers in 1st finger of Right Hand.

The above upayes will mitigate or ward off the evil effects to the minimum.

For more detailed upayes when Jupiter is particularly malefic in a specific house refer author's famous book, "COMPLETE ASTRO PALMISTRY" Also refer author's latest book, "PRACTICAL REMEDIAL MEASURES".