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The planets in Astrology are individually called "GRAHA". The man from immemorial times has been watching the movements of the Sun, Moon, the planets and the stars. This system is commonly known as Solar System as Sun is the centre and from this centre, other planets in distance are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Latter discoveries added Uranus or Herschal, Neptune and Pluto, Pluto the most distant one was discovered in 1930 and is nearly 40 times the Earth's distance from the Sun and takes an average of about 248 years to complete the circle round the Sun.

In Hindu Astrology "NAVA GRAHA" are analysed which include

Planet Sun Planet Sun

The Sun signifies father, courage, power, vitality, personality authority, consciousness, sattvic nature.
Native ruled by Sun will be of a large and round face, of honey coloured eyes.
Heart, brain, head, eye, bones, chest, lungs and stomach are the body parts signified by Sun. Colours denoted by Sun are orange, yellow, brown and gold.

Sun is lord of Sunday, direction EAST, own house is Leo, exalted in Aries 10°, Mooltrikona Leo 20° and debilitated in Libra 10° Friendly planets of Sun are Moon, Mars, and Jupiter, neutral Mercury and enemies are Saturn and Venus. It is male, positive and MALEFIC. Sun denotes RUBY and metals are gold and copper. The constellations ruled by Sun are Krittika. Uttra phalguni and Uttra-shada, the dasa period for Sun is 6 years.

Planet Moon Planet Moon
The Moon signifies 'MOTHER', and denotes softness, sattvic nature, brain, swift nature, charming eyes, mind, steadiness, caution, progress, generosity, methodical, smartness, favour from superiors (when well aspected by Sun), trustworthy, inventive mind, conception, birth of child, impregnation, union, animal instinct also, infants, passion, love, fertile imagination, emotions, deep feelings and thinkings, amusements.

It also signifies music, art, painting, love for pleasure, frank nature, thinking and extreme liberty (when well aspected by Mars) bold, frequent journeys, menstrual, optimism, patient, persistence, steady, concentration, mesmerism, occult sciences, independent, family life, home, personal .and private affairs, ladies, breasts, beauty, and watery places like ocean, navigation, rivers, lakes and drinks.

Moon is lord of Monday, direction North, own house Cancer exalted Taurus. Mooltrikona Cancer, debilitated in Scorpio, friendly planets are Sun and Mercury and all others are neutrals. It is female, cold, nocturnal, and benefic planet.

Planet Mars Planet Mars
The Mars is significator of brothers, courage, energy, ambitions and desires, endurance, self confidence, strength, heroism, wittiness, dashing, caution and preservance and increases generousity. Harmonious disposition, practical nature, resourcefulness, determined, force of character, extremists, honest friends, adventurous and independent, landed and immovable property.

Native may be of white complexion with red shade tings, muscular and tall, round eyes and pimples on the face, narrow waste but strong bones, frankness, accident, operation, wounds, cuts, robust health and bleeding. Love for work, prosperity and success in finances and competitive examinations, peaceful, gaining popularity (Mars Venus aspect) resourceful, occult, science, religious and contact with foreigners.

Mars is lord of Tuesday, direction North East, rules Aries and Scorpio (own houses), exalted in Capricorn, detriment to Libra and Taurus signs. It is hot, fiery, masculine planet. Friends are Jupiter, Moon and Sun, neutral to Mercury and enemy of Saturn and Venus. It is malefic.

Mars denotes coral and red stones, metals are copper or gold, governs Mrigasira, Chitra and Dhanishta constellations and Dasa period is 7 years. Mars signifies Red colours, scarlet and carmine.

Planet MercuryPlanet Mercury
The Mercury signifies senses, intelligence, educations, analytical, scholar, research, short travels and journey, logic, wisdom, steadfast and reliable, steady growth in all undertakings, general success, liberal, good judgement.

It also indicates enterprising, virility, childhood, courage, ingenuity, refinement, artistic taste, cheerful temperament, clever, shrewd, reserve, prudence, judicious, fortunate tendencies, occult science, versatile, good mathematician, intuitive power, moody, talkative, orator, speech, good memory and methodical approach, careful, writing and editing.

Mercury is lord of Wednesday, direction South West, rules Virgo and Gemini (own houses) exalted in Virgo 15°, mool trikona in Virgo 16° to 20°, debilitated in Pisces 15 degrees, friend of Sun and Venus, neutral to Moon, and enemies to Mars, Saturn and Jupiter. It is dualist planet and female.

Mercury denotes emerald, metals are silver and gold, it governs Ashlesha, Jyeshhta and Rewati constellations and dasa period is 17 years. Colours denoted are azure, blue, dove and spotted mixture.

