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Saturn’s Transit Impact on 12 signs in 2019

1. Impact on Aries

Throughout this year Saturn will be positioned in the 9th house from your moon sign. Although it may be favourable yet expenditure will mount. All your business expansion plans may be implemented. But if you are in the Govt, job then be extra careful about your monetary transaction as someone may hatch a conspiracy against you. Beware of your trustworthy fellows rather strangers. You'll give enough time to your family members.

May go out with your family on a long pilgrimage or on a sight-seeing tour. Between 18th April and 19th September Saturn will be retrograde so you must remain extra-conscious during this period and sign no paper without reading its contents fully. Else you may suffer quite heavy. The property dispute between you and your sibling will be amicably settled. If you work systematically you shall surely earn good profit. Your friends and colleagues will be quite helpful. Those serving in the private sector may also get good opportunities to rise. In order to ensure better effect of Saturn's transit, wear a Saturn ring in the middle finger of your hand and take the following remedies as well.shani sade sati

2. Impact on Taurus

In 2018, Saturn will transit into the eighth house. You will have to face impacts of Saturn dhaiya (Dhaiya of Saturn runs when Saturn is in 4th or 8th house from a Moon sign). Health will be a problem. However, you will not face any serious problem. It is good to give up on bad habits such as consumption of tobacco, cigarettes and alcohol. You will take some strict business decisions which will influence your business in long term. Business scenario will be normal. One of your samples / orders will get cancelled. Your colleagues will be helpful but boss and senior officials will not be happy with your performance. You may become a victim of a conspiracy.

Your family will support you in this time of distress. Married couples will share a happy relationship. Be careful while driving. Avoid taking loans or debts this year. You may get trapped. Lovers may face trouble. Their reputation will be at stake. Opponents and adversaries will not be able to harm you. However, you should keep a watch on their activities. One of your relatives may suffer from a mishap. You may wear an iron ring made of horse shoe in the middle finger to nullify or reduce the effects of Saturn dhaiya.

3. Impact on Gemini

Saturn in the 7th house in the transit will prove auspicious for the Gemini natives as they shall maintain good health and have flourishing business as well, though some tension might emerge between April and September when Saturn will be retrograde. An outsider’s influence may create misunderstandings between the spouses. It will be sorted out by the intervention of some senior or an elderly family member. All their business expansion plans may be implemented. However, some seasonal disease may trouble you - so be careful about your food and drinks. You may help some needy friend or relatives but you won’t get due credit for it. You must be very careful about whatever you do as your some work may be criticized. Suspend all your illegal dealings, else you could be trapped. Don’t let anyone trap you to distract from your aim. Any aged family member’s health may deteriorate seriously to cause you much tension. In order to minimize Saturn’s evil effect employ the remedies to propitiate Saturn mentioned below.

4. Impact on Cancer
Parad Shivling
The Cancer natives will have beneficial effect of Saturn’s transit because it will remain in the 6th house, ensuring victory over the enemies. Barring minor disturbances the health of the natives shall generally remain good. But they must maintain their exercise routine and also do Yoga, Pranayaam etc. regularly. Some long thought of plans for business expansion shall begin to get implemented, whose benefit may be derived later on. If in service then you’ll have good terms with your boss or senior officers. You might be given some important responsibility, or may be transferred.

Spouses should be mutually cooperative and supportive, sharing their weal and woe. You may help your needy friends liberally. May also invest in some movable or immovable property. In the later half of the year you might have your own house. Health of an elderly family member may cause concern. Though you’ll keep your enemies subdued, yet you must monitor their activities. Those in the govt, service must deal with strangers quite carefully. They must keep themselves away from illegal dealings. Nevertheless, the bank balance will keep on swelling. In order to lessen Saturn’s evil effect, employ the remedies given below.

