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Gemstore with exclusive natural Gem Stones. Astroshastra provides untreated, unheated natural stones for Astrological Purpose or ornamental purpose. They are mounted on silver/gold rings and silver/ gold Pendants, made as per requirement is our speciality. Astroshastra is committed to provide best to its customers at reasonable price. We present some of the exclusive natural, certified loose stones at very attractive price.
yellow sapphire
Gems or Ratnas or Manees are beautiful stones with a large variety of colours and high density. Their luster, transparency, rarity and stability have attracted people since time immemorial. Some of these are precious, while others are not so precious but rare all the same. They are found in different parts of the world. Among them, some are transparent, some translucent, while few are even opaque.

Gemstones and Planets

The energies of Planets affects us whether its positive or negative, which depends on the placement of planets in the Horoscope. They are worn to enhance the energy of the benefic planet in horoscope. Energies present in the stone enters our body and rectifies the shortage of energy of planet.

Planets controls the seven systems of our body , which are Chyle, blood, Flesh, fat , bone, marrow and semen and the seven planets have lordship over seven elements respectively are Satuen, Moon, Mercury. Jupiter, Sun, Mars and Venus. Accordingly Planetary stones have curative effects on the diseases caused by these planets. The earlier mention for astrological remedies was found in Rishi Parashar's "Brihat Parashar Hora Shastra", Varah Mihir's "Brihat Samhita", in Bible, in Greek Literature and in other advanced cultures as well. Today all over the world people wear them for any of the following reasons-

(a) To exhibit their prosperity.
(b) For astrological remedies.
(c) For sheer liking .

In Garud Puran , chap. 68 : verse 17 stated by Sri Suta Goswami

"Pure , flawless ratna have auspicious powers which can protect one from demons, snakes, poisons, diseases, sinful reactions and other dangers, while flawed stones have opposite affects ."

In Agni Puran , Chap. 246, Shloka 7 & 8

" A stone free from all impurities & radiating its characterstics internal luster should be looked upon as an escort of Good Luck ."
"A stone which is cracked , fissured , devoid of Luster or appearing rough or sandy, should not be used at all."

We have large varieties like Ruby which provide good fortune to the wearer. Pearl should be weared by person who is suffering from struggles, Red Coral which is helpful to us in providing energy and strength.

The ancient Ayurvedic researchers studied healing properties and found that they created different effects on the human body. They are basically perennial source of concentrated and purest form of particular colour. The studies and experiments of our seers paved the ground on which use of precious and semi precious for Ayurvedic medicine as well as astrological remedies to ward off evil planetary influences are based. All stone carry the energy of planetary power of nature and the blessing of super souls of sages and seers.

The human body is composed of different group of cells. In turn each cell is composed of cosmic rays. yellow sapphireTo remain in healthy condition, the rays with in cells should be in a state of equilibrium. Harmony may be disturbed either by the outward or inward action of a person manifesting into a disease. Cells and tissues can be gradually strengthened with colour therapy in the form of wearing it. These radiate cosmic rays or absorb them as per their nature due to cohesion under tremendous temperature and pressure with in the earth's stratum. Hence the frequency of cosmic rays corresponds mathematically every time with the affected group of cells.

Once the diagnosis has been made for a particular disease, the therapy is usually administrated through Ayurvedic medicine or by wearing it in the form of rings, amulets or pendants. The influence they exert on a native depends on the different colours emanated or absorbed by it. Like wise each planet rules over or is related to a some stone. The colours of the planet in the form of rays are reflected on the human body through the stone and create an effect by absorption or reflection. It acts as fine filter and produces good or evil effect. If planets are sending unharmonious vibrations, it protect the native by absorbing the same.

How do gems cure diseases?

Our body is composed of seven primary colours of the solar spectrum : violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. These are called primary colours and other hues and shades are made by mixing one or two primary colours. When there is deficiency or absence of any one of these primary colors in our body, we are attacked with the disease caused by that deficiency. Suppose red rays are absent, diseases like anemia, fevers, inflammation, physical debility, weakness, loss of vitality, etc. invade our body.

These diseases can be cured by injecting red rays into our body by wearing them. The red planets are the Sun and Mars. Their favourite are ruby and red coral. When these come in contact with our body, they inject red rays into our body whereby deficiency is restored and we then become free from such diseases.

Again when there is an excess of red rays in our body, they produce many diseases like boils, tumours, conjunctivitis, sunstroke, insanity, insomnia, headache, carbuncles. These diseases can be quickly cured by injecting cold rays into our body by wearing cold stones. The best cold stones are moonstone, yellow sapphire, white pearl and emerald. The cold planets are Mercury, Moon, and Saturn.

Therefore, a state of equilibrium of rays, is required to be maintained in our body in order to keep it healthy and free from any diseases. There should not be any excess of hot or cold rays. Any excess or deficiency would result in appearance of diseases.

Each one has an abundant source of one specific ray. This source is not exhausted even after constant use of several years. That is why they are considered most valuable healing agents. They have wonderful healing powers. The most useful are red coral, white pearl, moonstone, emerald and yellow sapphire. Some are very dangerous and highly powerful. The most dangerous are the ruby, cats eye and blue sapphire. Remember, these three are highly dangerous. Constant use of cats eye in more than 4 rattis may bring disastrous results and blood may ooze out from the veins, eyes, ears and nose if used during the summer months. Remember this point always. Similar is the case with blue sapphire.

It is extremely cold. In no case should its weight exceed 4 rattis. Ruby, catís eye and blue sapphire should not be used without proper advice from an expert astrologer. yellow sapphire Emerald helps to lift depression and insomnia and promotes knowledge of the heart resulting in peaceful dreams. Yellow Sapphire signifies knowledge, wisdom, virtue, fortune, justice, education, future, religion, philosophy, devotion, children, distant travel, spirituality, truthfulness, prosperity and charity. Blue sapphire also protects the wearers against risks of accidents and against the dangers of fire, strom and natural calamites. Gomed help to prevent from Black Magic and Sprits. It is used to counter the ill effect of Rahu. Wearing Cats Eye removes physical weakness. Mental worries are removed.

Planets & Their Gems

Sun White Pearl, Ruby, Rosser Reeves Ruby, Star - Cabochon, Cats Eye
Moon Pearl, Blue Sapphire
Mars Red Coral
Mercury Emerald Green(Panna), Blue Lapiz Lazuli
Jupiter Topaz, Yellow Sapphire
Venus Diamond, White Pearl
Saturn Neelam, Blue Lapiz Lazuli
Rahu Gomeda Yellow, Hassoxite
Ketu/Neptune Cats Eye
Pluto Cats Eye

Rashi and Their Gems

Aries White Pearl, Ruby, Rosser Reeves Ruby, Star - Cabochon, Cat's Eye
Taurus Diamond, White Pearl
Gemini Red Coral
Cancer Emerald Green (Panna), Blue Lapiz Lazuli
Leo Diamond, White Pearl
Virgo Pearl, Blue Sapphire
Libra Topaz, Yellow Sapphire
Scorpio Emerald Green (Panna), Blue Lapiz Lazuli
Sagittarius Neelam, Blue Lapiz Lazuli
Capricorn Pearl, Blue Sapphire
Aquarious Topaz, Yellow Sapphire
Pisces Emerald Green (Panna), Blue Lapiz Lazuli

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