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1. THE SUN The Sun passes through all the signs of the Zodiac in one year, it rules the sign Leo only. Sun by nature is hot, dry, masculine and LIFE GIVER. It has much to do with health, vitality, one's social success and progress. The position of the native in life depends much on the position of Sun.

The position of Sun in the various signs detailed below is however subject to aspects of other planets whether benefic or malefic. The delineations are required to be modifies accordingly.

Important. Sun enters each sign during a year near the Niryana dates shown hereunder. Occasionally the Sun may enter the sign a day earlier or latter than shown. If a person is born in one of the dates when Sun is changing from one sign to another it becomes necessary to note carefully the Sun's place in the ephemeris for the month of your birth then determine the position of Sun in the correct sign. An ancient rule to this effect is that when the planet reaches the 28th degree it begins to exert influence of the next sign. In other books dates of Sun's entry have been shown based on Sayana System, but, here dates are indicated on Niryana System on which Hindu Astrology is based. Corresponding Sayana dates can be applied by foreign students and others following Sayana System for predictions as indicated earlier.

Sun indicates power, authority and favour from Govt; father and general public.

1.Aries (Between April 13th-14th May) In Aries Sun is termed as in its exaltation place. It gives the native much courage, one is brave, a born leader, head strong, impulsive, full of enterprise and new ideas. Such people cannot work under others, they are born rulers. Of rash temperament. Lover of freedom, justice, enthusiasm and self willed. They are born fighters. Liable to go to the extremes, self assertive, ready to stand in the need for others and to help them at a critical moment. They also possess penetrating WILL power, not easily discouraged, philosophic by nature. When such persons are controllers or head of the institution or department talents find full scope and expression.

When the Sun in Aries is afflicted one becomes irritable, rash, blunt, of dogmatic opinion and a ringleader who over-estimates himself and is always ready for any enterprise.

Diseases indicated are headaches, epilepsy, kidney disease etc.

2.Sun in Taurus (Between 15th May — 14th June) In this sign to prominent characteristics, WILL power and perserverance are present but do not manifest until interest and ambitions are aroused. This sign has sense of humor, uncritical, trustful, love of applied art etc.

Sun in Taurus indicates that native is self reliant, determined, self willed and cautious. It also make the people old fashioned and conservative but tolerant. Before undertaking a work-, they analyse the matter thoroughly. Fond of good things, patient, and wait and see for a long time for their plans to mature, when unprovoked they are gentle otherwise furious, headstrong and unyielding. Practical and constructive, lover of nature, art, music, literature and amusement. Make good public servants, officials and executives. Favourable for acquisition of money and property. Fortunate indication for father and tends towards marriage. Makes the native ambitious, gain through business, inheritance, investments and public undertakings. In female horoscope, gain through husband is indicated.

When Sun is afflicted, native easily becomes recalcitrant and obstinate, loss through opponents if they appear to be firm. The native may become notorious rather than getting fame, bad temper, becomes selfish, afflicted health and fits etc.

Diseases indicated are cough, diphtheria, heart complaint, eye sores etc.

3.Sun in Gemini (Between June 15th —July 14th) Sun in Gemini makes the native intellectual, fond of pursuits of literature, science or art. Generally indicates expansive and adaptive attitude Studious all round, kind hearted, affectionate. Fond of home ami ehildt en, educat ion, secretariat or clerical work, writings, amilitious and aspiring. C)l act ive mind and can be relied upon in time of adversity. Two or more professions at a time, but the native is of doubtful nature, changeful, dexterous and hard to understand. Such natives are fond of change, clever and best educated or best known of his family. Sometimes native may have several brothers and sisters.

In a female horoscope this position sometime indicates birth of twins, two love affairs and two marriages. Gain to children through parents.

If Sun is afflicted, then it makes the native unreliable, sceptical, talkative, troubles and oppositions for gain of money.

Diseases indicated are bronchitis, nervous disorders, pleurisy etc.

