Story of King Prithu from Vishnu Puran by Astroshastra
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Story of King Prithu from Vishnu Puran

Once upon a time, a king named Ang was born in the dynasty of Dhruv, the devotee of Vishnu. He was Very religious and affectionate towards his subjects. Leaving his kingship and kingdom, he went to forest in his old age to do tapasya. When Bhrigu and other munis noticed that there was no one left to protect the earth after him, then theey crowned his son Ven. No sooner than Ven became the king, he turned outrageous in the ego of his power and affluence. He announced in his kingdom that rishi-munis should not perform any type of yajna and hawan. Those gulilty of violating the king's order were punished. All the religious activities came to a stop due to his fear.

In spite of persistent disturbance in carrying out religious activities, all the rishi-munis collectively went to King Ven and submitted to him humbly, "King! Kindly listen to us carefully. This would augment your life, power, and prestige. King! A man gets heaven and such loks if he observes dharma by mind, speech, body, and intellect and he becomes entitled for moksha (emancipation) if he observes dharma by doing work without expectations of reward. Therefore you should not become party to the idea of destroying the dharma of your subject. King! The yajna and hawan, which would take place in your kingdom, would please the deities who, in turn, will give you the desired boon. Therefore you should not allow to discontine the yajna and such rituals causing disregard to the deities."

The wicked Ven said haughtily, "Munis! You people are very foolish. Having deserted all the wisdom, you have drowned your intellect in non-religious activities. That is why you want to pray and worship some imaginary god ignoring the real God, that is I, who fosters you. The people who disregard their king, the true God, get solace neither in this lok (the world) nor in the parlok (ethereal world). Deities reside in the body of the king. Therefore you worship me alone and offer the part of yajna to me only."

The intellect of Ven had debased completely due to ego. He had become very cruel, oppressive, non-religious, and misguided; therefore he paid no heed to the prayer of rishi- munis.

Listening to his sinful words, munis said in anger, "Ven! You are very non-religious and sinful. You will destroy this universe if you survived a few more days. You are being disrespectful to the Parbrahm Lord Shri Vishnu by whose kindness you have got this kingdom of earth. Your death is justified for the benefit of the world."

Thus resolved to kill the evil Ven, they launched attack on him. Then they soon killed him and returned to their respective ashrams. Ven's mother, obsessed with affection, began to protect the dead body of her son. The terror of thieves and dacoits grew in the kingdom after the death of Ven.

One day some munigana were having discussion on the subject of religion at the bank of river Saraswati. A group of dacoits passed by the place at that time. Seeing them, the munigana began to ponder over it. Just one thought kept rising in their heart, "Lawlessness has spread in the kingdom soon after the death of Ven. Thieves and dacoits have grown in great number in the kingdom and they are robbing the poor subjects. Although rishi-munis are of peaceful nature, yet their tapa weakens in no time by ignoring the plight of poor. The dynasty of king Ang should not be destroyed because it has produced several brave and religious kings in the past. Therefore we must produce their inheritor who could protect the subject with his capability."

Then, having consulted among themselves for the inheritor of the kingdom, they churned Ven's thigh with great force wherefrom a dwarf emerged. He was dark coloured and all parts of his body were zigzag. As soon as he took birth, he accepted upon himself all the dreadful sins of King Ven. He and his descent were called 'Nishad' who lived in forests and mountains.