Story of Vaman avatar from Vaman Puran by Astroshastra
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Vaman Puran Story

It is an incident of old time: The king of demon, Bali, took control of paradise after defeating gods. Indra and the other gods went into hiding in forests, caves, and mountains. The mother of gods, Aditi, was quite sad at the poor condition of gods. Seeing her sons in grief, she also became sorrowful. Kashyap muni was performing arduous tapasya in the forest during that time. On completion of tapa, he went to his ashram. Then, narrating the detail of the poor condition of gods, Aditi asked him to tell the solution of their well-being.

Kashyap said, "Kalyani! You pray Lord Vishnu who resides in the heart of all the living beings and removes the sorrow of devotees. He is very kind and affectionate to devotees. Their devotion never goes vain who pray and worship him with true heart. I have full faith that Shri Vishnu will certainly fulfil your wish."

Listening to Maharshi Kashyap, Aditi said, "Lord! How should I worship Parbrahm Lord Vishnu so that he could fulfil my wish at once? Tell me some method of his worship by which he could become pleased soon and remove the sorrow of my sons."

Maharshi Kashyap gave Aditi the discourse on Payovrat. Observing this vrat properly for twelve days, Aditi meditated Lord Vishnu.

Pleased with her prayer and worship, Lord Vishnu appeared in person and said, "Goddess! I am fully aware of your desire. The enemies have snatched away the glory of your sons. You wish that gods regain their affluence, fame, and paradise. Kalyani! You have prayed me with devotion and respect. Therefore pleased with your action I offer you the boon that I will place my fraction in your womb and will incarnate. This will be known as my Vaman avatar. In this incarnation of mine, I will eleminate demons and will protect gods." Thus, after offering boon to Aditi, Shri Vishnu disappeared.

Aditi became very happy with the thought that Lord Vishnu will take birth from her womb. Maharshi Kashyap had divine sight; nothing was hidden from him. He came to know by the power of his tapa that through him, Lord Vishnu will take avatar from the womb of Aditi. Then he placed his radiance in the womb of Aditi.

When Brahmaji came to know that Lord Vishnu has placed his fraction in the womb of Aditi, then he said in prayer, "the fosterer of universe, God! I bow millions of times at your feet. The keeper of the entire knowledge of Ved in your heart, God! Actually you are present in this cosmos in the form of Parbrahm. Heaven, earth, and Patal- all these three loks are placed in your navel. You are the beginning and the end of universe. You are the creator of the entire universe, people, and gods. You are the only refuge to the gods expelled from the heaven. Remove their suffering, God!"

Pleased with the prayer of Brahmaji, Lord Vishnu descended before Aditi and Kashyap muni. Lord Vishnu had four arms, which adorned conch, club, lotus, and chakra. His appearance was very attractive. Gods began praying him sounding conch, drum, and dhol. Aditi became very surprised and glad to see the supreme-purush, Lord Vishnu, born from her womb. Maharshi Kashyap began hailing Lord Vishnu.

Then, all of sudden, Lord Vishnu changed himself into Vaman Brahmchari.

Rishis were very pleased seeing lord Vaman. Then goddess Gayatri offered him the discourse of wisdom. The guru of gods, Brihaspati, did his baptism (yagyopavit), Kashyap muni did janeyu, the earth gave the hide of Krisna-deer, Brahmaji gave kamandalu, Aditi gave clothes, the moon gave stick, Saptrishis gave kush, Saraswati gave the necklace made of rudraksh, and the gods gave the umbrella. Kuber gave him a pail for begging, and Bhagwati gave him alms. Thus Lord Vaman was graced with the divine items.

The king of demons, Bali, was performing Ashwamedh yajna with the rishis from the clan of Bhrigu at that time.

After the gods completed their worship, Lord Vaman marched towards Bali's place of yajna. It seemed as if the earth was leaning under his weight. Bali's place of yajna was situated at the beautiful location of Bhrigukacch (the city of Bharauch in the present state of Gujarat).