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18. 02. 2019
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Jupiter and effect of the Jupiter in twelve houses as per Lal Kitab

Exalted - 4th house

Debilitated - 10th house

Significator House - 9th house

Auspicious House - 1,5,8,9,12

Inauspicious House - 6,7,10

Colour - Yellow

Friend - Sun, Mars, Moon

Enemy - Venus, Mercury

Day - Thursday

Disease - Respiratory

Self- declared Son - Sun + Mercury

Jupiter is called as Brihaspati, the guru of gods. This planet has been considered even more important than Sun because, though Sun is the king of planets yet it has to get up from its seat in honour of guru. The author of Lal Kitab has given the neck of Kaalpurush in Jupiter's hand and has given it the representation of sky where air flows freely. The twelfth house of horoscope has been considered as the shared seat of Jupiter and Rahu. When Rahu and Jupiter collide in the twelfth house, Rahu overshadows Jupiter. In the thirty-five-year cycle of planets, Jupiter has been allotted with six years.

When Jupiter will be debilitated, the native will lose hair on the middle of head and he will develop the habit of wearing a garland around his neck. False rumour against him will perpetrate and there will be obstacles is securing education or gold will be lost due to theft.

Remedial measures: Float almond, coconut and oil in the running water. Wear a gold chain around your neck. Keep your nose clean. Clean your nose before starting any work. Apply saffron tilak on your forehead and use saffron in your food. Donate one of the objects of Jupiter such as gold, yellow sapphire, ghee, gram lentil, turmeric, book etc.

Jupiter in the first house: the native is good looking, happy, learned, of good character, accomplished with many qualities, fortunate and stable minded. He happens to be fond of wearing good clothes. He has liking for sweet and food made of ghee. He succeeds on enemies, and earns respect and honour in the society. He himself is as illustrious as king. He is interested in acquiring higher education. He receives money from the education department. He studies literature, especially religious texts. He has interest in grammar too. He becomes owner of prosperous life and excellent house. Such as native spends his money for yajna, donation and religious deeds following the voice of his own heart.

Sons of the native are illustrious and have long life. Native get all the joy from wife and sons. He takes interest in religious work, meditation and devotion etc. his blessings never go waste. Such a person ultimately finds place in heaven. Being physically supple, native finds physical trouble if Jupiter is inauspicious in the first house and cruel planets aspect Jupiter. He suffers in life sometimes due to false rumours. Native becomes ungrateful, fickle-minded, illiterate, adulterous and arrogant and engages in unworthy deeds if Jupiter is placed in debilitated or enemy sign. He suffers inordinately in the sixth, eighth and twelfth years of his life. He invites his failure on thinking evil about others.

Jupiter in the second house: Such a native happens to be rich, intelligent, good-looking, highly educated, enthusiast, kind-hearted and strong- willed. He has the ability to punish. Such a native is judicious and becomes a judge. Native has interest in poetry and tasks that benefit people. He earns money from teaching, astrology, legal advisory, vehicle, soil and domestic animals etc. He owns landed property. Such a person saves money. Such a person becomes guru of women. Therefore tasks related with women are also auspicious for him. Native's wife happens to be beautiful and candid in speech. He finds pleasure among friends. He is such a bright progeny of the family that he elevates the status of everyone in the family.

The native becomes a cheat, liar and alcoholic if Jupiter is inauspicious in the second house. His education remains incomplete. He earns money with great difficulty. He has trouble in speaking. Native produces insufficient seminal liquid and he climaxes prematurely during coitus. As a result even his wife does not love him. He has several enemies. He has no progeny. The native rarely finds pleasure of father and money. If Mercury aspects Jupiter, the native will be poor.

Remedial Measures: Wrap gram pulse in yellow cloth and offer to temple. Offer milk to snake. Serve the guests visiting your home. Do charitable work.

Jupiter in the third house: Such a native happens to have long life, is shrewd in executing a task, brilliant, illustrious and has command over his senses. Such a person does not stop without accomplishing a task he has resolved to do. His voice is deep and thunderous. He undertakes several pilgrimages during his life. He embarks on marine travel and lives abroad. He maintains good relations with higher authorities. He appears educated despite incomplete education. Such a native has interest in dharma. Such a native is sincere and calm. He benefits his brothers and receives joy from them. He receives affection of his wife too. His luck grows by worshipping goddess Durga and serving young girls.

Native is miser, avaricious, poor, of low mentality, ungrateful, unreliable, wicked, coward and weak. Such a native has low appetite and sleeps less. He does not like his wife and sons and he meets defeat at the hands of enemies and his wife He faces humiliation due to rising anger. He laces humiliation on being defeated in debate. Brothers of such natives face trouble.

Remedial Measures: Worship goddess-Durga or young girls.

