The concept of Daan, or giving in astrology, has deep roots in ancient traditions. It is believed that offering Daan to specific planets can help alleviate their negative influences and bring positive energy into our lives. Planetary Daan Service is a practice that focuses on performing specific acts of charity or giving to appease and balance the energies of different celestial bodies.

Each planet is associated with certain qualities and influences in astrology. By offering Daan for planets such as the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu, individuals seek to harmonize these planetary energies and enhance their overall well-being.

Planetary Daan Service offers a structured approach to understanding the significance of each planet and its impact on our lives. By engaging in this practice, individuals can gain insights into their birth charts and identify areas where specific planetary Daans may be beneficial.

Whether it's donating food items on Sundays for the Sun or contributing to educational causes for Mercury's influence, each act of Daan holds its own significance. The purpose is not just about material offerings but also about cultivating a sense of gratitude and compassion towards the universe.

By embracing the power of planetary Daan through dedicated services and rituals, individuals can tap into the transformative potential of astrology. It allows us to align ourselves with cosmic energies while fostering personal growth and spiritual development.

Planetary Daan Service provides a unique opportunity for individuals to connect with celestial forces through acts of charity or giving. By understanding the role of each planet in astrology and engaging in appropriate daans for specific planets like Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Rahu Ketu , we can strive towards achieving harmony within ourselves and creating positive transformations in our lives.

A horoscope is composed by two group of planets and they are Benefic planets & Malefic planets. Benefic planets give good & auspicious results in one�s life while the Malefic planets give malefic results full of panic & sorrows .

In Vedic astrology, gems also called Navratnas are recommended for benefic planets because gems increase the influence of their concerning planets on its wearer body. whereas Planetary Daan is recommended to pacify the Malefic Planets daan itemsbecause donating articles related to particular planet pacify the ill Planets reducing panic or sorrow.

You can consult Astroshastra Expert , to know about the position and nature of planets in your kundali and know which Daan , you shall perform.

If any particular planet in the horoscope or kundali is Malefic or placed inauspiciously or situated in wrong place or producing negative and harsh effects. If position of planet is feeble, ill omen and painful then Daan or Donation for that particular planet is helpful in solving or relieving from the malefic effects of that Planet.

Daan/Doantions services by Astroshastra is an effort for all who can not perform daan by themselves or are staying at the place or country, where they can not donate articles related to planets.

Astroshastra would donate on your behalf for specified days as you order i.e. 11 days, 21 days, 31days or 41days the planetary articles , which appease the planet.

Daan for Planet Sun Daan for Planet Moon Daan for Planet Mars
1. Wheat 300 gm 1. Rice 300 gm 1. Malka Masoor Dal 300 gm
2. Gud /Jaggery 300 gm 2. Gud /Jaggery 300 gm 2. Gud /Jaggery 300 gm

Daan for Planet Mercury Daan for Planet Jupiter Daan for Planet Venus
1. Green Moong Dal 300 gm 1. Chana Dal 300 gm 1. Curd 300 gm
2. Gud /Jaggery 300 gm 2. Gud /Jaggery 300 gm 2. Gud /Jaggery 300 gm

Daan for Planet Saturn Daan for Planet Rahu Daan for Planet Ketu
1. Black Dal 300 gm 1. Black Seasme Seeds 300 gm 1. White Seasme Seeds 300 gm
2. Gud /Jaggery 300 gm 2. Gud /Jaggery 300 gm 2. Gud /Jaggery 300 gm

Donate For 11 days - Rs. 1100
Donate For 21 days - Rs. 2100
Donate For 31 days - Rs. 3100
Donate For 41 days - Rs. 4100

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P.S. - Kindly Mention the Name of Daan Option selected or Paid for in Product coloum space on next page. On Payment confirmation , our team would send you the dates for Daan scheduled for you.

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