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One gets good or bad results, depending on one's Prarbhd or fate, which in turn depends on our actions of past or previous lives. There is another universal belief that charity is the best virtue to overcome bad phases of life or astrologically it propitiates adverse effects of malefic planets. However charity should be given of specific items to appropriate, deserving and needy persons. All religions and saints have spoken in praise of philanthropic/ charitable activities. In succeeding paras are given what should be offered to whom for propitiation of malefic planets.

1. Sun: Sun is a Kshatriya planet and signify father, boss, Government official or priest. Sun is strong at noon. Therefore, charity should be offered at noon to a middle aged kshatriya, boss, Govt, official or priest and items offered should be -

Ruby, gold, copper, jaggery, Ghee, wheat, red cloth, red flower, musk, or saffron etc.

It rules over eyes, heart, bones, blood pressure, hemorrhage etc.
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2. Moon: It signifies mother, motherly affection, infants, nursing, water, white items etc. Things to be given in charity are

Pearl, conch, silver, curd, unboiled milk, water, rice etc.

These should be given after sunset, to a Vaish woman, nurse or infant. Moon controls over eyes, mind, chest, blood, throat, gastric problems, menses etc.

3. Mars: It signify brothers, valour, one who observe celibacy (Brahmcharya) and youth. The articles related are

Red coral, sweet bread, sweet preparations of Chana- daal (Besan) or white sesamum seeds (Til), Boondi, Batasha, red mansoor daal, saunf, red cloth etc.

Any of these be given in charity on a Tuesday noon time to a young sepoy or Brahmchari. Mars rules over blood circulation, muscular system, face, head, external sex organ, accidents, surgery etc.

4. Mercury: He is a young adolescent person. Articles to be given in charity are

Emerald; unsplit green Moong, green pumpkin, honey, Halwa, goat, green coloured clothes, books & stationary etc.

Any of these items be given to young /needy students.

5. Jupiter: It signifies teacher, priest, elders, power, wealth etc. Articles to be given in charity are

Yellow sapphire, topaz, gold, saffron, turmeric, cow, sapling of Peepal tree, sugar, yellow flowers, yellow cloth, gram etc.

Any of these may be offered to a teacher, priests or Brahmin on a Thursday morning. Jupiter rules over kidney, pancreas, flesh, arterial system, fat, ears, liver, hernia, cancer etc.

6. Venus: It signify wife, virtuous lady, fine arts, sportsman, virgins, vehicles & comforts,

Diamond, silken cloth, milk cream, sandal, curd, scents, perfumes, cow- fodder, Jwar, camphor etc.

Any of these things may be given in charity to a needy young girl /woman on a Friday evening. The planet rules over ovaries, kidney, eyesight, breast, generative system, cheeks, and all glands.

7. Saturn:- It is a secretive, restrictive and separative planet which causes delay but does not deny. It signifies old, infirm, invalid person/ labourer. It controls over teeth, feet, knees, bones, ribs, excretive system and may cause chronic diseases.

Blue sapphire, iron, steel, leather, stones, cow, buffalo, unsplit Urd, oven for cooking, tongs, mustard oil, wine, umbrella, black sesamum seeds, black blanket, and used/ old clothes

Any of these may be given to a poor old/ invalid person on a Saturday evening.

8. Rahu: It signifies grandparents, foreigners, Muslims, out-caste, thieves, serpents, and Tantrics etc.

Items like Gomed, coconut, coal, reddish, sesamum oil, mica, black blanket, old/ counterfeit currency etc.,

may be given to a foreigner; Muslim, leper or to a Brahmin politician on a Saturday.

9. Ketu :- It signifies maternal grand-parents, backward caste (O.B.C.), Sikhs, deep forests, secluded hills, mist etc.

Items like reddish, brown cow, black dog, parrot, black & white blanket, Satnaja (7 type of grain), sugar, lead, or goat,

may be given in charity to an out-caste/ low bred person on a Sunday/Tuesday morning .

Daan/Doantions services by Astroshastra is an effort for all who can not perform daan by themselves or are staying at the place or country, where they can not donate articles related to planets.

Astroshastra would donate on your behalf for specified days as you order i.e. 11 days, 21 days, 31days or 41days the planetary articles , which appease the planet.