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Saturn generally known as malefic is not correct. Mighty Saturn is benefic too. Generally a person is allergic to the very name of Saturn why so ? Because all of us are not acquainted well with the benefic qualities of this planet.

So we can class Saturn into two categories namely Dignified and Debilitated.

Dignified. Prudent, contemplative, cautions, responsible, precise, persistent, persevering, industrious, provident, patient, economical, reserved, serious, resolute, considerate, mathematical, temperate, chaste and executive.

Debilitated. Skeptical, malencholic, deceitful, incompetent, exacting, avaricious, perverse, indifferent, laborious, impotent, repining, acquisitive, secretive, suspicious, fearful, slow, callous, lewd, pessimistic and unreliable,


The effects of Saturn in all the twelve signs are explained below in detail

1. In Aries. Saturn is in debilitated sign. The native is capable of leading others, ;resolute, determined, good organising power, ambitious for success, Prosperity through industry and perseverance, good reasoning faculties, cannot tolerate opposition to his views, difficulties through marriage, and jealous partner. During first half of life, one will face troubles and obstacles. This position makes the native self reliant, tactful, diligent and patient but the native is critical and takes severe measures against sluggishness.

When Saturn is afflicted, one becomes self willed, discontent, gloomy, vindictive, grudging, jealous, sharp and arrogant criticism. One will have rudy complexion, boasting nature, resentful, immoral, quarrelsome, gloomy, mischievous and of misunderstanding nature.

Diseases indicated are bad teeth, catarrh affliction in the head, rheumatic headaches, anaemia in the head, fainting fits, deafness, stomach disorders and kidney troubles.

2. In Taurus. Economical, diplomatic and somewhat reserved, prudent, steadily working, careful, quite, silent, kind, quick tempered, reserved over personal affairs specially with financies, unfortunate domestic experiences, successful and powerful. Gain through saving disposition, economy and judicious investment.

When afflicted one is devoid of wealth, is of deceitful nature, unorthodox, worried, more than one wife, sordid, immoral and insulted. Stubborn, lazy and of violent passions. Diseases indicated are chronic throat affliction, loss of voice, diphtheria, nasal catarrh, whooping cough, deafness, and bad teeth and gums.

3 In Gemini. Accurate, orderly, desirous of intellectual developments, observant, ingenious. Ability for scientific occupations in connection with literature, mathematics etc. Adapted and resourceful, ability for profound intellectual attainments. One may get sorrows through relatives and younger brothers. May have interrupted education up to higher secondary standard. Occupies a good position with large staff under him, industrious. In case Saturn occupies any degree from 0° to 3°-20' or 10° to 16°-40' or 26°-40' to 30° degrees good results are indicated.

When afflicted makes him irritable, worried, unfortunate legal affairs, may be falsely implicated in some criminal case, loss through relatives or neighbours. Troubled period of childhood, ingenious and unpolished, not much happiness from sons. The reverse results and also experienced when Saturn occupies 3°-20' to 6°-40' or 20°-0 to 23°-20° Diseases indicated are lung affliction specially when in opposition or square to Sun. Bronchitis, nervous, trembling of hands and arms, dislocation or arms and shoulders. Jaundice, general weakness, rheumatic pains, bad digestion and sciatica.

4. In Cancer. One has a certain self conceit, abserved in own convictions and endeavours. Makes mistake but does not acknowledge and correct them which causes loss to him. Many changes of residences and pursuits. May one be deprived of motherly treatment, attains a good position in life, middle part of life is better than first one third or last one third part. An industrious partner, pleasure through occult and psychic sources, interest in public welfare and domestic economy.

When afflicted one becomes jealous, sickly, discontented, pessimistic, disappointment in business and professions, calculation and suspicious selfish, domestic troubles and sorrows through attachments, parents, home and childrens. Most evil results will be felt when Saturn 13°-20' to 10°-40' ?

Diseases indicated are stomach affliction, cancer, indigestion, bad assimilations, lack of appetite, breast cancer, jaundice and gall-stone.

5. In Leo. Diplomatic, generous, tactful, silent, self controlled and gives a sense of responsibility. Cautions, strong willed, ambitions and will have spiritual tendencies or psychic experiences. Passionate, good writer, lacking in conjugal happiness, earns by service and sons may be a source of troubles. If Saturn occupies any degrees between 13°-20' to 16°-40' or 20° to 23°-20' most of evil traits will not be felt or if felt will be very feebly.