Jupiter in the fourth house: Native is illustrious, intelligent, happy, respected in government circles and kind. Such a man is not greedy. He has good character and calm disposition. Religious rituals take place in his house. He is chief of his family and is devotee to god guru. Family folk pay honour and respect to him. He has more of good relations with high-ranking officials. He likes house comprising garden. Even his enemies admire him. He defeats his enemies. He secures wealth and property from ancestors and by the mercy of state. Sound religious inclination and spiritual interest are auspicious for him. He leads opulent life like that of India, the king of gods.

The native becomes arrogant if Jupiter is inauspicious in the fourth house. He becomes cunning and egotistical. He destroys his family due to self-conceit, enjoying wine and other women. He does not have the pleasure of home if evil planets aspect Jupiter. He might have to dive in other's house. He doesn't enjoy presence of parents. He nurtures malice with his kin. Despite being wealthy, such a native remains displeased and dissatisfied by heart. He does not receive paternal wealth and property. He makes his both ends meet earning by himself.

Jupiter in the fifth house: The native is good-looking, attractive, intelligent, having large eyes, eminent, -virtuous, kind-hearted and modest. He outspoken, having gift of the gab is skilled debater and writer. Though he is brahm gyani, respected and dutiful, yet he is aggressive by nature. Though he has knowledge of several subjects, yet his wealth remains normal irrespective of his qualities. He is successful in the field of education. Therefore he can become an accomplished teacher and professor. His wealth grows by doing honest deeds. He can earn through the profession of legal counselling. He will receive-joy from son. Solitary Jupiter in the fifth he n gives many sons. His luck rises after the birth of progeny. The native has deep liking for tapa (austerities), meditation a yoga practice.

Native's education remains incomplete if Jupiter is inauspicious in the fifth house. He becomes indolent and remains engaged in materialistic pleasures. He has limited pleasure of progeny if other planets, significant for progeny, are inauspicious too. Primarily he has no sons but if there are any, he does not rejoice their being. Obstacles often mar success of a task. An opposing circumstance comes up at the opportunity of financial gain.

Remedial Measures: Make worship and devotion to Ganeshji. Keep pet dog.

Jupiter in the sixth house: Such a native has interest in music and the science of tantra. He is illustrious. His wife is beautiful and gives him pleasure of coitus. He overpowers enemies and opponents. He wins in the battle. He has the pleasure of having quadruped and vehicles. A job is more profitable than independent business. He has sons and grandsons. His fortune strengthens with relation to maternal uncle and nephew. Donation etc. promotes his luck. He will receive everything in life without asking for it.

He happens to be lazy if Jupiter is in the sixth house. He suffers from wind and nose diseases. He worries quickly. He is impudent, lecherous, sickly, weak and violent. He has low appetite and sleeps less. He is short of vigour. Therefore his wife governs him. The native does not have the pleasure of mother and maternal uncle. He faces humiliation in his life. People do not believe such persons. Mother suffers from several diseases. He does not command good relations with brothers as well. If Jupiter is sitting in the enemy sign, native is troubled with the terror of enemies.

Remedial Measures: Keep pet dog. Water peepal tree. Offer gram pulse at the temple for six days.

Jupiter in the seventh house: Native happens to be as attractive as Kamdev (the god of sex), shrewdly intelligent, of delicate taste, patient, modest and excellent orator. He has interest in photography, painting and scriptures. Jobs like legal counselling give more success. Such a person engages in strange works. He popularizes his family's reputation. He wants to become a. great leader. He wants to lead a lavish and rich life. His wife is beautiful, virtuous and bears many sons. She is capable in providing coital pleasure to the native. Native sometimes shows disinterest towards women. Friends feel pleas meeting with him. Opponents remain subdued before him. He is superior to his father in virtues. Remains at front in dharma and rituals. His luck rises after marriage. He is an expert traveller.

The native gets no honour and respect at home if Jupiter is inauspicious in the seventh house. He has malicious attitude towards father and gurus. He is worried for his sons. Often he has no son. Even adopted son does not bring him joy. Jupiter in debilitated sign is inauspicious for the life of wife. He engages in adultery with woman higher than his stature. He bears loss in the company of sages.

Remedial Measures: Do worship and devotion of lord Shiv ji. To have financial gain, keep seven types of gems wrapped in a red cloth.

Jupiter in eighth house: Native happens to be good-looking, in good physical shape, intelligent and long. Even though he may not have enough money, all of his desires are fulfilled during his life. He gets and property from someone's will. He has at home loyal servants. His fortune rises from devotion to god. He has deep interest in pilgrimage, meditation, yoga etc. He receives divine help during the period of crisis. At last he meets a peaceful end at a pilgrimage and goes to Vaikunth (abode of Vishnu). His life and the life of his family members too are long.

