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Lal Kitab Remedies for planet Saturn

Remedies for planetSaturn as per Lal Kitab

- Feeding wheat dough to fish is useful if Saturn is sitting in the horoscope in an unfavourable position.

- Offering a share to crows from one's meals also wards off the ill effect of Saturn.

- Arrange an oil-filled pot to see one's image in the oil in order to remove the ill effect of Saturn.

- Black gram lentil (uraddal), oil, iron, leather, stone are the worthy objects of Saturn's donation.

- Lord Shiva is the lord of Saturn. Donation of almond, oven, pincers (chimta), pan (lawa), wine and spirit is good to put off the dread of Saturn.

Indications of Malefic Saturn in Horoscope

1. Saturn being a separatist planet, it causes disenchantment from education, family or vocation depending on its dasha/ antar-dasha and affliction.

2. It causes diseases like problems of nerves, stomach, gas, joints, and other chronic diseases like paralysis, cancer and kidney.

3. Being an airy planet, it causes fire/ accidents Or collapse of house.

4. It causes problems of eyes (night-blindness), legs (polio) or hair-loss.

5. Sudden problems from govt, officials, court or police.

6. Native is addicted to liquor and spouse remains ill.

7. One buys old house or old machinery.

8. Death of buffalos/ goats.

9. It creates sudden obstacles in business or service.

10. It gives strong sense of revenge and retaliation/ counter-attack.

11. When afflicted in 5th or 8th house, children go astray or are in trouble.

Remedies in Lal Kitab

1. Offer a small part of meal to dogs/ crows and feed fish with flour.

2. Donate meat, whole Urd, iron, mustard oil, items of leather/ stone, almond, Angithi, tong (Chimata) to old/ disabled/ helpless people.

3. Worship Bhairon/ Hanuman and donate milk/ liquor at Bhairon temple.

4. Look after barber, tailor, artisans, labors and destitute.

5. Give fodder to buffalo or Missi/ tandoori roti with oil to dog.

6. Give grain to black ants after sun-set and bury collyrium (Surma) in an isolated place. .

7. Wear ring of iron, steel, horse-shoe or boat's Keel in middle finger.

8. Put in running water, 6 almonds and 6 coconuts for 6 days.

9. In south direction, bury 12 almonds in black cloth or honey or copper in dark room of the house.

10. To get over "Debt of destitute", collect equal amount from each member of the family and feed 100 destitute or labours.

11. Do not consume meat, fish or liquor and have fast on Saturdays.

12. Offer milk at roots of Banyan tree and apply Tilak of moistened earth on forehead to get over problem of education.

13. Keep black dog as pet to ward off troubles for children.

14. Bury an earthen pot filled with mustard oil in earth near bank of a river/ pond such that the pot remains in the water.

15. Plan important works in night or during dark half of the Moon.

16. Keep rectangular piece of silver with you and put 800 gms of whole Urd in running water for 8 days starting from a Saturday.

17. For 43 days, put down oil, sprit or liquor on ground.

18. If there is no malefic in2nd house, offer 10 almonds in a temple and bring back 5 out of these to house, but do not (Never) eat any of them.

19. For good marital life, bury a black flute filled with honey/Khand in an isolated place.

20. For wealth, keep Ganga Jal in a brass vessel.

21. For mental peace and health of mother, put old rice/ silver in running water.

22. If Saturn is afflicted in 2nd hours, go bare foot to temple and offer milk to serpents.

23. To alleviate ill effect of Sade-Saati, On a Saturday evening in an earthen pot, keep pair of snake (of copper) & black Urd and bury near root of a Peepal tree.

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