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South Sea Pearl Gemstone

Pearl Gemstone is a sea gem and is opaque. It is found in several kinds of shellfish but mostly in mother of oyster. They are formed as a natural defence against an irritant, such as a piece of grit. Layers of aragonite called nacre are secreted around the irritant and then it gradually builds up to form it. They vary in colour from white, white with a hint of pink, brown and even black. This depends upon the type of water and other ambient factors. It is a feminine gem. It gives modesty, chastity, grace, it is also very useful for uterine disorders. The Sun during transit when comes and stays in Swati constellation (Libra), then it is formed in oyster.
Chemical composition
- Calcium carbonate with conchiolin and water.
Specific gravity - 2.71
Refractive index - 1.53-1.68
Hardness - 3.

In Sanskrit, It is known by several names such as Mukta, Shashiratna etc. In Urdu it is known as Mukharid.

SouthSea Pearl is a quite, gentle shine and softness. They comes in White, Black and with Tinges of Yellow, Blue, Salmon Pink, Red, Brown and Green. It is considered flawed if it has cracks on the skin, a joint appearance, has mud or other material inside. It represents the queen in Jyotish, often called the "queen of the sea".

It represent Planet Moon, which is the mother of all human beings on earth. A mother naturally protects her child in every respect. It the life saver and life-giver. The Moon governs the first seven years of a man’s life. If your ‘child wears it, he will be free from all diseases.

Benefits of wearing pearl

1. It bestows happiness, loyalty and good health to the wearer.

2. It also gives emotional stability, controls anger, calms the mind and provides happiness.

3. For women, it is supposed to add lustre to the face and regulate the menstrual cycle.

4. It has cooling and calming effects.

5. It increases healing, vitality, fertility, longevity, digestive power of the body.

6. It Strengthen planet Moon in horoscope.

7. Due to malefic moon, who suffer from instability, life becomes full of struggles and circumstances are unfavorable, person should wear it.

Who should wear Pearl ?

a) It may give immense benefit to the persons involved in navigation, marine time trade, irrigation, waterways, flood control, export-import, trade in salt, cold drinks, retail shops, dairy, food grains, glass industry, juicy fruits, hotels, restaurants, milk trade and trades where traveling is involved.

b) It gives best results to the persons born in Libra, Scorpio, Pisces, Aries ascendants if Moon is placed in triangle or angle and forms a relationship between quadrant and angle.

c) It is suitable and gainful for those, where it is lord of 1, 4, 5 or 9th house and is well placed i.e. waxing and free from affliction or when as lord of auspicious house, but not well placed or is afflicted.

d) It can be worn during Dasha- Antardasha of Moon to give good results.

e) Native suffering from ailments of heart, anaemia, insomnia, insanity, asthma, hypertension, and menstrual disorder should also wear it.

f) It is very good for ladies to bring mental peace, coolness and happiness in life.

How to wear Moti ?

pearl It should be of 4 to 6 carats and with out flaws. It should be set in silver ring or pendent and first worn on Monday 1st hora after sunrise or during Moon's hora on Thursday (6, 13 or 19th hora) while Moon is waxing preferably near full in Taurus or Cancer or Pisces after due energizing in ring finger of either hand.

It must be worn in the small finger on Monday morning and in Rohini, Hasta on Shraavan nakshatra in silver ring.

The consecration is done during the moments of Pushya constellation, Sompushya or during the amritsiddhi yoga on a Monday.

Semi Precious Substitute :

The semi precious substitute is Moon Stone and Opal.

Importance in Astrology

It harmonizes Chandra, the moon which directly influences emotions, mind, affluence, and public. Wearing it can bring harmony and stability to these influences. Moon influences the seasonal, monthly and daily cycles and rhythms in the physiology and our emotions. It, occupies a central role in the solar system and in our physiology.

It represents the Moon, which is considered the nurturer of the zodiac: It also gives emotional stability, controls anger, calms the mind and provides domestic happiness. For women, it is supposed to add lustre to the face and regulate the menstrual cycle. All auspicious motis are believed to ensure heirs, wealth and fame also.

It is worn by the ladies around neck, it preserve their chastity. Its influence over heart, blood and mind is considerable, It increases the self confidence of the wearer and enhances his/her mental faculties, promotes and build cordial working atmosphere around him/her.

