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The most brilliant planet VENUS indicates wife, beauty, attractive personality, charming eyes, round face and sweet speech. Also denotes modesty, virtue, sincerity, fortune, fine arts like music, dance, poetry. Friendship, love, marriage, sexual relations, domestic happiness, passions, pleasures of beds, vehicles, conveyance, sports, conjugal life, good smiles and manner etc.

If afflicted, Venus indicates less beauty, amorous nature and immoral life. Rivalry, jealously, rash and violent actions, unpleasant domestic life, separation, divorce, ill reputation, down fall, litigations, disgiacc, questionable character, and loss of conveyance etc, In view of above traits, we now discuss the effects of VENUS in the twelve houses of the horoscope.

1. VENUS IN 1ST HOUSE : One will be beautiful, wealthy, learned and have good qualities. Influence of opposite sex, healthy, long life, and happiness. Good friendships and affection, artistic taste. Gain and success through love of opposite sex and friendship etc. Acquisition of money through music, dance and painting etc. A neat, clean and fashionable native. Such persons have copulation with charming persons or ladies.

Such natives are talkative, mole is found either on waist, back, stomach or on private parts. Danger from dogs and animal with horns, Steady. Good deeds, powerful, home bird and cordial. Sympathetic, affectionate and of loving nature. Artistic nature, fair, generous and refined. Admired and loved by the opposite sex. Fortunate.

If Venus is posited in Aries or Libra, one is wealthy, gets royal favour, sexy, longevity to son, handsome has redish tinge on the face. Blessed with noble wife, impressive and enjoys affluence. Position of this Venus wards off 300 evil yagas of other planets.

In own house or in Taurus, Libra causes Rajyoga.

In female chart, if Venus is in Gemini, Libra, Scorpio or Aquarius makes the native barren inspite of her charming looks, sweet and passionate.

Venus in Taurus. Gemini, Libra, Aquarius and Pisces is most fruitful and fortunate. If Venus is in Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, late marriage is indicated. Sagittarius causes late marriage after 36 years or aversion for it. This position also indicates chance for second marriage. Effective and respected. Not much lucky, and a few children. Venus in Taurus makes one debauchee, but Venus in Virgo modifies it. In Capricorn, native turns down several good offers for marriage and accepts a simple girl and lives happily. Steady in service and shy in the society. The native of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius is perverted, his wife is educated, elegant and affectionate. In Cancer, Scorpio is lucky with his wife but dearer to children. In Pisces in lagna, one marries twice or thrice. Carefree, fickle minded, partner may be extravagant. If in Gemini, Libra, Scorpio or Aquarius, one may be a professor, dramatist, novelist, singer, poet or artist.

If Venus is afflicted, troubles and disappointments in love. Lingering and afflicted health through over indulgence in pleasures. When afflicted or aspected by Mars indicates native is very sexy, strong and rash in sex acts and passionate. Strifes and discord in married life. By Saturn, delayed marriage, bickering in married life and may lead to separation and divorce. Loss through speculations. By Rahu danger through opposite sex, rash and careless with money and is stupid.

If Venus is associated, aspected by malefics or in debilitation, native is a liar, thief and bilious.

If conjoins Saturn, one will enjoy other person's wife but is distressed. Neat, clean and fashionable.

2. VENUS IN 2ND HOUSE : The native has alluring look with attractive eyes. Comely and stalwart. Passionate, sexy, fond of opposite sex and beautiful, passionate women. Learned. Blessed with wealth and conveyance. Income from many sources. Devoted lover, social, generous in friend-ship. Soft spoken, impressive in assembly. Respected by relations and friends. Appropriates other's wealth.

Gain through social affairs, knowledge and wife. Expenditure on luxuries and pleasures. Favourable aspect to Saturn are good for accumulation of wealth. To the Moon, gain through social intercourse; To Jupiter, gain through friends and influential persons, travels and foreign travels and affairs. Highly passionate, enjoy luxury and women. Afflicted Venus indicates, one will face troubles in financial matters, deceit in love and friendship. Loss through friends, relations etc. Affliction with Mars, waste impulsiveness, carelessness and extravagance. Affliction with Saturn will cause losses beyond control. Highly passionate, wealthy and enjoys women. In Masculine signs, Venus gives favourable results. If lord of second house is in 6, 8, 12 houses, the native suffers from eye troubles financial troubles, delayed marriage or may be denied.

