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18. 02. 2019
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Gomed Gemstone / Hessonite Birthstone

Hessonite Garnet or Gomed birthstone pacifies Rahu, the ascending node of the moon. It's natural significations include worldly desires, worldly benefits, laziness, gratification, and ignorance. It is by nature Gomed pendantunpredictable and creates sudden changes and influences, rigidity and passion. It is similar to Sani or Saturn in its nature and influence. Traditionally, rahu is known as the "head of the dragon".

In Sanskrit, it is known as Gomedak, Rahuratna. In English it is also called as Cinnamon stone. In Arabic, it is called Hazar Yamani. It is Grossular garnet as per gemology and is found in various colours but they are known to derive their name from their first specimen found.

Who should wear:

1. It suits persons who are in job of gains of windfall nature.
2. It should be worn by those who are suffering from childlessness due to 'sarp shaap in the birth chart.
3. Those having Stomach ailments and kidney problems get also minimized. It may be worn with 'daahine firang (upratna or semiprecious stone).
4. Those who are suffering from Kaalsarp Yoga or Sarp Yoga . However, placement of Rahu should not be in 8th and 12th.
5. It gives best result if Rahu joins the 3rd, 10th, 11th and 9th house.

Compatibility: It shall not be worn with coral, ruby and pearl but can be worn with blue sapphire, cat's eye and emerald.
Gomed kada

How to wear: It should be worn in middle finger of either hand. It can be used along with a red Coral.
It should be worn on Wednesday or Saturday.
If Rahu is placed in the sign of Jupiter, Mars or Sun, it should be worn in gold otherwise in silver ring.

Chemical Composition

The chemical composition is Calcium Aluminium Silicate. The chemical formula is Ca3AI2(Si04)3 It has hardness of 7.25, Specific Gravity of 3.65, Refractive index of 1.73-1.75 and Cubic crystal structure.

This had orange brown colour and this colour is due to manganese and Iron inclusions.

The best one is found in Sri Lanka in metamorphous rocks or gem gravels. In Madagascar, it is generally called as Cinnamon stone. It is also found in Brazil, Canada and Siberia as well as in Maine (California) & New Hampshire in USA.

Benefits of Hessonite Gemstone

Astrological Benefits

1. It promotes unity in the family, health, wealth and general happiness.
2. It gives Recognition for work and stability in career.
3. It is very helpful in getting happiness from children.
4. It improves stamina and security and assures a healthy, long life.
5. It has also been known to improve vision and ward off the evil eye.
6. It is used to counter the ill effect of Rahu which causes students to be disinterested in studies
7. It cures hypersenstivity, sickness or a restless mind.
8. It helps the wearer with regard to professional development.
9. It aids in improvement of finance, health and happiness and it deters enemies from hatching plots against the wearer.
10. It is highly recommended for those involved in active politics .
11. Those having Rahu in their tenth house in the horoscope shall definately wear it.
12. It bestow financial prosperity and leads to gradual accumulation of wealth.
13. Those who are undergoing the mahdasa of Rahu must wear it.

Medical Benefits
1. It cures excess of wind and increases appetite and promises vitality.
2. It confers health, wealth, happiness and all round prosperity in life.
3. Combined use of gomed and red coral cures nervous disorders, brain troubles.
4. It is very helpful in digestive complaints.
5. It prevents wearer from accidents, snake's bite, insanity, animal bite etc.
6. It is good for those suffering from allergies, skin disorder, piles, epilepsy, infection of eyes, cold, sinus infection, fatigue, insomnia, BP.


Semi Precious Substitute: Semi precious substitute is Zircon and Amber.

If you require the gem set in ring or pendant, you can select the size of the stone of your choice from different categories available and add it to your cart , where you will get the option of getting it set in Silver or Gold ring /pendant.

Orgin - Indian
Size Available 3 - 10 Caret
Price per Caret
Category - Dark ColouredCategory - Light Coloured
90   1.48
125   2.05
Origin : Ceylon
Size Available 3 - 10 Caret
Price per Caret
Category - ACategory - BCategory - C
1200   19.67
800   13.11
500   8.20


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Loose Gems Stone

INR:6450 USD:105.74
(6.45 Caret Approx.)

INR:5700 USD:93.44
(5.70 Caret Approx.)

INR:6700 USD:109.84
(6.70 Caret Approx.)

INR:5800 USD:95.08
(5.80 Caret Approx.)

INR:1300 USD:21.31

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