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White Candle Spells

Candles have been used in spiritual and religious rituals for millennia, but when used for spells, they take on particular significance depending on the color. A white candle symbolizes love, truth, purity and protection and can be used alone or as an added aspect to the spell's intention. Because it is colorless, a white candle can also be used to substitute for any other color if needed.

Setting the Intention

  • Before lighting a white candle in a spell, it is important to hold the candle in your hand and speak the intention out loud. This sets the spell and readies it to be sent out into the universe. Any rhymes or incantations are best created on one's own to give the spell more personal power.

It is very important to only set intentions for one's self and not invade someone else's personal will or it can have a negative boomerang effect.

  • Simple Love Spell
    • Write an intention of the kind of love you want, without naming anyone in particular, on a piece of tracing or tissue paper. Read your intention out loud and then light the candle. Hold the paper over the flame and let it burn, sending the wish on its way.

  • Basic Blessing Spell
    • A blessing spell can be for a specific person or place. For instance, blessing a new home or a newlywed couple is a positive gesture that surrounds the intended recipient with good will and a happy future. It is a good idea to be in the home or in the presence of the persons being blessed to ensure the energy is received.

Create a short blessing incantation ahead of time, and memorize it. With a small white candle in hand, carve a meaningful symbol into the wax with a pin or toothpick, such as a person's name or house number. Light the candle and say the incantation several times out loud, then leave the candle in place and let it burn for a while to set the intention.

  • Self Purification Spell
    • Some days are tough at work or at home and can leave one feeling disgruntled and out of sorts. A self purification spell can help you to relax and refresh your energy.

Sit quietly and close your eyes for a few minutes with a small white candle in hand, setting the intention for centering yourself. Light the candle and a stick of sage. Together the candle and the sage will work to purify the area around you and disperse any negative energy. Continue to sit quietly for 10 to 15 minutes before moving on.