Planet JupiterPlanet Jupiter
The Jupiter is a dignified planet and is a significator of children. Also generosity, educational interest, law, religious preceptor, philosophy, banks, companies, in foreign lands, quick, sociable. Air travels, long journeys and residence in foreign land, occult science, law abiding, honest, truthful, sincere and dutiful, medicine, jubilation.

It also indicates respect, fame, reputation, philosophic, natural peace, prosperity, inheritance, charitable, educational and religious institutions, speculation, gain through legacies and prosperity, adventure, enterprise, good marital order, good fortune, wealth, beauty, witty, sound judgement, flexible mind, popular and gain through families and public.

Jupiter denotes TOPAZ, metals are gold, tin, and platinum. It governs Punarvasu, Vaisakha and Poorva bhadra constellations, and dasa period is 16 years. Colours represented are green or purple, violet or mixture of red and indigo.

Planet Venus Planet Venus
The most brilliant planets VENUS is significator of the pleasant partner viz husband, wife or business. Also signifies beauty, modesty, virtue, affability, sincerity, fortune, artistic disposition and of literature, dance, music, poetry, amusements, pleasurable pursuits, love, marriage, gain through public affairs, friendship, sex, conjugal or domestic happiness, attraction, love and relationship with opposite sex.

Venusians have charming eyes, beauty, average height, round face, pleasant voice, soft and sweet smile, passions, pleasure of beds, delightful, social, comforts, luxury, clubs etc. Generous, good earnings and profits through partner and speculation, refined and polished nature, fond of scents, vehicles, conveyance, courage, confidence good sportsman, good nature, humorous taste, fond of fine arts, law abiding, follower of traditions, good financier, honest, good health and smooth life, fertile imagination and attractive personality.

The Venus is lord of Friday, feminine, direction South-West. Owns Taurus and Libra houses, exalted in Pisces 27°, detriment houses Aries and Scorpio. Venus is friends of Mercury and Saturn neutral to Mars and Jupiter and enemies to Sun and Moon.

Diamond stands for Venus. Turquoise, pink, lemon, Yellow and blue are colours for Venus. The metals indicated are gold and Platinum. The constellations ruled by Venus are Bharni, Poorva phalguni and Poorvashada, Dasa period of Venus is 20 years.

Planet Saturn Planet Saturn
The Saturn is a mighty planet and is powerful either as a malefic or as a benefic. But, one peculiarity of Saturn has to be carefully remembered. If Saturn by lordship is benefic, then it should not be strong by being in swakshetra (own house), exalted or vargottama to produce favourable results, during Venus sub period.

Kalidas is of opinion that strong Raja Yoga Saturn in its dasa and Venus sub-period indicates that one will beg alms in the streets even if the person is born a king or a kubera.

It is owner of Capricorn and Aquarius signs, exalted in Libra 20°, mool trikona in Aquarius 20°. Saturn is friend of Venus and Mercury, enemy of Sun, Moon and Mars and neutral to Jupiter. Colour denoted by Saturn is black, dark brown and indigo.
Blue sapphire is a Gem stone denoted for Saturn, lead and iron are the metals and dasa period is 19 years.

Rahu is not a planet, it is called shadowy planet. In Western astrology it is called Dragon's Head or Ascending node . It is always in retrograde motion at the rate of about 19 degrees 20 minutes per year.

According to Kalidas, Rahu owns Aquarius and rules Scorpio, exalted in Taurus, debilitated in Scorpio. Rahu has friendly signs as Libra and Capricorn, inimical signs are Leo and Cancer and its neutral signs are Aries, Sagittarius and Pisces.

Ketu is not a planet, it is also called as shadowy planet. In Western astrology it is called Dragon's Tail or Descending node . It is always in retrograde motion at the rate of about 19 degrees 20 minutes per year.

According to Kalidas, Ketu owns Scorpio, exalted in Scorpio also, debilitated in Taurus and it's mool trikona sign is Virgo. Ketu has its friendly signs Libra and Capricorn, inimical signs are Cancer and Leo and its neutral signs are Aries, Sagittarius and Pisces.

In Nava Graha, Sun and Moon are the luminaries, others are the planets and celestial bodies whereas Rahu and Ketu and the Ascending and Descending nodes of Moon respectively also are called shadowy planets. Rahu and Ketu are mathematical conceptions and possess no material bodies.

In horoscope each sign and each house has a lord or ruler has been designated in the planet governing the house or sign, but the planets have more definite relationship to the signs than to the houses. So that the sign specially related to any planet is termed the 'house' of that planet. Dividing the twelve signs into pairs one half becomes lunar and the other Solar, each planet having one sign in both divisions.


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