Story of King Ambareesh from Ling Puran - By Astroshastra
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Story of King Ambareesh from Ling Puran

It is the story of olden times: King Nabhag had a brilliant son named Ambareesh. Ambareesh was a very brave, intelligent, and tapaswi king. The entire affluence and material pleasure of the earth were in his control. But the Vishnu devotee, Ambareesh, knew wealth and affluence is the pleasure of a few days but man, in the grip of its greed, falls into the deep hell. Therefore his mind was always dedicated to the lotus feet of Lord Vishnu and towards the service of his devotees.

After being crowned, King Ambareesh worshipped Lord Vishnu through performing several Ashwamedh yajna. Pleased with his devotion, Lord Vishnu had appointed his chakra for his safety. This chakra named Sudarshan destroys enemies and protects devotees.

Once King Ambareesh along with his wife decided to observe dwadashi pradhan eikadashi vrat for one year. He worshipped Lord Vishnu and amply donated grain and money to Brahmins. At that time Durwasa rishi arrived there. Ambareesh welcomed him and made him sit on a higher pedestal. Then after praying Durwasa rishi, he gladly insisted on him to accept the feast. Durwasa rishi accepted his invitation. But first he went to the bank of river Yamuna for pre-meal freshening up. Focusing his meditation on the Parbrahm, he started taking bath in the water of river Yamuna.

Here Dwadashi was only a few moments away. Finding himself in this dilemma, King Ambareesh discussed with Brahmins, "Gentlemen! Eating without offering to the Brahmin as well as not eating before Dwadashi ends - both are the situations which render man sinful. Therefore tell me * some way by which I do not become sinful."

Brahmins said, "King! Drinking water is equal to having meals as well as not having meals. Hence you complete the discipline of Dwadashi by drinking water." Having heard this, Ambareesh drank water and started waiting for Durwasa rishi.

On his return, Durwasa came to know by his power of tapa that Ambareesh had finished his meals. Hence he became furious and said bitterly, "Evil Ambareesh! You consider yourself too great under the false pride of money. You have dejected me. You had invited me for meals but have finished your meals before me. Now look how I punish you for your evil act."

Saying this Maharshi Durwasa pulled out a strand of his hair and produced a terrible giant Kritya (Devi Shakti) to kill Ambareesh. Kritya marched towards him with a sword in hand at the command of Durwasa rishi. But without being disturbed, he kept remembering Lord Vishnu in his mind. The moment Kritya attacked on him with the sword, the Sudarshan chakra of Lord Vishnu burnt him into ashes. When Durwasa rishi saw that the chakra was approaching him after burning Kritya into ash, he became terrified and ran away from there to save his life.

Durwasa rishi went to the sky, nether world (patal), the earth, the ocean, the mountains, forests etc. but Sudarshan chakra did not leave the chase. When he found shelter nowhere, he started praying Brahmaji for protection.

Expressing his inability, Brahmaji said, "Son! All the gods, Indra, sun, Prajapati, and I am bound within the rules made by Lord Vishnu. We do the good of this universe as per his command. Therefore protecting the enemy of his devotee is not in our-control."

Disappointed by Brahmaji, Durwasa rishi went to the shelter of Lord Mahadev. Mahadev said, "Rishivar! This Sudarshan chakra is the weapon of Lord Vishnu and protects his devotees. Its radiance is unbearable for all. Therefore you go to the refuge of Lord Vishnu. He alone can save from Sudarshan chakra and will bless you."

Diapponted from there too, Durwasa rishi went to the refuge of Lord Vishnu and fell on his reverd feet and said humbly, "Lord! I am your culprit. I tried to kill your supreme devotee King Ambareesh for I was unaware of your influence. You are ocean of compassion. Kindly forgive my devilry and protect me. The living beings become free from trouble merely by remembering your name. Be kind on this devotee of yours too."

Lord Vishnu said, "Munivar! I am always in the control of my devotees. My simple and plain devotees have bound me with their love. I am the only shelter of my devotees. Therefore, other than them, I neither like myself nor goddess Lakshmi. How can I even think of leaving them who have come to me leaving their kith and kins and all the pleasure? You go to the refuge of devotee Ambareesh if you wish to save yourself from this trouble. You will automatically become free from this trouble if he will be pleased."

Following the advice of Lord Vishnu, Durwasa rishi returned to Ambareesh and started asking for forgiveness catching his feet. Ambareesh became very compassionate seeing this tragedy of Maharshi Durwasa. Then he hymned the chakra to go back. Sudarshan chakra returned pleased with his prayer and Durwasa rishi became free from its fear.

King Ambareesh had not taken food since Durwasa rishi had gone from there. But, first of all, seating Durwasa rishi with honour, he prayed him methodically and feasted him heartily. Pleased by the behaviour of King Ambareesh, Maharshi Durwasa blessed him and went away from there. Ambareesh righteously ruled the earth for many years. When he grew old, he handed over the kingdom to his sons and went himself to forest to do tapasya. He surrendered all the pleasures and transcended into samadhi meditating Lord Vishnu. At last he met the supreme abode by the blessings of Parbrahm Lord Shri Vishnu.