Conjunction of Sun-Mars-Jupiter and Sun-Mars-Venus in Horoscope online at Astroshastra

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Conjunction of Sun-Mars-Jupiter and Sun-Mars-Venus

Sun-Mars-Jupiter: Very wealthy, eloquent speaker, a minister or a commander, generous, truthful, aggressive and dominating, fond of entertainment, inclined to render justice.


This is again a combination of three bosom friends. Jupiter as significator for wealth enhances the financial promise of the combination. This as well as the other combinations being mentioned here, when applied very carefully, can be* employed to work out the mental inclinations and the career that the native follows. A lot of research and study is, however, cal use in the present day context when hosts of newer professions are emerging everyday.


Fortunate, very wise, wealthy, amiable, harsh, good in looks, a man of few words, suffering from eye disease, given to pleasures of the flesh.


Association of Venus with the Sun and Mars is adverse for eyesight, and promotes sexual adventurism.