When afflicted, one will have afflicted health, troubles and secret enmity through inferiors, danger through accidents and over work or over exertion. Sorrows through love affairs and children. Jealous, haughty, lacking in conjugal happiness, conflicting but of bad temper. The most effects will be realised by the native when Saturn occupies 0° to 3°-20' or 23°-20' to 26°-40'.

Disease indicated are weak action of heart, faints, weak back, propensity to spinal curvature, liver disease, jaundice and gout.

6. In Virgo. Accurate in administration and economical in managing own or other's property. Observant of details, studious, subtle, reserved, cautious, serious, intuitive nature, heads an institution with large staff or works in Defence or Police Departments. Worried, doubtful and gloomy at times. Gain by careful investment. Inclined to investigations of mysterious, occult and profound or scientific studies. Saturn posited in 0° to 6°-40' or 26°-40' to 30 degrees indicates good effects will predominates.

When afflicted will denote melancholy, disappointments in profession, unpleasantness with older people. Critics, discontent nature. Troubles and misfortune through marriage and partnership, difficulties, struggles, obstacles and sorrows in first half of life. Troubles in employment and through servants. Saturn tenanted in 10° to 13°-20' will indicate most evil results.

Diseases denoted are mental affliction, handache and bowel weakness. Sluggish liver, appendicitis, colic pain, and intestinal catarrh.

7. in Libra. Saturn is exalted in this sign and indicates artistic and intellectual influences, less intimate relations with the opposite sex due to reasons that Saturn is a planet of limitations. Famous, founder of institutions, leading others. Through hardwork success, renown and wealth. Tactful, independent and respected. Intelligent, of sound judgement, antagonist, proud, charitable, subservient to females. l ours of foreign countries. More success and prosperity as age advances. a female horoscope, it often bestows great beauty of brunette type. Dizzy heights but then fall. Good lawyers, doctors and scientific men are produced with this position. Saturn occupying 0° to 3°-20' or 10°'to 16°-40' will indicate excellent results.

When afflicted indicates delayed marriage and produces coldness on the part of partner. Envious, apt to take things ill, great difficulties will arise in cooperation and partnerships. Generally have female enemies, sorrows through loss of one of deep attachments, separation, broken contracts and domestic difficulties, troubles and oppositions in employment. Saturn posited in 20° to 23°-20° indicates evil results.

Diseases denoted are kidney troubles, colic, impure blood, bright's disease, sterility, headache, toothache, weakness of sexual organs etc.

8. In Scorpio. This position bestows an intense sense of justice and much moral courage. Strong WILL power to penerate into unknown and unseen power of the universe. Longing for occult learning and gain of occult powers. But due care and avoidance of haste is strongly recommended. This will be obtained when a native conquers lower nature, the power will come at its own accord and the spiritual side will develop more.

This position also increases the WILL power, presence of mind, careful, prudent, perservering and reserved, Violent temper, passionate, acquisitive, independent, resourceful and cautious. Shrewd mind rather to be profound. Intellectual, love affairs, secret alliances, intrigues or domestic difficulties. Success after difficulties etc. Very active and rich. Saturn posited between 10° to 16°-40' or 20° to 26°-40', evil effects will be mitigated.

When Saturn is afflicted it indicates chronic ailments, performs violent and dangerous actions through his own determination. Sex ridden, domestic unpleasantness, critical, egoistic, proud, narrow minded and fretting.

Diseases indicated are of bladder, stone, catarrh troubles, retarted menstruations (for females), nasal afflictions, gout and throat defects, etc.

9. In Sagittarius. Saturn in Sagittarius makes the man serious thinker with an investigating mind who wants to be charitable, philanthropic and just. They are willing to sacrifice for their ideals (especially if posited in 12th house). They do not spare any pains or efforts to try and reach what they consider to be good and helpful.

Such persons are frank, fearless, kind, humane, helpful to all, pushful, lovers of friends and merciful to enemies and opponents. Illustrious, who will bring credit to father. In last one third part of life he will earn much wealth when he is much respected. One may be leader of the masses, town, section of the army and may have many employees under him. Peaceful death. Occult tendencies, intuitive understanding, prophetic. More than one occupation, gain by investment and learned of religious book. Saturn posited in 20° to 23°-20' and 26°-40' to 30° will indicate excellent results.

When afflicted renders the native insincere, egoistic, sacrastic, dishonest and cynical. Obstacles and difficulties to attain desired position. Troubles through public affairs, honour and reputation.

