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18. 02. 2019
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Ketu and the effect of the Ketu in twelve houses as per Lal Kitab

Exalted - 5th, 9th, 12th house

Debilitated - 6th, 8th house

Significator house - 6th house

Auspicious house - 3, 6, 9, 10, 12

Inauspicious house - 7, 8, 11

Colour - White

Friend - Venus, Rahu

Enemy - Moon, Mars

Day - Sunday

Disease - Urinary disease, disease of joints

Self-declared son - Venus + Saturn (exalted)

Moon + Saturn (debilitated)

Ketu has also been considered as shadow planet. Ketu has been considered as the tail of a snake. The Lal Kitab has considered it as darvesh which is related with the other world.

Ketu signifies travelling. Mars, Mercury and ketu, all the three are immersed in Ketu.

Regarding trouble rendered by Ketu, it has been said in the Lal kitab that native should bear the trouble himself when ketu starts offering its unfavorable effect. Ketu confers more trouble or crying about the trouble before others.

Remedial measures: One should donate black or white coloured quilt at the temple when Ketu starts troubling sons. Inauspicious Ketu makes one suffer from urinary disease and joint pain. There will be hurdle in birth of offspring. Pierce ear at that time and keep pet dog. Wrap white silk thread or silver wire around both the thumbs of the toes. Apply saffron tilak.

Ketu in the first house: Native has immoveable property, legal opulence and joy of so. He is itinerant. His sexual appetite grows in proportion to the growth of his wealth. He gets excellent results from government job. If native has religious mindset, he can achieve emancipation through meditation and tap (penance).

Native becomes timid, anxious, liar, ungrateful, unhappy, unanimated, agonized and lives in the company of the wicked if ketu is inauspicious in the first house. His body suffers from wind disease. He remains in a state of confusion and keeps worrying unnecessarily. He practices malice towards kin, fears evil people and keeps worrying about wife and son. Wife can even die suffering in anxiety. He is removed from his vocation. Hs maternal uncle faces trouble.

Remedial measures: When ketu starts troubling sons, the native should donate black and white quilt in the temple. Keep a pet dog. Wrap white silk thread or silver wire around both the thumbs of the toes. Apply saffron tilak.

Ketu in the second house: Native is good looking, affectionate and sweet spoken. He has immense gain of house and money. Native’s life passes happily and in great style with his own income. Transfers in job lead to promotion. He receives honour from state government especially if native takes interest in devotion and worshipping.

Native becomes evil-natured, unhappy, unfortunate, and non-religious if Ketu is inauspicious in the second house. He faces opposition in his family. He speaks harshly. He does not know how to pay respect. He joins criminal activities in the company of worthless people. The native depends upon others even for a kernel of grain due to being robbed or due to royal punishment. He has oral disease. He remains away from the joy of wife. Native does not have a son if he is adulterous.

Remedial measures: Apply sandalwood paste or saffron tilak.

Ketu in the third house: Native happens to be extremely brilliant, virtuous, rich, long-living, illustrious, tolerant. He lives abroad. Such a native has the joy of materialistic pleasure and affluence. He destroys his enemies and opponents. He wins in debate also. He gets joy from his wife and his children are noble. He feels obliged about the aid of friends and the blessing of God. Religious-minded native is generally gloomy and reclusive and is keen on studying especially if ketu is in Pisces.

Native talks nonsensically becomes cause of useless arguments and gets sad for nodding on the tune of others if ketu is inauspicious in the third house. He suffers from heart disease, disease of quivering and gets afflicted with pain in shoulders and arms. Native gets humiliated in the society due to living in fear, confusion, worry and anxiety. He uses his enemies and his wife to fight legal battle. He lives a troubled life in travel and overseas. He lives separately from wife. He does not maintain good relations with sisters-in-law. He maintains malice towards brothers and friends. He has poor relations with brothers and this deteriorates his position further.

Remedial measures: Wear gold around the neck. Apply tilak of saffron. Float gram pulse, rice and jiggery in water.

Ketu in the fourth house: Native is heroic, truthful, sweet spoken, laborious, and prosperous. Conjunction of rajyog is considered during auspicious ketu. Native has complete joy of kith and kin. His house is teeming with riches and prosperity and vehicles. The plans to go overseas are charted out. But hurdles come up in commencement of the journey. He has good relations with his father. He spends life depending on God.

Native becomes foul-mouthed, critique and anxious if ketu is inauspicious in the fourth house. Weak and bilious, his wind troubles grow. Native does not get the joy of mother and friends. His friends wipe out father’s money. He remains agonized when at home. As a result he spends his days at other’s houses. Many times he has to leave his motherland. He does not get a respected place in a gathering.

Remedial measures: Float gram pulse in flowing water. Keep pet dog for removing trouble of progeny. Wear silver.

Ketu in the fifth house: Native is brave, virile, powerful, perceptive and enjoys the conjunction of rajyog of auspicious Ketu. He has servants in his house at his command. He has one or two sons, but he has several grandsons. He gets affection from kin. He wishes to go abroad. Native, if turns religious, undertakes pilgrimages and becomes chief of some religious institution. His preaching affects others heart and mind.

Native is evil and devious, ailing, fearful and intolerant if Ketu is inauspicious in the fifth house. He has hurdles in securing education and knowledge. Native serves others despite being courageous. He suffers from abdominal disease. His good looks are lost due to this disease. He has friction with son or he does not have son; he has daughters only. He fears water. His brothers suffer from injury by weapon or by falling or wind disease. He fights with brothers or argues with them. He applies magical speel on them.

