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14. 07. 2024
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Lord Hanuman

Hanuman, also called Maruti, combination of strength, wisdom and service. He is represented in two postures. When in the hanuman company of Sri Rama(Avatar of Vishnu), Sita(Avatar of Goddess Lakshmi)and Laksmana, he is shown sitting humbly at a distance, or devotedly at the feet of Sri Rama. In shrines specially erected for him, he strikes a heroic pose, usually with a mace in his left hand and the Sanjivini mountain in his right hand.

He is the avatar of Lord Shiva. He symbolizes the qualities of an ideal devotee of God, which can be represented by the letters of his name, as follows

H = Humility and hopefulness
A = Admiration
N = Nobility
U = Understanding
M = Mastery over ego
A = Achievements
N = Nishkama-karma

The worship of Hanuman, symbolizes the worship of the Supreme Lord, for acquiring knowledge, physical and mental strength, truthfulness, sincerity, selflessness, humility, loyalty, and profound devotion to the Lord. He is also the protector , those having fear of black magic, bhoot pret, ghost etc. shall pray to him for protection.

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Hanuman(2) Hanuman(1) Crystal Lord Hanu
INR:3998   USD:48.36
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Crystal Lord Hanuman (50 gm.)
INR:3372   USD:40.79
brass hanuman parad hanuman parad hanuman
Brass Hanuman
INR:499   USD:6.04
Panch Mukhi Hanuman Standing (100 gm. approx)
INR:1500   USD:18.14
Parad Hanuman (150 gm. Approx)
INR:2100   USD:25.40

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