Rameshwarn Sadhana to appease Lord Shiva
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Rameshwarm Sadhana to appease Lord Shiva

Requirements: Parad Shivling, Rudraksh Mala Panchamrist, flower, Red Vermillon, water chandan, Kesar, rice, incence.

Day: Any Monday or Triyodashi.

Evening 5 pm to 8 PM

parad shivlingOne should perform this puja in the evening. You should sit facing wouthwards on yellow Aasan and place a attar in front of you on any platfom. Make Swastik on alter by red sindoor (vermillon) and place parad shivling on it. After placing Parad Shivling perform Ganesh Puja by chanting "Aum Gang Ganpatye Namah".

eleven times and pour milk curd, Deshi Ghee , Honey and Sugar mixture (Panchamrit) on parad shivling then pour pure water on parad shivling. Put Chandan or kaser Tilak on parad shivling. Put some rice and flowers onParad Shivling and Lite insence before it. Take some water in your right hand an

think of your wish you want to accomplish and pray to Lord Shiva to accomplish that and drop the water on earth and chant the following mantra with Rudraksh mala(5 times) 5 mala.

"Am Hroom Shivaye shivpraye Fat".

After chanting the mantra put the mala in your neck and repeat this sadhana for three days. This sadhana is so auspicious and rewarding that sadhak gets the complete satisfaction and happiness and prosperity. If there are some worries which are pending and there are some problems in its accomplishment then one should perform this sadhana to get rid of all problems in its way and accomplish your goal.

After puja you shall place Parad shivling in your puja ghar (home temple) and you would note the difference in your life.