If in Aries, Leo or Sagittarius indicates patrimony. Loss through speculation, lottery and race. This Venus of Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn grants progress through service. Loss through wife's ailments. If Venus is in Gemini, Libra or Aquarius, gain through women, and business, trouble through absence of sons.

It Venus is in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces indicates little happiness from wife, luck favours after marriage, first half of life is full of hurdles and latter full of prosperity. Aries lagna for this Venus causes strifes with wife. If Sun and Mercury are in 2nd or 3rd house, the native is successful in Astrology.

Afflicted Venus also indicates homosexual or unnatural mode of sex. Bickerings with spouse.

3. VENUS IN 3RD HOUSE : Strong liking for art, music literature, poetry and all pursuits for the uplift of mind and give pleasures. Favourable mental development, of practical insight and refined nature. Good hand writings, gain through publication and author if aspected by Jupiter from 9th house. Favour from relations and neighbours, gain through journey and successful travels. Pleasant correspondence and social acquaintances. Creative and resourceful mind, optimistic and cheerful. One may be respected. The native has weakness for comely and beautiful women, simple living but contented. One is happy, rich, fascinated by wife. Success in business. Enthusiastic, renowned and helpful to relations, loved ones and friends. Gain of wealth in 29th years (TESTED).

The native is covetous, of mature mind, wealthy and enjoys his wealth. Polite, pleasure through correspondence and social affairs. One has highly developed aesthetic sense and taste, optimistic, balanced and peaceful.

If afflicted, Venus indicates loss through relations, neighbours, loss of self control, unpleasant relations with opposite sex. Delay in publications, writings and loss through travels etc. This makes him greedy. Venus in 3rd is particularly unfavourable for marriage alliances, delay, strife, more than one marriage in different caste separation, after marriage economic crises. The native likes women older than him. Sexy during day also. Late marriage after first wife dies. Women are apprehensive of the native.

If 3rd house is exalted or in own house, gain to brothers if in unfavourble position or conjoined with malefics, brothers will fail to survive or will face troubles. In Masculine sign Venus indicates, able and attractive partner but proud, has relations with opposite sex, if in Gemini, Libra or Aquarius, deafness may attack.

If in Feminine signs, partner may be simple, and unsocial. But native is satisfied with her. If this Venus is afflicted by Mars, native adopts unnatural methods of pleasures.

4. VENUS IN 4TH HOUSE: Favourable to domestic affairs, agreeable and fortunate. Relations with parents will be cordial and happiness through them. Much home comforts. Gain by inheritance, conveyance and love for home and family. Popular in public and acquisition of house, property, finance. If favourably aspected by Sun, Moon or Jupiter indicates good fortune, success in general. Blessed with wife, children, happy, good vehicles, clothes, Jewellery and scents. If there be indications of love affairs, it may indicate keeping a co-wife. Liberal and elegant. Sincere friend and has variety of enjoyments. Venus indicates gain after marriage. First male child. Respect for elders.

If 4th lord is strong, the native gets riches and status. If conjoins a malefic, in the malefic sign, or in enemy sign and weak, one faces difficulties in property and conveyance, troubles to mother and debauchee.

In good aspect to Saturn, success in old age, benefits by pension or legacy. Affliction of luminaries, Mercury or Jupiter make the native extravagant and error in judgement. Afflicted by Mars, troubles through generosity, carelessness towards close of life. If Saturn is adverse, sudden losses, disappointments and sorrows at the close of life.

Good aspects of luminaries brings fortune, success and profitable transactions all through the life.

In Masculine, Venus gives favourable results. Ailment to mother, patrimony, loss through life of luxury and big establishments. Gain through own hard work and efforts, partner, income through various sources and service besides, Partner is comely.

In Feminine signs, the native is a miser, selfish, but helpful to that extent. Settles in life after 32 years and gains success. Partner is single.

If in Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn or Pisces, second wife is indicated. If in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, loss of family life.

Much home comforts, If love affair is indicated, one may keep a lady as his keep.

5. VENUS IN 5TH HOUSE: Wealthy, wise, dutiful children, self indulgent, gain through children, more daughters than sons. Gain through love affairs, partnerships. One is sexy, passionate and fond of opposite sex.

