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Conjuction of Sun-saturn and Sun-Venus

Sun-Saturn: Skilled in metallurgy, engaged in religious pursuits, bereft of wife and children, learned, dominated by enemies, follows traditions.


1. According to the Saravali:

(a) Lagna: Base earnings, blemished learning,' a sinner.

(b) Fourth house: Very poor, troubled by his near and dear ones, a sinner.

(c) Seventh house: Slow-witted, lazy, devoid of wealth from wife, subject to misfortunes, a fool.

(d) Tenth house: Servile, a wanderer, loses his earnings to thieves and dacoits.

(e) Ninth house: Wealthy, quarrelsome, adverse for parents, short-lived, with eye disease.

2. The Sun and Saturn, though father and son in their relationship, are bitterly hostile towards each other. They are generally very uncomfortable when in conjunction. The combination generally indicates that the native must undergo hard physical labour.

3. It may be noted that too close an association with the Sun causes damage to some of the significations of the planets, particularly those significations which pertain to living relatives. The Moon is a significator for mother, Mars for siblings, Mercury for cousins, Jupiter for progeny, Venus for spouse and Saturn for servants and subordinates. These relations are likely to suffer if the respective planet lies too close to the Sun.


Intelligent, skilled in wielding weapons, given to (M'.y morals, earns through women not his own, undergoes uh arceration, of poor vision in old age, gains from such pursuits i. dance, drama, acting and music.


I According to the Saravali:

(a) Lagna: Quarrelsome, bereft of virtue and wealth, harsh, wicked.

(b) Fourth house: Servile, miserable, poor.

(c) Seventh house: Tormented by women, poor, a wanderer.

(d) Tenth house: Clever in dealings, minister to a king, learned in scriptures, famous and wealthy.

(e) Ninth house: Ailing, a lover, blessed with fine clothes, perfumes and ornaments.

2. Sun-Venus conjunction is adverse for eyesight. Venus is the significator for vision, and eyes in general. The combination is adverse if it occurs in Chara (Mesha, Karka, Tula and Makara) rashis.

3. Since the Sun and Venus remain fairly close together, their conjunction is not very infrequent. The results attributed to this combination must, therefore, be interpreted cautiously.

4. Venus placed in the fourth house for Mesha lagna produces a potent Dhana yoga or a wealth-giving combination. In such a situation it cannot cause poverty if associated with the Sun It is important to always keep in mind the lordship of .the planets causing a yoga.