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Planet Sun in Astrology

Planet Sun in Astrology rules over vitality and indicates strength of the body. A royal planet of power, authority, Govt, favour and honour. It bestows on the native a general success, fortunate for character and events. This adds strength and uniqueness to the character.

planet sun in Astrology Energy Type – Masculine
Time Spent in each Sign – 30 Days approximately (a month)
Element – Fire
Nature – Hot and dry; passionate and fiery
Ruler of the Sign – Leo
Ruler of the House – Fifth
Imparts – Health, warmth, life, ability to deal with challenges, authority, attractiveness, ambitions

The persons having strong Sun dominate others and are free, frank, outspoken, generous, proud, firm and of strong WILL power. They attain good Will of superiors, honour, general success, advancement in life and are very impressive. Ambitious very famous and energetic, of defective eyesight, rich and learned. Love for power and authority.

It is also known as a luminary and a star in Astrology, and is said to represent the self, an individual’s personality and ego, the spirit and the special, unique characteristics, which make an individual one of his kind in the universe. It is known to create one’s identity and face. As per the Vedic Astrology, it also signifies ones creative ability and the power to meet the everyday challenges that life brings forth.

Father, husbands and other male influences are ruled by the Sun, as are children. Its energy is a forceful one, and in its wake comes authority, the ability to lead and an individual's essence, their core being. Through the will of this planet, we learn to manifest ourselves in the world.
It is majestic, and in keeping with its regal air, it rules royalty and higher office. This orb also lords over our health and well-being. Its golden glow is a vital life force which imbues us with strength, energy and a will to succeed. It gives strength to the other planets, which is why this planet occupies a key role in astrology.

Body Part represented by Sun in Astrology

Its being the source of light and life it is supposed to be the king of the planets. A chart with strong position will help the individual to lead a healthy life for it is the nourishment provider for the whole body. This vital planet governs various parts of the body like head, body, bone structure, constitution, blood, brain, bile, and digestive fire, organ of voice, right eye for males and left eye in case of females.

Problems like weak eyesight, headaches, erratic blood circulation, heart trouble, dental problems, bone fractures, overheating, fevers, blood pressure, baldness, neuralgia, bone cancer, weak immune system, etc. are mainly due to a weak placement of the Sun in the birth chart.

Lord Surya - In Hindus Dharma
lord sun
Religious people of India, especially Hindus, identify it as 'a lord with supreme light' and an important deity 'Surya Narayan' for all their auspicious rituals. They also portray it as a lord that has hair and arms of gold, and seven horses or one horse with seven heads is the ride of lord Surya. Hindu people also enunciate it with other names as Bhaskar, Surya, Ark, Arun, Bhanu, Dinakar, Ravi, Dhinakar or Dhinakrit, Thanpna and Pusha.

In every 'Makar Sankranti', people pray to lord Surya and give a lot of prestige to him. Astrologers believe that this special occasion comes when it shows its transition from Dhanu Rashi (Sagittarius sign) to Makar Rashi (Capricorn sign), and this festival comes every January 14.

'Sunday' is the day devoted for venerable lord Surya. In fact, many of ladies keep fasting to delight lord Surya on every Sunday for the goodwill of their family.

Mantras Gemstone Rudraksha for Planet Sun
" Om Hraam Hreem Hroom Sah Suryaye Namaha"
" Om Ghrini Suryay namaha "
" Om Suryaye Namah"
Ruby Twelve mukhi Rudraksha
One mukhi Rudraksha
Surya Saraswati Rudraksh Pendant
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As per Astronomy

It is a normal main-sequence G2 star, one of more than 100 billion stars in our galaxy. It is, at present, about 70% hydrogen and 28% helium by mass everything else ("metals") amounts to less than 2%. This changes slowly over time as the it converts hydrogen to helium in its core. planet sun

The surface , called the photosphere, is at a temperature of about 5800 K. Sunspots are "cool" regions, only 3800 K . Sunspots can be very large, as much as 50,000 km in diameter. Sunspots are caused by complicated and not very well understood interactions with the its magnetic field.

: 1,390,000 km.
Mass: 1.989e30 kg
Temperature: 5800 K (surface) 15,600,000 K (core)

It is the largest object in the solar system. It contains more than 99.8% of the total mass of the Solar System. It is often said that it is an "ordinary" star. That's true in the sense that there are many others similar to it. But there are many more smaller stars than larger ones; it is in the top 10% by mass. The median size of stars in our galaxy is probably less than half the mass of the Sun.

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