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Crystal Idols and Healing Crystals

From as far back as the days of the legendary lost city of Atlantis, through the ancient Mayan and Hebrew civilizations, and including Far Eastern, Indian and Native American cultures, they have been used both in spiritual rituals and as aids to physical healing.crystal shree yantra

They are used for healing on many levels began only before what is called the New Age. When you hold it and meditate with them, place them in special areas of your home, and wear jewelry, you continue practices which are as old in humankind.

Presumably the densest of material forms, they vibrate at a very high frequency. This can be inspiring to those of us who sometimes feel stuck in our own dense bodies, and they can impart a feeling of lightness to our physical forms.

They work in a subtle way to unblock psychic and physical energy. Imagine for a moment how heavy you feel when you are depressed. Now, translate this to an energetic level by imagining how slow and dense your energy is at such times. Their vibrations raises the vibrations of other life forms in time vicinity. Thus, if you're feeling depressed and hold amber, citrine or a Herkimer diamond, the energy of these stones charges your aura and can help to lift your own vibrational frequency above the level of depression.

What is a Crystal?

It is "a three-dimensional atomic, ionic, or molecular structure consisting of periodically repeated, identically constituted, congruent unit cells" crrystal shivling
These three dimensional structures have been used and revered since the dawn of mankind. 'The Judaeo - Christian Bible refers to them over 200 times. Their Idols have been found in the ruins of Babylon, Pyramids of Ancient Egypt, tombs of Ancient Chinese Emperors and Toltec, Mayan, Aztec and Inca sites in South America. They have both piezoelectric and pyroelectric properties.

Quartz will focus any type of energy. You can see it for yourself if you hold a quartz over the palm of your end and rotate it slowly in a clockwise direction. You will see a point of light moving around your hand, under it, as it pushes the light in the room (or sunlight). It grow (literally) out of a chaotic mineral environment. They bring the environment around them into balance. This how it work in healing. They bring you/your cells to balance.

There are only two things that can go wrong with the human body. Either something external coming in from the outside such as a bacterium, virus, toxin, allergen etc., or something coming an internal change such as emotions, thought patterns, mental processes etc.
crystal lakshmi ganesh
With an external factor, for example a bacterial infection, bacterial cell infects one cell in your body. This process happens hundreds or thousands of times every day. Usually your cell recognizes the invader and destroys it and/or eliminates it from itself. Sometimes the bacterium starts to multiply and begin-, to take over the functioning of your cell. More and more bacteria is reproduced until your cell is ready to burst. Then there is a change in the electrical potential of the cell membrane and the cell bursts and releasing thousands of bacteria to infect other cells in your body. It will balance the electrical potential of your cell membrane and the cell itself. Your cell will "think" it is normal and act so. Its normal action would be to destroy and eliminate the foreign bacteria cells causing the infection. In the second instance they balance the electrical potential of cells governing your emotional and mental processes, bringing these to balance.

They cannot harm as they simply balance. That is not to say that some people do not feel energy shifts whilst working with them. Crystals are known for their power to energize and have been used as a healing cure for thousands of years.

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