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Rasi. The effects are full in rasi. In other vargas it is half. In an odd rasi planets are said to be an infancy or 6 degrees, in boyhood or 12 degrees, in adolescence or 18 degrees, in advanced age or 24 degrees and in extremes or 30 degrees according the first, second, third, fourth and last six degrees portions respectively advanced by them in the sign. But in an even sign, these several divisions have to be made regularly in the reverse order.

If there will be a preponderance in strength of benefic planets in the shadvargas, the native will be very wealthy and will live for a long period. If the lagna happens to occupy krura Amsas in the several shadvargas, the native will be poor, short lived and of a wicked nature.

The word "KRURA" is defined in Phala Deepika as "Shastyamsas or unpropitious l/60th portion of a sign. In odd sign, kruras are 1st, 2nd, 8th, 9th, 10th, 12th, 15th, 16th, 30th, 31st, to 35th, 39th, 40th, 42nd to 44th, 48th, 51st, 52nd and 59th. The result are SAUMYA or propitious ones. In the case of even signs, it is reverse, that is-the shastyamsa portions stated in krura in odd signs are the propitious or Saumya ones in the even signs and vice versa."

If the lords of amsas are strong, the person concerned will bccome a king. If the lord (1) of rising navamsa, (2) of rising decanate or (3) of the rising ascendant or lagna rasi be strong, the native will respectively be a person (1) endowed with happiness and comfort, (2) equal to a king or (3) a ruler of earth possessing good fortune.

Hora. The person at whose birth, malefics occupy the Sun's lloia in odd Rasi will be strong and sturdy, cruel in his behaviour and wealthy, while the one with benefics posited in Moon Hora of even signs will be brilliant in appearance. Will speak mildly, be of a pleasant and of graceful look. If i( lie otherwise, the results will be reverse. If it be mixed, the effects will be mixed. In the case of a nativity where the lagna and Moon are very strong and the lords of the signs occupies by them be also similarly strong, the person concerned will be endowed with long life without any sorrow and will be widely renowned.

This chart also denotes emotions and personal emotional ties of the native during the life. It denotes also one's vitality, temperament, colour and intensity of his nature, his behaviour towards difficulties, stresses and strains.

Drekkana or Decanates : The readings of decanates are generally useful in determining the part of sign under which a person is born, this considerably reducing the limits of error in the construction of a horoscope. The delineations are to be modified with regards to aspects etc. The decanate indicates one's characteristics and type of a person whereas the disposition of planets brings out the individuality and destiny from sign to decanate and decanate to degrees.

Neptune, Pluto and Uranus do not exercise specific rule over any of the decanates and they are not considered in Hindu Astrology.

But Sepharial in one of his books stated that allowing for the octave expression of each planet, Pluto will accentuate the vibrations of Mars in the first decanate of Aries and Scorpio. Neptune will enhance the vibration of Venus in the first decanate of Cancer and second decanate of Virgo, while Uranus strengthens the vibrations of Mercury in the first decanate of Taurus and second decanate of Aquarius.

In Phala Deepika, it is stated that if the lord of the rising decanate be in his own varga, or associated with benefic planet or be in his own, exaltation or friendly house, the person will be endowed with all good qualities, will always be pure, clever, long lived, merciful and wealthy, will possess children, will be widely renowned and enjoy all comforts in a royal style.

Phala Deepika provides through sages that the last decanates of Leo, Aries, Sagittarius, Libra and Gemini, the first decanate of Sagittarius and Aries, the middle one of Virgo andGemini are termed Ayudha Drekkanas or Armed drekkanas. The first decanates of Aquarius and Leo and the middle one of Libra are Vulture faced. The last decanate of Taurus is a bird, and the first decanate of Cancer has a face like a pig.

Also the first decanate of Scorpio, last one of Cancer and Pisces are termed serpent decanates. The second of Aries and Taurus, the first of Leo and last of Scorpio are called quadruped decanates. Persons in whose case where rising decanates indicate inauspicious results as such one will be without wealth, happniness and cruel in disposition. Vile in character and indigent. In a dual sign, the three decanates in their order will be dhama or bad, Madhyama or moderate and Uttama or good while in the case of movable signs, the order will be reversed. In a fixed sign, the order will be bad, good and malefic.

The decanates of Moon are of special importance. The Moon if posiled in her own or a friend's decanate, will be beautiful and have good qualities. If Moon has attained Uttama varga it will also make him very lucky. If she is posited anywhere else, she will endow the native with such qualities as belong to the planet owning the house occupied by her.

With the above guidelines, the author does not feel necessary to provide details of each decanate under each sign as these are available in many Western books written by competent authors.

In short this chart indicates family ties and limitations which are imposed on the native's hopes and aspirations. Those ties conflict many times with the desire and career of the native and the manner in which these are resolved or made to cooperate.

The Sapthamsa. This chart indicates children and grand children. The comforts or discomforts to be experienced from them by the native are also judged from this chart. Navamsa. This in one of the most important charts in Hindu system and should be reads thoroughly.

"Investigation of this chart reveals conditions which may indicate the periods of happiness and misery in the life of the native also the periods of well being, of stress and strain, the causes thereof and lessons learned from them. The delineation of this chart will also reveal that how the native can enable to meet adversity and prosperity, loss and gain, and praise, censure, misfortune and success, illness and health with equanimity and poise and in a cheerful and hopeful spirit, secure in the knowledge that each state is but a phase through which he must pass to the succeeding state.

The knowledge gleamed from this chart and the correct application of this knowledge to the life chart, helps, to banish fear of what is constantly around the corner and aii^s in strengthening the moral fibre of the individual.

This chart is also known as, "SUPPLEMENTARY BIRTH CHART".


The position of Moon in different navamsas is of great importance and is detailed for the guidance of readers :

Aries : The person born when the Moon is in the navamsa owned by Mesha or Aries will be a commander of army, opulent, of reddish eyes and free booter.

Taurus : If in the Navamsa of Taurus, one will have fat body, face and shoulders and his body will not be compact and well knit.

Gemini: In this Navamsa, one will be of black colour, will have lovely form, learned, and will serve as a scribe.

Cancer : In Cancer navamsa, one will be of black colour will not enjoy comforts of father or a son.

Leo: In a Leo Navamsa, the person will be of fat body and lofty nose, blessed with wealth and strength.

Virgo : In a Virgo navamsa, one will have swift soft speech, lean in person and clever at dice.

Libra : In Libra Navamsa, a gallant, lovely eyes, liked by opposite sex and favour and service of men in power and authority.

Scorpio: In a Scorpio Navamsa, one will have defective limb, poor, lean, wandering nature and diseased.

Sagittarius : In the Navamsa of Sagittarius, the person will be lean, long armed, liberal, devote and wealthy.

Capricorn : In Capricorn Navamsa, one will be covetous, black colour and blessed with wife and sons.

Aquarius : In Aquarius Navamsa, the person will be henpecked and hypocritical.

Pisces: In Pisces navamsa, one will have soft voice, but speak spiritedly, will visit holy places and blessed with sons.