4.Sun in Cancer (Between 15th July — 14th August) Sun in this sign indicates many ups and downs, changes in occupations and position, but desires to stick to his own course. It indicates that some period of life the native will remain near water. The native will be economical, conservative, fertile imagination, retentive memory, attached to mother, family and home, and prosper through them. An easy going man, fond of pleasure and amusement.

If afflicted, one will be timid, restless, stingy, over careful, dissipation and evil courses. Weakens the WILL power, makes him untrustworthy, obstacles in life, favourable for birth of children but they will remain sick or not prosperous.

Diseases indicated are digestive troubles, gastric fever, tumors, breast illness or cancer etc.

5.Sun in Leo (Between 15th August — 15th September) Sun in his own sign : Sun makes such persons of princely ways and bossing over others. Such persons are ambitions, aspiring, have position of power and authority. They are of active mind, good nature, generous, have many friends, a born leader, of independent views strong Willed, difficult for him to act in a subordinate capacity, kind hearted, social, health and longevity of father is indicated. Agreed and appeased quickly. Frank, outspoken, forceful, sincere and constant in love and affection. Fond of society, intuitive and inventive. When afflicted makes one proud, vain, harsh temperament and very dogmatic.

Diseases indicated are heart disease, palpitation, backache etc.

6.Sun in Virgo (Between 16th September — 15th October) A favourable sign for acquisition of money at a place where he works under a Chief or Superior. Liable to suffer from servants and subordinates, unless Sun is well aspected. Such persons are modest, thoughtful, industrious, serious, learn quickly and like orderly life and actions, Love others, beauty, art, literature etc. Idealistic yet practical, speculative but without any substantial gain, very active, not easy going for himself and others.

When afflicted, one may be sarcastic, materialistic, and narrow minded, In a female horoscope unfavourable for marriage and husband and may there be misfortune in love, may be melancholy at times, not sufficiently reliable or self assertive.

Diseases indicated are digestive trouble, constipation, diarrhoea, dysentry, colic pain, nervousnes or weakness of lungs.

7.Sun is Libra (Between 16th October —14th November) Libra is depression or debilitated sign of Sun but the sign of Libra is balance. But Sun is Libra gives love of justice, peace and harmony. The native is docile, lenient, popular, liked by all, social, affectionate, romantic, fond of opposite sex, many friends, sympathetic, natural peace maker, refind pleasures and amusements, and usually marries young and more than once (Subject to check from the horoscope) but there is likely to be some troubles, disappointments in love and disharmony in marriage. The native remains independent but seldom overbearing or proud, is just, sincere, intuitive^ impartial of brotherly spirit and helpful to each and every one. Favourable for joining societies, associations, clubs, companies or partnership. Short journeys by land, good honour, amiable ami humorous.

When afflicted, the native is careless, subject to craze, distrubed married life, disappointments in love, less delays and troubles in partnership etc. One faces ups and downs in case of profession, Power, authority and finances. One has to work hard in life.

Diseases indicated are kidney diseases, Bright's disease, pain in loins, diabetes, skin disease, headache etc.

8.Sun in Scorpio (Between 15th November —14 December) Extraordinary strong WILL power and indefeatable power of work when it concerns for some set purpose. One is resolute, inquisitive, interested in occultism, keen judgement. Shrewd, reserved, tenacious, one is liable to accidents, illness and death of close relation or friends. Critical and suspicious. Economical, calculative, restless, energetic and obstinate. Trouble with others and in speech. Such persons are plain, blunt, sarcastic and forceful. May create great and revolutionary changes, aggressive and capable of such success through bold enterprises.

When afflicted, one is passionate, jealous, shares for others, stubborn, unpopular, ups and down in life, disfavour and loss through superiors and the Government. He may occupy the position of responsibility but will not succeed.

Diseases indicated are disturbances of general organ and kidney, syphilis, gravel, gout, appendicitis, palpitation of heart and affliction of nose and throat.

9.Sun in Sagittarius (Between 15th December —13th January) Sun here gives jovial, bright, hopeful, generous and charitable nature. One is judicious, religious, sincere and may be intuitive and mystical. Self reliant, active, frank, original in work, inventor or discoverer. Loves liberty and freedom and out door sports, will not like to work in subordination, honest and sincere in his opinion. Favourable for health and birth of sons. Inclined to travel, voyage and change of residence. Respects for preceptors, saints, sanyasis and religious guides. Generally of strong WILL and lead honourable life.