5. Impact on Leo

This shall be a very progressive and hope- enhancing year for the Leons despite the minor impact of Saturn’s Dhaiyya. You’ll enjoy a good health as the old chronic troubles will be over. All family disputes will be resolved through the mediation of some senior family member. May buy a new plot, flat or even a new vehicle. But while the Dhaiyya is on, you’re advised to trust nobody in monetary dealings. Your friends with the high Govt, official will come very handy and helpful. Money-inflow may continue for the entire year.

Your boss and colleagues will be quite happy with your work efficiency. However, between 21st June and 26th October when Saturn becomes retrograde to re enter Scorpio; be specially guarded while transacting any financial business. Keep a check on your tongue and temper during this phase; else you may undo all that you have done. Minor banter with the spouse may continue throughout the year. For the students this shall be quite a progressive year. If they remain focused at their work and keep their target always in sight, they may achieve whatever they want. In order to lessen Saturn’s evil effects take the following remedial measures.

6. Virgo

The Virgo natives will be in the Dhaiyya effect throughout the year which may cause much fluctuation in the health status. Even a minor ailment should be immediately treated, else it could be chronic. Despite your valiant efforts in trade and business you may not get any success. You will send biodatas /resumes to many companies, but success would be far off. Be extremely careful in financial deals as your trusted person can stab you in the back. Don’t give money on loan during this phase as it may never be recovered. Do your services with high devotion and sincerity as even a minor lapse may boomerang with a major mishap.

Students will be quite serious in their studies. But your family members will be fully supportive and helpful no matter whatever the situation be. Senior family members will keep up your morale by their blessings and suggestions. Maybe some of them fall ill to make you rush to the hospital. May get some very enlightening and knowledge enriching book to add to your wisdom. Also, keep a vigilant eye on your rivals’ or enemies’ activities as Saturn’s Dhaiyya makes you quite vulnerable. In order to lessen Saturn’s ill effect wear a Saturn-ring in your middle finger and employ the following remedies as well.

7. Libra

With Saturn remaining in 3rd from your rashi throughout the year, it will show good effect. You’ll enjoy a rosy health throughout the year, barring some minor seasonal diseases. Between 18th April and 6th Sept. Saturn will be retrograde so you must act continuously in business during this phase as any decision’ in haste, may have serious consequences and give you loss. However your business expansion plans may be fructified. Using new techniques and machinery you may enhance your profit margin substantially. Familial peace will be there. But any emotional decision in business may give you a hefty loss. You will act in good tandem with your spouse. May get promotion if in service and some important assignment may be given to you. Be cautious about your drink and diet while travelling. Don’t trust any stranger during this year. Also be careful about your rivals’ and enemies’ vicious moves and conspiracies. In order to enhance the favourable impact of Saturn’s transit, employ the following remedies to propitiate Saturn.

8. Scorpioblack horse shoe ring

Year 2018 is not constructive for the Scorpions. Saturn will be transiting in 12th house from the Moon (Sade-Sati or the 7 1/2 years long period of Saturn /Shani). Health troubles are indicated. Seasonal sickness will annoy you. On the other hand troubles and hurdles at workplace/business will depress you. Hard work and efforts will not fetch desired results. A crucial business decision may be wrong. This decision will create serious financial problems. Family and loved ones will stand by you in this tough period. Wife and kids will cut down their regular and other expenses.

Beware of your opponents and adversaries. They may hatch some conspiracy. Avoid getting into a contract agreement or signing documents without going through it. If you are into government or administrative job, avoid meeting strangers. Lord Shani will transit into Cancer sign between March and September. This transition may cause accidents. You may also face situations that give you a bad reputation. Keep an eye on activities of your partner and employees. You may take loan for business. To reduce the effect of Sade-Sati, wear a Saturn ring, made from horse-shoe of a black horse, on the middle finger on any Saturday. Besides, this employs the other remedies as well in order to lessen the ill affects of Saturn, which are given below.