Idealistic love relations good marriage. Gain through speculation, investment, music composer and poet. Success through social life. Faithful friends. The native attains a position of power and authority. Learned and royal favour. Popular amongst opposite sex. One enjoys good conveyance. Honoured, respected and one has success in love affairs, lasting pleasures in life and fruitful unions. It makes one amorous.

If afflicted, native is amorous, speculative loss, injury to health and reckless. When afflicted by Mars, troubles and danger through opposite sex, through careless and rash driving. By Saturn, sorrows, disappointment through love affairs and children etc. If conjunct with malefic, bad for marital happiness.

In Masculine signs. Venus indicates more sons, one has respect for women. In Feminine signs, successful unions. If in Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, native being half educated is considered a great scholar. Easy going, troubles through extravagance and unsettled life till 36 years age. If in Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, loyal to partner, debauchee and indifferent to children. One is highly educated. He may be a writer and lecturer. Partner is educated. This position in FEMALE CHART indicates menstrual troubles, moenorrhagia or barrenness. In Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn denotes interest in science, more daughters, unattached to partner and family interest. Early sex consciousness.

6. VENUS IN 6TH HOUSE : Victory over enemies, good health, gain in employment from employer and through subordinates and servants. Care with eating and drinking. Love of pets, clothes and gain through pleasures. Good health over indulgence is fatal. Belongs to a good family, wasteful expenditure. Many occasions of grief and condemnation. Unlawful relations with opposite sex.

If afflicted, native will have afflicted health. Skin diseases. Kidney troubles. Health will improve after marriage. If combust or in debilitation, strife, an enmity is created. If Venus is associated with an enemy of malefic planet, or on Virgo or Moon conjoins 6th house lords indicates enemies and race becomes extinct. Disliked by ladies. Illicit relations with person. Unconventional physical relations.

If in Taurus or Libra or exalted indicates, great success is indicated. This Venus denotes timidity, enemy oppression, aversion from the opposite sex, greedy and weak but always cheerful.

In Masculine signs, it is fruitful. It indicates a comely, harsh but of long lovely hair partner. Fortunate for maternal uncles and aunts.

If Venus is in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, indicates debts, daughters-widow or dependent, little progress in business, no easy recognition, partner is of a poor family and few children. Famished and perversion.

In Feminine signs Venus indicates a manly but delicate native Failure in business if with own investments.

7. VENUS IN 7TH HOUSE: Love, affection and partnership are sources of success. Gain after marriage and social success. Happy domestic life. Faithful, sincere and devoted. Success in public relations, enjoyment and happiness. Wealthy and prosperous. Relations with prominent persons. Native is sexy, passionate, fond of opposite sex and expert in coition, over sexed, rich and beautiful partner.

One gets maximum pleasures, sex with beautiful women. One is quarrelsome, beautiful and handsome, amiable and fortunate. In female chart, a strong Venus indicates fortunate and wealthy partner. One is broad minded, radiant body, pleased and has various enjoyments. If with soft planet, good and lasting marriage.

If afflicted, there will be difficulties and disappointments in above matters. Family life may face bickerings, separation or divorce. Delayed marriage. Loss through litigation and partnership. Unhappy married life. Dissipated partner. Marital relations are spoiled.

If Venus-is in Aries, Gemini, or Libra indicates a manlike and comely partner. Native is intelligent, wordly-wise, sexy, patient, pleasing personality, learned, devoted to children, of Leo and Aquarius plump, sober, medium height, dutiful and intelligent, in Sagittarius, beautiful, tall, stout, not so sensual, firm, disciplined, thoughtful but not endeared by native. In Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, thin and lean, tall, oval face, gleaming eyes, long lustrous hairs, independent, extravagant, dominating but quarrelsome and selfish. If Venus here is in Taurus, Virgo of Capricorn, thick set, short, round face, short but thick hair, authoritarian and serving the sick.

Venus in Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces, Gemini and Sagittarius may deny marriage if afflicted also indicates separation or more than one marriage. If Venus is in Aries, Scorpio, Capricorn or Aquarius indicates older and different caste partner and a life lasting love affair. If in Leo, or Pisces, fortune after marriage and till the partner is alive. Stability and success after 40th years of age.

Venus in feminine signs indicates a perfect sexy woman. Both service and independent business, service is more paying but does not favour partnership. In Masculine signs, native is very sexy. It gives marriage between 21-26 or 28-32 years of age and independent business.

