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Un order to help my readers to make the best of whatever their number maybe, I will now give advice which, I am sure, will be found of great assistance to those who want to try to make the roost of their lives. Once the principal or dominating number of one's life has been found, the next step is to increase its power as much as possible, the exception being those who are born under the 8, namely the 8th, 17th or 26th of any month, to whom I will give advice on this point later.

This increase of power can be obtained by employing one of the greatest forces that man is endowed with, namely the Power of Concentration. There are very few people who know anything about this extraordinary power.

All successful men and women are endowed with it, many use it unconsciously. Some are born with it, others develop it, but the majority of mankind does not use it at all. One may often have noticed the feeble, "wishy-washy" way most people talk.

One may have tried hard to follow some rambling statement, but have found at the end that one hardly knows "what it was all about" or that the person who has tried to interest you has made no impression on you whatever. This has been due to the fact that the man or woman has no power of concentration and consequently no force behind their flow of words.

It is the same when such people write a letter ?again there may be a lot of words, even expressions and sentences well put together, but the letter has no effect on you and very likely you toss it aside and think no more about it.

On the contrary, another person may say only a few words, but those words take effect; or they may write and their sentences strike home ?the secret of this mystery is concentration of mind.

The simplest way of developing this power is by the use of numbers. I will now explain.

The first thing to be done is to find one's own number, the birth number being in every case simplest and the most certain; the next is to grasp the meaning of that number, and lastly, to think of oneself as if that number belonged to one, represented one and were part and parcel of one's aims and plans.

This is the sure foundation on which to build.

We will now go a step further. The man or woman who has found his own distinct number should plan with firm determination to use that number in every way possible. They should mentally look forward to the day or date when their number is to appear and plan that on that day they will take a certain course of action and when that day or date arrives they will go straight for what they want without hesitation of any kind.

Having read previous chapters on numbers, the reader has by now grasped the characteristics of other persons who are born under their own or other numbers. It is quite a simple matter to find out the day of the month on which the person one is going to interview was born, for if one does not ask the year of birth, even the woman most sensitive about her age will tell the date on which she was born.

A number 1 person will realise how useless it is to attempt to dominate a number 3 person. On the contrary, they must appeal to their ambition, their conscientiousness in carrying out their duties, their love of order and discipline, their sense of independence and the pride of honour and self which is the foundation principle of the number 3 person. If they bear this in mind, concentrating at the same time on their own plan that made them seek the interview, they will find that the number 3 person, instead of being difficult to approach, will, on the contrary, be willing to help and will most probably give ideas and suggestions that will be useful.

Having chosen a date for the interview on one of their own numbers, and by doing so, having concentrated their mind on this plan of action, they will find how easily they will be able to influence the person they have come to interview.