Division of spells
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Division of spells

Spells are division into two parts as per the need of the practitioner.

They are

1. Satwik (peaceful purposes):- While performing this type of ritual we use normal type of articles which almost are available in the home. These types of spells are done very much I the home no such article is used in it which is normally prohibited In the house.

2. Tamsik (destructive purposes):- These types of practices are performed in the graveyard, cremation ground etc. the articles used I such practices are liquor, meat or related materials. It is observed that people are very much afraid of tamsik type of spells because they are performed to harm other. Rather they are considered more difficult than the satwik ones and are performed by the tantrics.

Types of spells

A spell could be performed in six maners as per the need of the native. They have be divided into six parts as per the requirement.

1. Shantikaran: - the literal meaning of shanti is peace but in this context the shanti word refers to destruction of sickness, cure of diseases and warding off the malefic influence of planets.

2. Vashikaran: - vashikaran means under the influence and control but in this context this rite is undertook by the devotee for making a person do as was bidden by preceptor. In other words it could be said that one ca control any woman, man, officer minister, devta, soul, animal etc., and can gain according to his wishes.

3. Stambhann: - stambhan is a rite for stunning or it is intended to prevent some activity of some on in view or check persons as mentioned above to stop acting him.

4. Vidveshan: - vidvesha is hatred. The purpose of this act is to spilt ad metual ill well between two friends.

5. Ucchatan: - the literal meaning of ucchatan is driving away. It is used to dislodge someone from his state. It deals with the distraction of mid of enemy ad other persons so they may remain away from their country, birth place, residence, home ad family members etc. it also deals with when the practitioner requires one to remain at war with other.

6. Maaran: - maaran means killing. These are death persuading spells through which any body can be killed.