If Venus is in Aries, Gemini, Libra or Sagittarius, one is fond of music, singing, acting, writing, study and printing. Other signs denote business. Sensual joy, respect for women. These nativities of Feminine signs look upon women as a source of their sexual cravings. If Venus is aspected by Jupiter, evil effects are not realised.

8. VENUS IN 8TH HOUSE : Financial gain through marriage or partnership, legacy or goods and affairs of the dead. Peaceful and natural death. Avoid speculations and insecure investment. Universal love, pure affection and cordial relations be maintained. Great interest in psychic research, occultism and enjoys long life and is a landlord. Happiness and Jovial.

If afflicted sick, health deterioration, difficulties with legacies, occultism and domestic life. Blood circulation can be defective and kidneys can be damaged. Death of marriage partner, grief and disappointments in love. Unpleasant speech, delayed victory, the native is sick, quarrelsome, vagrant, idle but popular, disrupted, wicked and large eyes. Love affairs and may have a separate home for his beloved.

If Venus is in fixed signs, it indicates that native pays off his father's debt. Promotes family interest. Death in a holy place and constant troubles.

If Venus is in Aries, native dies of thirst and craving. If in Taurus, of facial sickness, if in Gemini of toothache, if in Cancer, disorders of three humors, if in Leo, of cholera, if in Virgo of wild animals, if in Libra, of snake bite, if in Scorpio, of poison, if in Sagittarius, of Spider, if in Capricorn, of poison, if in Aquarius, of excessive sex, if in Pisces, of extreme sorrows (From Chamatkar Chintamani).

If Venus is in friendly sign or conjoins it, one has happiness, discontented, the partner is well wisher, and long lived. If with the malefic short lived. If Venus is in Gemini or Scorpio, one is learned and man of character. Strife with children, troubles through wife, mismanaged business and unstability. If in Taurus, Cancer or Sagittarius, ignoble natures. Diabetes, debauchee. If in Leo, or Capricorn, strife with the son. Unfriendly to wife and children, seeking comforts from opposite sex. If in Aries or Virgo, misfortune through marriage, financial and economic crisis. If in Aquarius or Pisces, or Libra, all is well. If in Cancer, Leo or Pisces, ordinary living, addicted and links with windows or deserted women. If in Scorpio or Aquarius, addicted to drugs, afflicted Venus will cause diseases of private parts, amorous habits and unnatural relations.

If Venus is in Pisces, it is not favourable partner, of manly nature and habits, adulterous, imprisonment and loss in business.

If afflicted, unadjustable desire and frigidity for sex.

9. VENUS IN 9TH HOUSE: Sympathetic, kind, helpful, very much esteemed for religion, pleasure through travelling. Optimistic. Intelligent, will command all comforts, righteous disposition, blessed with wife, friends and children. Prosperous through royal favour. Fond of music, dance, opera etc. Social connections with learned persons. Domestic happiness, gain through relations and friends. Gainful journeys abroad. Marriage abroad, or to a foreigner or to a learned one will be favourable. It indicates also honours, success, good marriage and fortune.

One is devout, austre, offers adorations, enjoyments and sexual pleasures, blessed with wife and a son and has refined and artistic temperament. Kind and sympathetic. Gain through relatives by marriage.

If afflicted, indicate excessive demands with regard to social success. Often dissatisfaction, disappointments, and isolation or intractibility through the un-attainments of above noted results. Also denotes loss of wealth, adultery with opposite sex, unrealised dreams and disappointments. Retards marital happiness. If lords of 4th and 7th house join Venus in 9th house, indicates authoritative, very fortunate and wealthy.

If in Masculine signs, indicates more brother than sisters. In Feminine, more daughters than sons, simple but cordial partner.

If Venus is in Aries, Leo, Cancer, Scorpio, Sagittarius or Pisces in favourable to native. If in Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces, fond of gold ornaments, discovers medicines for incurable diseases. Longevity to both partners. If in Gemini, Cancer, Sagittarius or Capricorn indicates gain and fortune after marriage. Money for business through women. Everything is lost after death of partners. If it is in Virgo or Aquarius, luck through children. First daughter gives stable gain, first son gives gain first and loss in the end. If in Gemini or Scorpio it indicates deaths. If Venus is in Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius it indicates charming and comely partner, no interest in the world and children.

