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Planet Saturn in the Horoscope


This is a mighty planet and is powerful either as a malefic or as a benefic.

"But, one peculiarity of it has to be carefully remembered. If Saturn by lordship is benefic, then it should not be strong by being in swakshetra (own house), exalted or vargottama to produce favourable results, during Venus sub period. Kalidas is of opinion that strong Raja Yoga Saturn in its dasa and Venus sub-period indicates that one will beg alms in the streets even if the person is born a king or a kubera".

It is chief significator of longevity, makes the native careful for their bodies, strong and profound in opinion, austere, singular in their mode of thinking, laborious, hostiles to crimes, avracious, accumulator of wealth, violent and envious, A high order thinker, offers mental and moral courage, foresight, discipline, endurance, powers to undergo all sorts of privations, third eyesight.

All scientists, inventors, discoverers, explorers, martyrs, philosophers, religious leaders, social reformers, were due to the grace of mighty Saturn. Also prudent, contemplative, cautious, responsible, precise, persistent, industrious, provident, patience, economical, reserved, serious, resolute, considerate, mathematical, temperate, chaste and executive.

When it is afflicted it indicates, skeptical, melancholic, deceitful, incompetent, exacting, avarious, indifferent, laborious, impotent, repining, acquisitive, secretive, suspicious, fearful, slow, callous, pessimistic, unreliable and friendship with wicked.

It is lord of Saturday, enaunch but treated as female, direction South West and it rules the constellations Pushya Anuradha and Uttrapada.

It is owner of Capricorn and Aquarius signs, exalted in Libra 20°, mool trikona in Aquarius 20°. It is friend of Venus and Mercury, enemy of Sun, Moon and Marsand neutral to Jupiter. Colour denoted by it is black, dark brown and indigo.

Blue sapphire is a Gem stone denoted for it, lead and iron are the metals and dasa period is 19 years.

Body parts signified by it are teeth, feet, bones, knees, ribs, marrows, hairs, nails, and secretive system.

The diseases denoted are paralysis, insanity, Umb injury, cancer, tumors, idiocy, glandular diseases, wind, phlegam, heart pain, rheumatism, consumption, Bright's diseases and bronchitis.

For more details on it, refer author's famous book, "Saturn a friend or Foe?".