9. Sagittarius

This year Sagittarius natives will be under Saturn’s Sade Saati as Saturn will remain in Sagittarius sign for the entire year. Health may not remain stable. All their projects may develop snag almost at the point of completion. A wrong decision in the business may make the native to suffer loss. So be very careful about taking any decision this year. You may have to struggle very hard in financial matters. If you’re a govt, employee you could be a victim of some conspiracy. Between April and December some Tax related problem may crop up. You may feel surrounded by problems from every side. But a close friend may come to your rescue. Don’t rely blindly on your partner or co-workers.

But you’ll get full support and help from your family members and spouse. Relatives may not be helpful. Property dispute with your brothers may become more complicated. Progeny’s educational and matrimonial prospects may remain a nagging cause of worry. The ongoing court-cases may not provide you any relief. Before making any investment in landed property or vehicle, think twice. Your foes and rivals will be overactive this year. May receive some untoward news about some of your close relatives. In order to lessen the evil effects of Saturn, wear a ‘Mantra Charged Saturn-Ring’ and employ the following remedies as well to propitiate Saturn.
Shani Dosh Nivaran Mala
10. Capricorn

For the Capricorn natives stiff challenges and struggles may appear at every step as Saturn’s Sade Sati may continue to paster you. Seasonal ailments may add to your problems while the chronic diseases like diabetes, high BP or heart trouble may also bother you. You must lead a regulated life and strictly maintain your rigorous exercises regimen. Be punctual in taking meals, doing yoga etc. Your business expansion plan may begin its implementation after much teething troubles and hiccups. May not derive any advantage initially. In fact your every project may face hurdles and obstruction. Some senior family member’s health may force you to visit hospital frequently. The impact of the Sade Sati may force you to suffer your boss’s wrath.

Your some past action may evoke much criticism and censure. Saturn’s retrograde movement between 18th April and 6th Sept. may make you a victim of some conspiracy. Be very alert in your monetary transaction during this phase. May have to spend a lot on the treatment of your family’s elderly member. But your family members will remain be very cooperative throughout the year. Progeny’s some action may add to your worries. Be very practical and alert in your business deals. May have to incur some loan for buying some movable or immovable property. In order to lessen the evil effect of Saturn’s trans wear a Saturn Ring (Shani Mudrika) and follow the following remedies as well.

11. Aquarius

Throughout the year Saturn will remain in the 11th from your sign and hence be favourable. Health will remain good but be careful about what you drink and eat and be regular in your physical exercises schedule. Keep an eye on your rivals’ and enemies’ activities as they will be quite active. You’ll help your close friends. In office your boss and superiors will be happy with you. You’ll manage to achieve your targets. May invest money in immoveable property. But Saturn’s retrogression between April & Sept, may need more concentrated efforts, on the part of the students. Money will come but expenditure may consume it quickly and it may not stay in your coffers. Some elderly family member’s poor health may force you to spend much. During Saturn’s retrogression, you may lose some lucrative deal, so be more careful. In order to lessen Saturn’s evil effects follow the remedies given below.

12. Pisces

Saturn’s transit will have a favourable effect on the Pisces natives because it will mostly remain in the 10th house from their sign. Barring minor or seasonal ailment they’ll have a robust health. Business expansion plans will be implemented eventually. Although immediately they may not get any profit, they will be much profitable in the long run. However your enemies and foes will be quite active, so don’t get carried away by any one’s sycophantic pleasantries. Also, be careful while dealing with strangers because they may try to ditch you and trap you in some govt, matter. A good understanding with the spouse is indicated.

In your profession minor hiccups may occur but you’ll manage to smoothen them easily by your tact and wisdom. Some of your action may evoke scathing criticism but you shouldn’t be daunted by it. This year may prove very auspicious financially. Your friends and colleagues may be quite supportive and helpful though relatives may not show any positive attitude, so don’t expect from them. In order to lessen the ill effects of Saturn, implement the remedies given below for its due propitiation.

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