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In the section on water there was a fairly long explanation of the uses of solarized water. Oils may be exposed to the sun in the same way that waters can. From personal experience I can testify that solarized sunflower oil is an excellent massage oil for healing muscle cramps and infirmities.

If you try making solarized oil, set a pint of sunflower oil on an east windowsill so that it is exposed between sunrise and noon on the day follow┬Čing the new moon in Leo. If you wish, you can pray over the oil before you place it on the windowsill, for your prayer will assist the oil in gaining energy for its work. Solarizing other oils is much a matter of preference.

Should you wish to make an oil for your skin, for example, you might wish to solarize some oil at the new moon in Libra. Peanut oil seems to be the best for this, but there is some debate on the matter. One woman I know swears by the almond oil she solarizes for her own use every year. You can solarize herbal oils for better mixing of the virtues if you wish.

The best rule I have found in this regard is simply to follow the formula for any oil until you really understand just how it works.