When afflicted the native may become audacious, extravagant, careless, changeable, prone to noise, things abroad, and not to mince matters etc.

Diseases indicated are wounds through accidents, falling or cuttings, leg paralysis, nervousness, pulmonary diseases and eyes affliction.

10.Sun in Capricorn (Between 14th January— 12th February) The native is ambitious, aspiring, desirous and with power and fame, well fitted for leading, commanding and directing others, whether for good or evil. Of thoughtful, serious nature, deep mind and good reasoning faculty. Generally practical, economical and of investigating mind. Prominent figure in his sphere of life for celebrity or notoriety which depends on horoscope. They are particular, ambitious, persevering never discouraged although often disappointed. Successful where he is working as head, and enjoys position of responsibility but usually meets with obstacles in the attainment of his hopes and desires. He may have a good deal of self respect and selfishness. Careful, cautious and frugal.

When afflicted makes the native melancholy, morose with a sense of being ill used, not sufficiently appreciated resulting in conceit. Obstacles, delays, ups and down in life. Diseases indicated are receptive to cold, rheumatism, skin diseases, constipation or weak digestion.

11.Sun in Aquarius (Between 13th February— 12th March) Produces idealism for reforms, friendship with others, one is quite, patient, determined, and of faithful nature. Popular, social, democratic and broad minded. Such persons are refined, friendly, generous, charitable, dignifies and humanitarian. Fond of art, music and literature. Interested in educational and political affairs, strong WILL, sincere, honourable, aspiring and lover of liberty and freedom. Studious, good reasoning ability, cheerful and easily influenced by kindness.

The position is somewhat unfavourable for father, favourable for birth of son but troubles with one of them. In female horoscope unfavourable for husband and may cause troubles in married life or in love matters also slightly unfavourable for vitality and long life unless contradicted by benefic aspects etc.

When afflicted renders the native rash, confused, ecentric. In fact it is fool's number and reverse results than indicated in para I supra.

Diseases indicated are, bad circulation of blood, palpitation of heart, dropsy in legs and bad eyes.

12.Sun in Pisces (Between 13th March —12th April) Aggressive, militant and impulsive, irritable and liable to fits of anger. Kind and loving nature, amiable, sympathetic and specially to those in distress. Loves order and neatness, often timid and lacking in self confidence. Difficult to understand, may achieve leadership but a figure head, greatly influenced by circumstances. Opposition by enemies, but industrious, methodical and logical in their conclusions. He is social and good humored, sincere, religious but liable to change his religion or occupation or may have two occupation at one time.

Unfavourable for vitality and sound constitution also for father. In female horoscope not good for husband. A child is likely to die or prove unfortunate. Not good for love affairs, and causes hindrance and obstacles. There may be gain by marriage, legacy or partnership.

When afflicted, Pisceans become unsocial, easily disconcerted, inclination to drink and excessive dancing etc. Obstacles and delays in life causing ups and down and troubles in carreer.

Diseases indicated are perspiration of feet, receptive to infections typhoid fever, disturbed digestive system, intestinal diseases, consumption or neurasthenia.


When the Sun is afflicted or malefic, one should meditate, perform Surya Namaskar daily in the morning and offer fresh water to Sun in the morning to remove or neutralise or decrease the evil effects. If Sun is heavily afflicted in birth chart, Sweet water be offered to Sun.

Also donate, wheat, copper, Gur, red cloth, red flowers, red sandal wood, brown sugar, musk, saffron and brown buffalo.

Immediate relief can be obtained by throwing Gur in the running water for 41 or 43 days continuously.

One should use or wear Cat's eye or Ruby plus coral or Ruby plus Emerald or Garnet (NOT RUBY ALONE) in Gold to the weight of 3 to 5 Carats, avoiding three fourth of carat in 3rd finger of right hand on Sunday morning after performing prayers and after the ring is put in smoke of agarbati or incense.

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