Native happens to be poor, spoiler of the name of family, worthless, miser, brainless, defeated and weak if Jupiter is inauspicious in this house. He is troubled by rumours and people. He gets trouble and humiliation from enemies and opponents. The native does not get joy from his father as he lives separately away from his father. He takes pleasure with a widow of lower caste. After becoming indebted or due to this reason, native dies in agony.

Remedial Measures: Plant peepal tree at the cremation ground. Offer raw turmeric at the temple for 8 days. Make donations to saints.

Jupiter in the ninth house: Native happens to be sagacious. Native happens to be doing holy deeds, is erudite, learned, vrati (resolute), superior among men, rich but generous and observes virtuous conduct. He brightens the name of his family. Native secures higher education in his life. He is affectionate to women. He receives love from friends. His house is nice and comprises a garden. Native establishes good relations with higher officials. The native possesses qualities of a successful leader. He has interest in all the fields of knowledge. He is particularly successful in the profession of goldsmith, teaching, editing, publishing, judiciary and education. Every now and then the religious rituals are performed at the native's house. He receives these values from his father. The power of clairvoyance and inner vision awakens in him due to the knowledge of yoga, teaching and wisdom.

Native is pretentious if Jupiter is inauspicious in the ninth house. He is arrogant, narrow-minded, and selfish. He faces ignominy for talking and behaving nonsensically. He leads- impoverished and unhappy life if he becomes atheist. He keeps worrying about his sons.

Remedial Measures: Visit the temple regularly.

Jupiter in the tenth house: Native happens to be of clean conduct, very rich, learned, victorious and ethical. Native happens to be famous and benign. A number of men find meals everyday from his riches. He has unmatched fame. His glory exceeds that of his father and grandfather. Affluence ax vehicles stay permanently in his house. Such a person receives joy from his friends, sons and wife. He is generally successful in every undertaking. He earns money through teaching, iron trade, handicraft and import-export.

Native has evil tendencies and does evil deeds when Jupiter is inauspicious in the tenth house. He suffers loss journey. He does not get any benefit from his father. Often father does not live long. The chance to go to jail can also come due to charity or for some other reason. He has fe-male progenies. His dreams remain unfulfilled. His poverty increases according to his disinterest in dharma. Remedial Measures: Drop copper coin in running water. Keep nose clean. Donate objects of Saturn such as almond, coconut, oil and black gram (urad) during solar eclipse.

Jupiter in the eleventh house: Native happens to be powerful, good-looking disease-free and has long life. He is valiant, illustrious and virtuous but playful. He may not be very educated but he is very rich. He gets outstanding son. He collects invaluable objects. H pays respect to his father and because of this he makes progress for himself and also wins over his opponents. These men have joy of sons. They discover new ways of making money. They have innumerable servants and helpers at home. Society honours them.

The wealth of the native does not come to his use because he happens to be miser when Jupiter is inauspicious in the eleventh house. He receives limited education. He has only few number of sons. Due to poor relations with father, or spending solitary life away from family, his life become unhappy and goes waste. On being characterless and against dharma, he becomes absolutely powerless after his fatherís demise. He can also die if he is away from home.

Remedial Measures: Donate kafan (the cloth to cover a dead person).

Jupiter in the twelfth house: Such a native has deep interest in the intricate secrets of spiritualism. His fortune grows by yoga, tapasya (austerities), worshipping, and religious deeds. He has long life. He is proficient in mathematics and is a believer. Such a person is a traveller and undertakes several foreign tours and visits several pilgrim spots. He receives excellent clothes and enormous amount of money and wealth, but he is generous in regard to money.. He serves society and country out of munificence. He establishes several social and religious institutions. Because of that he earns fame and eminence. His money is spent in admirable deeds. Further, his wife is beautiful, cultured, educated and lucky and is like goddess Lakshmi. Native enjoys first-rate comforts and good sleep. In the last phase of his life, native spends his time in solitude, silence, meditation, yoga etc. He becomes the yogi who is dedicated to his meditation. His blessings sought through serving him are auspicious and helps thwart any impending evil to progeny.

Native becomes shameless, egotistic, arrogant, furious, impatient, wicked, luckless and malicious when Jupiter in the twelfth house is inauspicious. He has eye disease. He does not get credit for his auspicious deeds due to his ego. Malicious towards brothers and kin and gurus, he serves unworthy people. Becoming atheist, he follows Charwak's philosophy. He is defeated by opponents. Theft causes him loss of his money. Loss of money and fortune occurs due to excessive talking.

Remedial Measures: Irrigate peepal tree. Serve sages, Brahmins, and father. Wear gold around neck. Keep nose clean.

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