Danger of nervous breakdown at the close of life, so, safeguard of health is a must. Saturn posited in 0° to 3°-20' or 23°-20' to 26°-40' will reduce the good effects. Diseases indicated are rheumatism in muscles and thighs, gout, hip affliction, bronchitis, tuberculosis, paralysis when afflicted by Mars or -Herschal. One should avoid excessive exertion.

10. In Capricorn. Saturn is posited in own sign. This stands for persevering and concentrated activity, serious endeavour for spiritual as well as physical development. For success in all spheres, such persons should better shun the idea of "mine and thine".

They are reserved, diplomatic, serious, cautious, deep thinkers, and good reasoner. Ambitious, very anxioys to rise in life and through tact, diplomacy or persistance and they generally succeed. Liable to inferior attachments, unreliable friendships, pleasure through marriage and domestic affairs. Gain from inlaws, learned, valorous, famous, occupies an eminent position, generally lives at place other than his home and comfortable life. Prominent in manual arts. Good effects are maximum when posited in 0° to 6°-40'.

When afflicted, sorrows through marriage and domestic affairs, chronic ailments and posibility of some mental affliction through worry, dissatisfaction, restricted pleasures and recreation or repression. Gloomy, melancholic. Wrost results are experienced when Saturn is posited in 10° to 13°-20'.

Diseases indicated are rheumatism in the joints, weak knees, dyspepsia, constipation, skin diseases, eczema, headaches and fevers. One should protect himself from catching cold.

11. In Aquarius. Saturn is posited in own sign. Such people are sober, graceful, affable, of courteous disposition, very proficient in art or science, genius, practical, diplomate, happy, victory over enemies. Harsh actions and good speech and fiery temperament, gain from other persons. Decided actions and good speech, reliable and steadfast. Addicted to vices. Wealthy and occupies a good posited in life. Gain through employment or profession by practical application, determination and faithfulness. From many acquaintances and some romantic or lasting ties, addicted to wine and women. Latter years of life are more fortunate than the beginning of life. Saturn occupying any degree from 0° to 3°-20' or 10° to 16°-40° will show comparatively better results.

When afflicted one becomes unreliable, subtle and shy. Reverse results than above are experienced particularly when posited in degrees 20° to 23°-20°.

Diseases indicated are weak and sprained ankles, bad circulation of blood, heart disease, vericose veins, affliction of eyes and spinal curvature. One should keep his feet warm, not to over exert and specially the eyes.

12. In Pisces. Makes the native fond of peace and quite, economical and tolerant. Work in solitude in most pleasant and best ways. Suitable to a leading position in house and for the people. Ingenious and aspiring but lack sufficient application, opportunities and favourable conditions. The health is often afflicted. One regards money as means of living, success through investigation, psychic and occult affairs, causing generally retirement and seclusion, the enlightenment often proving beneficial. Clever, pushing, polite happy, good a trustworthy wife, schematic and wealthy, Helpful to others, sober, good sons, head of institution, town etc. Engaged in religious work, good conduct and peaceful death. If given practical execution, deep intuition, perception and some mediumistic qualities. Saturn occupying 10° to 13°-20' or 20° to 26°-40' produces very good results.

When afflicted, the subject suffers loss, hindrances, delays, deception, discredit through friends and acquaintances and meet with sorrows and disappointments in life, most of which he bears secretly and attempts to present the best side of things. Often reaches to the position of honour and dignity but has difficulty in maintaining them. Unfavourable ties are formed which hinder the progress and elevation in life which be avoided. One becomes himself the cause of his ruin and misfortue. Saturn posited in 13°-20' to 16°-40' indicates devaluing much of good effects.

Diseases indicated are cold, gout, sensitive feet, rickets, scorfula and consumption etc. One should keep his house dry and bed rooms on Sunny side. Avoid use of spirits.


When Saturn is afflicted or malefic, one should donate sarsoon oil on Saturday particularly. Keep a fast on Saturday. One should also donate iron, black mash dal, musk, black cow or buffalo, black cloth and flowers.

In case the native is under Sadesati (21/2 years to 71/2 years period) the native should throw part of his food to crows.

When one is denied children or abortions occur etc., Part of your food be given to black dog.

One should wear blue Sapphire or blue sapphire and red coral in Panch dhatu (five metals) ring in second finger on right hand on Saturday morning after offering necessary prayers etc. One should not use Blue Sapphire indiscriminately without the specific guidance of a competent astrologer as it is dangerous to wear otherwise.

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