The Moon is exalted in Taurus. If fitted into a silver ring during the time when the Moon will be in Taurus during gochara movement, it can then capture and tap the magical powers of the Moon most effectively. If you wear it, fitted in silver when the Moon is well aspected by Jupiter (the planet of success), you will be pleasant, cheerful and honoured by others; you will be able to make journeys safer, your wealth will also increase and your health will be good.
Origin - Natural South Sea
Size Available 3 - 10 Caret
Price per Caret
Category - ACategory - B
900   10.89
600   7.26




Wearing of Pearl for Sunsigns as per Indian Astrology


For Aries ascendant Moon becomes the lord of 4th house which is a Kendra house and Moon is a friend of Ascendant lord Mars as well. Since 4th house represents property, mother, family happiness and vehicles, hence, wearing it will help the native in these matters. This can prove extremely beneficial in Moon mahadasa. It gives lot of mental peace and stability. If Red coral is worn along with it, then it will prove very beneficial to these natives.


For Taurus native Moon is the lord of 3rd house, these natives should never wear it, as it will have adverse effect in general.


For Gemini native, Moon is the lord of 2nd house. The native can wear it in Moon mahadasa, but it has to be carefully assessed. Moon is lord of a Marak place here and it can give troubles also. If Moon is in 2nd, 9th, 10th or 11th house here, then only it can be worn in its Mahadasa.


For Cancer natives, Moon is the lord of ascendant. These natives can wear it for life. This will protect their health and increases the longevity. These natives will have protection for funds also if it is worn. It will also enhance the personality and outlook of such natives and stability of thoughts is also achieved.


Moon here is lord of 12th house and it is a Dusthana. These natives should not wear it. Only if Moon is in 12th house, then during Moon dasa, It can be beneficial, as it will enhance the own house placement in the horoscope.


Here for such natives, Moon is lord of 11th house of gains. If it is worn during the Dasa of Moon, it gives very good material gains and desires start getting fulfilled also. Here it also helps in begetting progeny and fame also.


For Libra native, Moon is the lord of 10th house of profession. Though the Lagna lord Venus and Moon are not friends, yet wearing it will benefit the native in getting help from superior authorities, name and fame and status. The progress in career is triggered and if the Moon dasa operates, then extreme beneficial results are achieved.


For Scorpio natives, Moon is the lord of 9th house which is a Trikona house. Moon can be yogakaraka for such natives. Moon and lagna lord Mars are friends as well. Wearing it will give the native very good opportunities to get progress in material as well as spiritual life. Here it will help the native's father as well.


In this case Moon is lord of 8th house of death. These natives should never wear it.


For these natives, Moon is lord of 7th house which is a Marak house. Moon is enemy of Saturn also which is lagna lord. These natives should not wear it at all.


Here Moon is lord of 6th house. Moon is enemy of lagna lord Saturn as well. These natives should never wear it .


Moon in this case is lord of the 5th house which is a Trikona house as well. if worn by such natives can give progeny to the native. It helps the person get higher education and name fame as well. Happiness from children is also available for such natives. It helps the material gains as well especially during the Dasa of Moon.

Diseases Cured by Pearl

It being cold, releases cold waves of orange colour which are capable of curing diseases arising out of heat and hot rays i.e. diseases like heart stroke, Sun stroke, Blood Pressure, headache, eye trouble, conjunctivitis, boils, carbuncles and abscess etc.

It is known to decrease the effects of hepatitis, gallstones, bleeding, acidity, irritability, anxiety, malignant cancer, bloating and pain.

It helps balance body fluids, female reproductive system, functioning of pancreas, liver and kidneys.

Moon's influence is represented by the hypothalamus in our physiology which controls our behavior, our emotions, our hormonal and reproductive cycles and our body temperature.

When the planet moon is malefic, a person can suffer from loss of semen through urine, rheumatic and mental diseases.

Loose Gems Stone

INR:5999 USD:72.57
Silver Pearl Ring

INR:2100 USD:25.40
Fresh Water Pearl(10.30ct.)

INR:1800 USD:21.77
Fresh Water Pearl (9.00ct.)

INR:1625 USD:19.66

INR:3600 USD:43.55
(6.00 Caret Approx.)

INR:11940 USD:144.43

INR:3750 USD:45.36
(6.25 Caret Approx.)

INR:4725 USD:57.15

INR:3150 USD:38.10
(5.25 Caret Approx.)

INR:2500 USD:30.24
Fresh Water Pearl (12.15ct.)

INR:5085 USD:61.51
(5.65 Caret Approx.)

INR:2100 USD:25.40
Pearl Brasslate

INR:1399 USD:16.92
Fresh Water Pearl Pendant 4 Ct. Approx)

INR:3210 USD:38.83
(5.35 Caret Approx.)

INR:900 USD:10.89
Fresh Water Pearl(4.50ct.)

INR:2550 USD:30.85
(4.25 Caret Approx.)

INR:3950 USD:47.78
South Sea Pearl Ring

INR:1100 USD:13.31
Pearl Ring

INR:7600 USD:91.93
(6 Carat) With Yantra

INR:3000 USD:36.29
(5.00 Caret Approx.)

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