Money Frog in Fengshui
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Money Frog in Fengshui

Money Frog- The mythical Three Legged Frog (also known as Char or Moon Frog) is an auspicious creature believed to bring its prosperity and wealth. The Chinese consider the Money Frog as an adorable wealth symbol that can usher in great success and prosperity. Money Frogs are synonymous with great wealth. The legend goes these mysterious Three-Legged Frogs would appear at full night near several households.

The next day, these households would profit a fortune in monetary gains. Hence people started placing images of these frogs in the hope that they would come and bless the family. There are several models of three-legged Frog. There where the Frog sits over a bed of coins means more money.
If the Money Frog is sitting over a pile of gold nuggets, it is supposed to usher in an era where you get to buy gold and gold ornaments. If the Money Frog also has the protective on his back, or sitting over a Pa Kua, not only does it symbolize the incoming wealth, but also symbolizes the safe guarding that wealth.

The King Frog or the Emperor Frog, with a Diana Crown on it's head, is considered to additionally bring Emperor's Wealth Luck. You can energies for stronger Prosperity Luck and luck additional sources of income with a Three Legged Toad bear -coins that symbolize an easy life without financial worries.The 5 precious monies represent solid financial support from the 5 prosperous Chinese Emperors.
At the maximum, you can keep nine Money Frogs in same place. And placing nine of these above a Cash Counter supposed to bring you endless prosperity. The Wealth Toad when kept in your Sheng Qi directly acts fast and best. Or position this Toad on a low shelf in living room or office so that it appears to be bringing money inside. At Work Place, keep it on the Work Table. At home Money Toad is placed opposite the entrance, showing it's leg to the entrance, as it comes in, bringing prosperity to you.