If in Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, one has skill in music, art, drama and fine arts. Natural in acting. One is conscious of her form, fearless, impressive and dominating. If in Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, she has a round face, fierce, selfish, and quarrelsome.

If afflicted or in Pisces, the native has unnatural relations with widows, and every sort of women including his own dear and near relations.

10. VENUS IN 10TH HOUSE : Good desire for contact with others, connections with learned and artistic persons and career will be influenced by them. Widely renowned, honours, wealth, gain, conveyances through women. Good moral social and humorous. Gain through parents and general prosperity. Happy domestic life. Professions connected with females. Loved by women.

Venus in 10th house indicates gain through mother, general prosperity. Social, popular, respected, successful with women and marries above his status. Gain from women and much sex enjoyment.

If beneficially aspected by Sun, Moon and Jupiter, native will be conferred with high distinction, honour and financial success. Favour from persons in authority. If by Mercury, it makes the native good writer, speaker, artist, of fine arts, actor, position of trust and profession requires considerable travelling or has contacts with people.

When afflicted indicates, loss and troubles. Disappointments, and unhappiness. Evil cause, hindrances and delays in progress and finances. Lack of opportunities and often occupies a low position. Affliction causes limitations.

Venus posited in Masculine signs indicates absence of progney, averse to women, desire for marriage after service or business. Troubles through wife and children or in business. 2nd marriage is also indicated particularly if in Pisces.

If it is in Feminine signs, luck after marriage. One or two sons. Wants to run his own business. If in Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius tends to science and Maths including Astrology. If afflicted unnatural relations with women causing loss of wealth, name and fame. Funs for several trades but with little success.

11. VENUS IN 11TH HOUSE : Imposing personality. Universal brotherhood and peace, learned, rich, gain, wealthy, and like a ruler. Fond of opposite sex, comforts and gain from persons in power and authority. Noble, conservation feelings. Good social contacts and nature. Gain and happiness from friends. Social success and popular. Favour from women. Reputed and good orator. Good wife and children. Religious, fond of music, God fearing. Gain through Govt; family and fortune. Games and Jewels.

Afflicted Venus indicates obstructions, jealousy and partiality. But Saturn indicates loss through friends and women, scandal, disappointments, delays in hopes and wishes. If afflicted by Mars, troubles through excessive pleasures with friends and opposite sex in indulgence.

In Masculine signs, it is favourable, more daughters than sons. In Feminine signs, not so favourable.

In Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, cider brother becomes a burden, shortage of son, both income and expenditure are much. A disciplined native, vicious and ill reputed. In Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces indicates daughter and may cause 2nd marriage.

One gets money through women and friends also from drama, dance, art, music etc. Also one has a lot of lady friends.

12. VENUS IN 12TH HOUSE : Inclined to romance and adventure. Pleasures of beds with others. Love for the mysterious and extraordinary cases which caption the mind. Secret love affairs or intrigues leading to enmity of women. Affection for other after marriage. Wealth and splendor. If in own house famous, and wealthy but should be unafflicted also one enjoys women.

Cancer, Scorpio and Capricorns are the worst signs for Venus in 12th house indicates ardent desire for physical and emotional pleasures with others, detrimental due to excess. Such ladies are society whores, and men may maintain brothels, opera houses etc. or have illicit relations with many women and men. Wasteful expenditure. Such natives are liars, selfish, unhelpful, possessing great and detrimental physical and emotional pleasures.

This native is wicked and rich if Venus is in Pisces. Ruinous to relations, lewd mind and poor. Vile, sensuous, quarrelsome, extravagant, discord with friends and seniors. A liar, unpopular amongst relatives. Infidel, unkind, debauchee and gross body.

If afflicted by Saturn causes separation, divorce or disappointments through opposite sex and native needs control and guide. By Mars, secret love affairs, disturbed married life, jealousy and blind sex desires also if afflicted by Moon. Unsullied relations with opposite sex, if Venus is posited in any other signs except Cancer, Scorpio, Aries or Capricorn.

Venus if posited in Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, the partner is quarrelsome. She is attractive and charming. If in Gemini, Libra or Aquarius. Successful in service but makes the native interested, in independent business. Mental restlessness, little financial gain. Ethical. Values affection. Incapable of giving pleasure. The native can be a successful poet, writer, painter, singer, dancer etc. Sensual and debauchee if in Feminine signs.