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1.In Aries. Quick mental ability, fertile, inventive, but prone to be changeable. Easily worried or affected by surroundings. Quick in through and speech, intelligent, keen observer, clear conception which make him alert. Impressive and fond of reading and literature. These people have lack of order and method, are restless and lack mental continuity.

When afflicted, one becomes rash restless, overstrains, stammers especially in childhood and suffers from nervousness.

Diseases indicated are nervous headaches, dizziness, insomnia due to over exertion, dullness and defects in eyes.

2.In Taurus. Slow mind, patient and preserving mind usually affected by feelings, love of art, music, poetry, sincere but very rigid. Pleasant and happy disposition, good memory, some outstanding opinion, obedient, steady, practical, desirous of money, good judgement and reasoning.

When afflicted, stubborn, wilful, stingy and inflexible.

Diseases indicated are stammering, sore throat, nervousness deafness and affliction of genital and urinary organs.

3.In Gemini. Fond of realities, quick, clever, inventive, genius, sympathetic, shrewd, fond of travel, change, speculation, literary taste, good expressive power, fond of occult science and versatile. Mercury is in own house.

When afflicted, the native becomes superficial, shallow, changeable thoughts and may become dishonest.

Diseases indicated are gout, asthma, bronchitis, pleurisy, nervous pain in the hips.

4. in Cancer. Very retentive memory, silence arid devotion are cause for success in work and career. Psychic, tactful, ambitious, impressionable, changeable, inquisitive, but such natives have weakness for praise and flattery. Economical but at times gloomy.

When afflicted, cravc for new emotions, make him curious and .ell opinionated, financial disappointment and troubles in intercourse.

Diseases indicated are flatulency, affliction of nerves, stomach and virility.

5. In Leo. Rational, coneentrative, mentally generous, very intuitive competent to control, command or manage. Ambitious, confident, determined, intellectual, quick tempered, impressionable speech or talks noble ideas dignified and aspiring, will power of progressive, developing and organising capacity. Autocrat, frank, kind heated, takes lead over others. They work with great schemes but ignore details, fond of children, -fine arts etc. pleasure, self indulgence, danger through drugs affecting heart.

If afflicted make him passionate, whimsical and speculative.

Diseases indicated are palpitation of heart, fits, backache, over exertion and brain fatigue.

6. In Virgo. Good intellect, cautious, prudent, active mind, good memory, mentally practical, inventive, power of pursuation, a good scholar, fluent writer, fond of details and of clear Judgement. Mercury is in own and exalted house.

Such persons are of some what serious nature, but critical and skeptical at times, taste for mathematics and literature etc.

When afflicted, irritable, doing many things at a time, ignoring details even of serious things.

Diseases indicated are stomach ache, colic, nervous weakness, too much thinking should be avoided, nausea or constipation.

7.In Libra. Well balanced thoughts, good and broad mind, tender disposition, capable of correct judgement and reasoning mentally affiable, orderly and persuasive. Keen intuition and humane, capable orator or literary exponent. Fond of music and art, aptitude for research and good for club and social welfare work.

When afflicted, renders the native unbalanced, dishonest tendencies, work begun are not completed so it should be dome under guidance. A sympathetic person.

Diseases denoted are affliction of kidney, obstruction of uretic tubes, nephritis, eye troubles, dizziness, nervous headache, it is bad to stand or study too long at stretch which should be avoided.

8.In Scorpio. Mentally positive, obstinate and difficult to convince, much enthusiasm, bold, keen, shrewd, often has troubles with some friends, relatives and neighbours, fond of opposite sex but in for disappointment, careful for personal interests and fond of different occult subjects. Critical, curious and suspicious, secretive, often witty but sarcastic, and of practical fertility.

When afflicted, makes the native shy, mysterious, sharp in remarks and admonitions, imprudent, bold, apt to do things badly, obstinate and sarcastic.

Diseases indicated are pain in bladder and genitals, very sensitive, sexual troubles, deafness, stammering, hoarseness, and absent mindness.

9.In Sagittarius. Mentally, frank and apt to say things, which make his enemies, ambitious, sincere, generous, very independent yet rebellious, rash and impulsive, freedom of thoughts and speech, progressive views, feels himself superior to his surroundings, fond of justice, religion, philosophy and travelling.

When afflicted, makes him rash, little perseverance, dissolute, changeable, given to caustic expressions, both in speech and writing, dishonest and inclined to soophism.

Diseases indicated are weakness of hips and thighs, paraly sis, nervous infliction, asthma, pleurisy, warned against too much study and strain on mind.

10. In Capricorn. Clear and logical faculty of thought, cautious diplomat, often clever of very resourceful, ambitious, a good organiser, sympathetic and orderly, often methodical, keen to study deep and of profound subjects. Somewhat suspicious, peevish, fickel, discontented or restless. Careful, economical and painstaking, constantly busy with something, interest and ability with literature and occult. Influenced only through kindness, serious, thoughtful, contemplative and of practical nature.

If afflicted indicates suspicious, melancholy, stingy rather than economical, jealous and spiteful.

Diseases denoted are rheumatism in knees, gout, skin disease, itching of skin, intestinal troubles through anxiety and fear. Nervous indigestion, flatulence and backache. 11.1n Aquarius. This position causes continued conflict between logic and the assurance of feelings. Refine mind, comprehensive, critical, original, humane, good memory, fond of science, literature ant! religion. Fixed opinion and averse to mental changes. Fond of educational pursuits, concentrative, occult and metaphysical. Deep thinker, fond of company of intellectuals and elderly people.

When afflicted indicates vague philosophical mind, unfaithful, critical, easily lead to slander and sponging.

Diseases indicated are general nervous disorder, bad circulation of blood, pain in body, hysteria, palpitation of heart and fear etc.

12. In Pisces. More intuitive power than knowledge, gained by a native receptive mind, voluble in speech,, fits of depression, mind often too negative but capable of versatility, psychic, mediumistic, kind hearted and good natured. Mercury is in debilitated sign.

The mind is imagnative, impressional, quick, good power to memorize, fond of pleasure, recreation, often change in employment, analytical, diplomat, ingenious and dexterous and of receptive mind.

When afflicted indicates absent mindedness, worried, gloom, despondency and superficiality.

Diseases denoted are sensitive feet, gout in feet, general weakness, feet should be kept dry and warm, keep the brain free from worry and excessive exertion.


In case Mercury is afflicted or malefic in the horoscope, one should donate emerald, gold, elephant, ivory teeth, sugar, green cloth, flower, moong, turpentine oil and camphor. A piece of copper be provided with hole and such pieces be thrown in the running water for 40-43 day continuously.

Also one should wear Ruby, Gold of 3,5, or 7 carats weight in 4th finger of right hand of Wednesday morning after due performance of worship. These will ward off and mitigate the evil effects.

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