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Euphorbiaceae (Jamgliamli)

Also known as

Latin : Phyllanthus neruri
English : Euphorbiaceae
Sanskrit : Tamalaki,Bhumyamlaki
Hindi : Jamgliamli
Marathi : Bhuianwla
Tamil : Kilanelli
Telugu : Nelausiriki
Malayalam : Kilarnelli
Kannada : Kirunelli
How it looks—It is a branching annual glabrous herb with slender spreading branchlets. The leaves are numerous with a rounded base. The flowers are yellowish, greenish or whitish in colour. Fruits are rounded smooth capsules with trigonous seeds.

What we use—Whole plant

What it does—It is sweet, diuretic, febrifuge, astringent and antiseptic.

How we use it

In jaundice—In all liver disorders, take a concentrated decoction of the leaves of Bhoomlaki every morning for six days. It is highly hepatoprotective.

Once jaundice is cured, fry the berries of makoi (manthakkali in Tamil & Malayalam) in ghee and mix this with rice and eat at the beginning of every meal to improve digestion and general resistance.

In fevers—An infusion of the leaves every morning brings down temperature especially in intermittent fevers, being cooling, and febrifuge.

In diarrhoea and dysentery—Mix the paste of the leaves with some fenugreek seeds and curds and swallow this mixture to arrest loose motions immediately.

In scabies—Being antiseptic, an application of pasted Bhooamlaki leaves on infected skin and on wounds effects quick healing.

In urinary infections—In any disorders of the urinary system, Bhooamlaki is helpful in the form of a cooled decoction, twice a day, owing to its coolant and diuretic properties.

In thirst and burning sensation—Apply a cool paste of the leaves on hands and feet to soothe burning sensation and drink an infusion of the leaves to mitigate long-standing thirst.

In burning sensation in the eyes or any other eye disorder a few drops of the juice of the leaves are instilled in the eyes. Again, its antiseptic property comes into play to effect a quick cure.

In white discharge and menstrual disorders—Grind the seeds of Bhooamlaki in rice wash and drink every day for a few weeks to get rid of the above afflictions.

In hiccough and breathlessness—Paste the roots of Bhooamlaki in water and some saunph seeds in it before drinking.

In diabetes—When blood sugar has shot up, take a fistful of Bhooamlaki leaves with a tsp of black pepper powder everyday for a week.