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The Importance of Numbers

Lucky and unlucky numbers: Quite often, a question is asked as to whether there are certain numbers which are considered lucky and certain others as unlucky. In the study of Numerology there are no lucky or unlucky numbers as such. What may be a lucky number for one person may not be so for another person. It all depends upon what number one is governed by. Even then, in the past, some people have thought of certain numbers as unlucky. For instance, the Romans regarded even numbers as unlucky. An independent importance is given to number 3. Most of the faiths of the world have recognised a triftity such as,

Brahma-Vishnu-Mahesh; Horos-Isis-Osiris; Dharma- Artha-Kama; Satva-Raja-Tama. From the earliest times sacrifices and vows have been repeated three times. There is a common superstition that events take place in threes and that* the third time will be lucky. There is a story of Jesus. At the age of 12, Jesus was lost for 3 days. At 30 he took up his 3 years' mission. He accepted 12 apostles of whom one was to betray him for 30 pieces of silver and another deny him 3 times. It is still the custom to bury the dead three days after the death. In the Church, the banns of marriage are read three limes. In Mohammedan religion, the divorce takes place on the utterance of the word 'Talakh' three times. Pythagoras and Aristotle based their philosophy on a triplet: Creation, Formation and Destruction.