Conjuction of Moon-Venus and Moon-jupiter in Horoscope online at Astroshastra
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Conjuction of Moon-Venus and Moon-jupiter

Moon-Jupiter: Over-powering, virtuous, famous, intelligent, profoundly versed, with many friends, engaged in virtuous pursuits, doing good to others, wealthy, consistent in love, soft- spoken, chief of his family, fickle-minded.


1. According to the Saravali:

(a) Lagna: Broad-chested, good-looking, blessed with wife, friends and children.

(b) Fourth house: Equivalent to a king, a minister, illustrious, highly learned.

(c) Seventh house: Learned, equal to a king, very skilled, a trader, very wealthy.

(d) Tenth house: Scholar, wealthy, haughty, renowned, re�spected by all.

(e) Ninth house: Distinguished, fortunate, wealthy, con�tented in all circumstances.

2. Additional features from the Manasagari: Moon-Jupiter con�junction confers on the native good health, strength and everlasting wealth.

3. The Moon-Jupiter conjunction is one form of the celebrated Gaja-Kesari yoga which results from the Moon and Jupiter occupying kendra positions from each other. While conjunc-tions, in general, are not favourable for financial prosperity, the Moon-Jupiter conjunction and the Sun-Moon conjunc�tion are exceptions.


Clever in buying and selling, adept in tailoring, weaving and trading of clothes, quarrelsome, fond of flowers and perfumes, lazy, sinful, a poet.


1. According to the Saravali:

(a) Lagna: Good in looks, devoted to teachers and elders, blessed with good clothes and perfumes, comforted by base women.

(b) Fourth house: Comforted by women, earns from sea travel, very likeable.

(c) Seventh house: Associates with many women, little wealth, more daughters and few sons, equal to a king, very wise.

(d) Tenth house: Very distinguished, high status, forgiving.

(e) Ninth house: Ailing, husband of a base woman, subser�vient to one in high position.

2. Additional features from the Manasagari: Moon-Venus conjunction leads to death in water or through violence, febrile illness.

3. Association of the Moon and Venus is generally adverse for conjugal bliss. This combination, however, in itself is a Raja yoga or yoga for high status.