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Such persons will possess great strength. Irascible, attain great fame, will die in midst of relations. Successful travels for business and pleasures. Resourceful mind, creative and ambitious. Gain from relations and neighbours, magnanimous and helpful to others. Bounded by family ties. One suffers at the hands of brothers. Always wins over enemies, recognised by the state. To sum up, one is famous, kind, healthy, wealthy and wise. One is modest and is like a king in life.

Sun in 3rd house is Maraka for elder brother. and even for self it can prove as fatal. If Lord of 1st and 3rd houses find a link by aspect or association with 8th house and its lord. The latter should not be under under any influence.

The Sun in Aries in 3rd house makes one lazy ,wicked easygoing talkative, mischievous and maraka to elder brother. Sun here is masculine signs makes the native quite. Thoughtful, intelligent, social active in educational and public works. Fighting municipal elections, President or vice President, Director of big companies, establishing his authority ,talks authoritatively.

Subordinates will cooperate with him. Sun in Gemini, Libra or Sagittarius makes one authors publishers, professor or lawyer. Fond of home and mind and can be relied upon in adversity. Elder brother's can be relied upon in adversity elder brother s separation can be saviour for him.

In female's chart, Sun in 3rd house may promise the birth of twins or two marriages subject to other checks.

If the Sun is posited in feminine signs gives brothers and sisters. The native has wealth, peace of mind, and conveyance. It is good for progeny. The native is brave and charitable.

The Sun in Masculine signs in 3rd house indicates that the native is only child in the family. If somehow, there are brothers, they are of no help. He is either eldest or youngest. He is certainly determined, fond of science and art and seldom changes residence.