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Alphalpha Herb

alpha alpha Alfalfa is also known as Lucerne, the herb is added to spells and charms in its dried form, rather than being infused or burned as an incense. Alfalfa is used for health, prosperity, and good fortune.

Uses of Alpha Alpha Leaves

1. Alfalfa is used for health, prosperity, and good fortune.

2. It is also used as a money-magnet herb, and protection for existing assets.

3. It is assign for planet Jupiter.

4. It brings Good Luck.

Spells with Herb Alphalpha

1. Gamblers shall carry a sachet of Alfalfa in their pocket for good luck at the gaming table. This herb also inspire others to be generous to you.

2. Sprinkle Alfalfa around the base of a green candle for a money-drawing spell.

3. Put a jar of dried Alfalfa in the kitchen pantry to ensure your household will always have enough to eat.

4. Add Alfalfa leaf to money spells of any kind (mojo bags, candles, and spell bottles, for instance).

5. It is appropriate for all positive financial goals—securing a bank loan, winning prize money, or growing a business.

6. A pinch of Alfalfa in your wallet is supposed to help you hang onto your last Rupee.

alfa leaves
alfa alfa leaves
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