Conjuction of Moon-Saturn and Mars-Mercury in Horoscope online at Astroshastra
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Conjuction of Moon-Saturn and Mars-Mercury


Born of a widow remarried, attached to an old woman, given to pleasures of the flesh, bereft of grace, wealth and valour, tends horses and elephants.


1. According to the Saravali:

(a) Lagna: Servile, ugly in looks, greedy, lazy, a sinner.

(b) Fourth house: Profession related to water, precious stones and boating or ships, honoured by others.

(c) Seventh house: Headman of a village or a town, bereft of wife.

(d) Tenth house: Winner in battle, renowned, a leader.

(e) Ninth house: A sinner, follows blemished faith, gives up his mother.

2. Additional features from the Manasagari: Moon-Saturn con�junction destroys wealth, health, as well as near and dear ones.


Adept in making medicines, eloquent, not very rich, looks after a widow or a base woman, versed in metal- craft and fine arts, a wrestler or boxer.


1. According to the Saravali:

(a) Lagna: Given to violence or killing, adept in fire-related pursuits, an ambassador or a confidant.

(b) Fourth house: Bereft of relatives, blessed with friends, wealth, conveyances and pleasures, suffers humiliation at the hands of his own people.

(c) Seventh house: Given to travelling far and wide, quarrel�some, good looking, loses his first wife.

(d) Tenth house: Commander of an army, brave, strong, honoured by the king.

(e) Ninth house: Well-read, good looking, famous, worried, indulges in pleasures.