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Lumbago is the pain caused by a severe and prolonged spasm of the muscles in the lower back region. It is usually caused by a fibrositis. It is always accompanied by muscle tenderness and pain either in the centre or the back or on one side. The onset of this disease is often very sudden and acute. Sprain or chronic constipation precipitates this disease. It usually occurs in old age and is found more in males than in females.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Lumbago: Prasarani is the drug of choice of the treatment of this condition. It is used both externally and internally. The juice of this plant is boiled with gingelly oil by following a specific pharmaceutical process and this oil, when warm, is used for massage over the afflicted part, 2-3 times a day. The juice of this plant is given to drink in a dose of 120 ml. three times a day. The leaves of this plant produce a peculiar foetid-odour but when crushed with a pestle and mortar, the foetid odour disappears. To make it tasteful and more effective, a spoon of honey and l/4th teaspoonful of black pepper powder are added to this dose. For relieving constipation, the patient should be regularly given castor oil in a suitable dose early in the morning. Ayurvedic physicians prefer raw castor oil which is given to the patient early morning in a dose of I teaspoonful mixed with a glass of milk. At times it produces very strong purgative action. To be on the safe side, the refined castor oil of B.P. or I.P. quality may by given to the patient in a dose which gives him clear motions. This should be repeated daily for about two months or till the pain is over. Prasarani should be taken for about a month. Even after the pain is subsided, there is every possibility that this may recur if proper care is not taken.

Diet to taken by Lumbago patients: Sour and fried things and pulses are strictly prohibited in this condition. Wheat, bajra and jawar are better than rice.

Other regimens: After taking food, the patient should be advised to walk or lie down. He should not sit for 15 minutes. Sedentary habit is harmful for such patients. Some physical exercises which involve the movement of the muscles in the back and pelvic region are good for the lumbago patients. Morning walk is useful. Exposure to cold, strain and weight-lifting are strictly prohibited.