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Venus in 6th House

VENUS IN 6TH HOUSE : Victory over enemies, good health, gain in employment from employer and through subordinates and servants. Care with eating and drinking. Love of pets, clothes and gain through pleasures. Good health over indulgence is fatal. Belongs to a good family, wasteful expenditure. Many occasions of grief and condemnation. Unlawful relations with opposite sex.

If afflicted, native will have afflicted health. Skin diseases. Kidney troubles. Health will improve after marriage. If combust or in debilitation, strife, an enmity is created. If Venus is associated with an enemy of malefic planet, or on Virgo or Moon conjoins 6th house lords indicates enemies and race becomes extinct. Disliked by ladies. Illicit relations with person. Unconventional physical relations.

If in Taurus or Libra> or exalted indicates, great success is indicated. This Venus denotes timidity, enemy oppression, aversion from the opposite sex, greedy and weak but always cheerful.

In Masculine signs, it is fruitful. It indicates a comely, harsh but of long lovely hair partner. Fortunate for maternal uncles and aunts.

If Venus is in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, indicates debts, daughters-widow or dependent, little progress in business, no easy recognition, partner is of a poor family and few children. Famished and perversion.

In Feminine signs Venus indicates a manly but delicate native Failure in business if with own investments.