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Garlic (Lahsun)

Also known as

Latin : Allium cepa
English : Garlic
Sanskrit : Lasunah, Rasonah
Hindi : Lahsun
Marathi : Lasuna
Tamil : Vellaipuntu
Telugu : Velluli, Tellagadda
Malayalam : Velluli
Kannada : Bellili
The very word "lashuna" in sanskrit means "that which devours diseases of the heart"

How it looks—It is a perennial herb with simple long, flat leaves, small white flowers and white bulb-like rhizomes.

What we use—Bulbs.

What it does—It is stimulant, anticholesterol, antibacterial, aphrodisiac, analgesic, anthelmintic, diuretic, emmenagogue and antifungal.

How we use it

In seasonal fevers—Mix a few cloves of garlic with some til oil or ghee and take it before a warm nutritious meal to bring down fever of any type.

In epileptic fits—The usage of the same preparation of garlic cloves with oil should be taken daily in cases of epilepsy.

In infected wounds—Make a fine paste of garlic cloves and apply on wounds to rid them of worms. Roll the paste into a ball and leave it on the wound.

In earaches—Instill a few drops of the juice of garlic cloves in the aching ear, or crush a few cloves of garlic in some til oil and instill the same into the ear.

In joint pains, high cholesterol and heart disease—Boil a few crushed cloves in a glass of milk and four glasses of water and reduce it to a glass. Take this preparation every day for about 40 days and feel the difference.

In asthma and respiratory allergies—Take some ginger tea with some garlic cloves in it, twice a day to reduce susceptibility to allergies and clear airways.

In eczema—Store garlic cloves which have been dried in shade for a long time. For weeping lesions, boil some of these in some coconut oil until the cloves turn black. Squeeze out these charred cloves into the oil and apply. You can see the skin turn healthy within a few weeks.

In sprains—Paste some garlic and turmeric in quicklime and apply over the swelling to reduce pain and inflammation.

In joint pain—Crush some garlic cloves in green gram soup and take daily for relief from pain and stiffness. In cold regions, garlic cloves crushed in mustard oil acts as a warming and stimulating application.

To increase breastmilk secretion—Garlic is usually included in considerable quantities in a newly delivered mother's diet for its lactogenic effect amongst other properties. However, if the child develops diarrhoea or any other complication, its use should be discontinued.

To revive consciousness: Squeezing a few drops of garlic juice into a fainted person's nostrils usually restores consciousness.

In abdominal distension—Garlic soup is the best recommended medicine to relieve a gas—distended abdomen. Crush a few garlic cloves in some Bengal gram water to make the soup. Cumin, pepper and coriander seeds may be added for potency.

Modern Studies

1. Raw garlic juice and the extract of garlic have shown anti-stress effects in experimental studies.

2. A 42-year old female patient suffering from candidiasis (fungal infection in vagina) was completely cured by daily administration of 4-5 garlic cloves for 4 months.

3. Raw garlic paste mixed in cow butter as an oral administration was clinically proven to be an effective remedy in Bell's palsy or facial palsy.

4. Daily intake of raw garlic prevents rise of blood cholesterol levels.

5. In a clinical study consisting of 114 human patients with clear cut hypertension and Atherosclerosis, it was observed that an overwhelming majority of patients responded favourably to the garlic therapy.

6. In experiments on animals and human workers exposed to chronic lead intoxication, garlic has been found to be an efficacious preventive as well as curative drug.

7. In cancer, it is found to be effective. Transplanted tumours of Jensen sarcoma in rats regressed, and in some cases, completely disappeared after the injection of 1-3 mg of 'Allicin', an active fraction of garlic was given directly into the tumour. However, all types of tumours do not respond equally well.

8. Decreases incidence of thrombus formation.

9. It is found to be anti-amoebic and its action is equivalent to that of Metronidezole.

10. Activates prostatic function and increases sexual ability.