Remedial measures: Donate milk, rice and red lentil (masoor).

Ketu in the sixth house: Native is compassionate, virtuous, famous, stable-minded. His body happens to be free of disease and if he is afflicted with a disease, he gets well soon. He achieves eminence on the strength of his knowledge. He reaches superior position in his life. All of his desires get fulfilled. His enemies are destroyed. He earns money from quadruped. His progeny helps him in all respects.

As a result of the habit to be flattered, native suffers loss. He suffers from the dental and lip disease. He has weak mind. Travelling is troublesome. This ketu confers inauspicious result for maternal uncle’s family and he maintains enmity with maternal uncle.

Remedial measures: Donate banana at the temple regularly for 43 days. Wear gold around arm. Keep pet dog to free your son from affliction. Go for another pet dog immediately if the previous one dies.

Ketu in the seventh house: Ketu confers more of inauspicious effect in the seventh house. But native becomes fearless and brave if ketu is under auspicious influence. He has a stable mind and he gets happiness. He conquers his enemies.

Native happens to be immodest, imprudent and lazy, in the habit of sleeping all the time, if Ketu is inauspicious in the seventh house. His wealth is lost as a result of theft or due to wasteful expenditures. He lives in the society. He bears great difficulty from travelling. He fears enemies and water. His wife and children face trouble. He gets separated from his wife or does not keep good relations with her. He copulates with adulterous women. At last he suffers from disease related top intestine and semen. False promises pull his fortune further down.

Ketu in eighth house: Native happens to be perpetually hard-working and valiant. He profits in terms of money, wealth and son if Ketu is in auspicious signs. He makes money from vehicle and state government. Ketu, if aspected by auspicious planets, makes long life and riches especially after some dispute about vehicle.

Native becomes ailing, bad character and avaricious if Ketu is inauspicious in the eighth house. The danger of being injured by falling from animal or vehicle and being hurt by weapon persists. He has hurdle in having son. Oral and dental diseases also bother him. Hurdle comes in the return of the money, given to others. Besides, he faces difficulty in earning money. Separation and hostility mark the relation among friends. He is attracted towards others' wives. His wife's health often suffers.

Remedial Measures: Pierce ear and keep gold in it for 96 days. Donate black and white quilt at the temple if children are suffering. Apply saffron tilak.

Ketu in the ninth house: Native is valiant, courageous, compassionate and kind. He gains high position by himself. He travels a lot and keeps several weapons with him. He is certainly blessed with son. He maintain excellent relations with his father. Father's financial position improves after the birth of the native. Native's finance as well as luck grows with Muslims and foreigners. He makes gain in jobs involving hands. Gold increases more by keeping gold at home. He gets pleasure through tapasya(austerities) and charity.

Native becomes furious, speaks foul about others, is arrogant, unlucky and destitute if Ketu is in the ninth house. His body and arm ache. He has few male children. He receives trouble from friends and brothers. He holds malice towards his father or society dejects him. People ridicule his tap (penance) and charity. Often such a native changes his religion. This Ketu confers inauspicious effect even on the maternal uncle’s side.

Remedial measures: Wear gold if suffering from joint pain, spinal disease and urinal disease. Worship Ganeshji. Keep dog.

Ketu in the tenth house: Native happens to be intelligent, erudite, sociable, famous, bright, valiant and main craftsman. His luck rises during stay abroad. The enemies of the native are destroyed if Ketu is sitting in auspicious sign. He earns prominence during war. His influence is unmatched. He is happy and rich. He is adept in playing Veena. He is happy. He gets excellent fame and excellent grandeur. Native progresses further if native maintains good relation with brothers.

Native is unlucky, ugly and is attracted towards other women if Ketu is inauspicious in the tenth house. Native faces a lot of trouble in his life. He gets injured due to falling from animal or vehicle. He suffers from wind-disease, podiatric disease and rectal disease. He neither succeeds nor gets stable in business and job. Native never enjoys the pleasure of mother and friends, father also suffers from trouble. Parents have differences. He does not have the pleasure to have progeny, especially son, or rather children die after birth.

Remedial measures: Put milk and honey in an iron pot and bury it in the foundation of your house. Keep pet dog after 48 years of age.

Ketu in the eleventh house: Native happens to have attractive built, is lucky, scholarly, valiant, illustrious and generous. He speaks sweetly. He gets good education and is fond of scriptures. He wears decent clothes. He is skilled in adorning himself. He gains money in many ways.

He himself become an officer and receives praise in his department. His adversaries remain in trouble due to his horror. All of his desires are fulfilled and his money is spent in auspicious deeds. He builds an excellent house. Generally sons are not born, but if Ketu is under good influence, excellent sons are born.

Native has to bear the trouble of intestine and liver if Ketu is inauspicious in the eleventh house. Normally the male child happens to be unlucky and suffering. Native has short joy of mother. Mother does not give birth to son or gives birth to dead child. He bears criticism if born.

Remedial Measures: Keep a pet dog. Put a white radish at wife's head side during night and donate it at the temple in the morning.

Ketu in the twelfth house: Native's eyes are large and beautiful. He receives good education. He enjoys affluence like a king. He conquers adversaries and opponents at the battle, debate and competition. He spends money on auspicious deeds. Native's luck rises after birth of son. He gets pleasure in travelling as well as at home. He becomes conqueror of his senses if religious minded. Finally he attains emancipation.

Native becomes profane, poor, opposing by nature, lecherous and indebted if Ketu is inauspicious in the twelfth house. He will do sinful deeds secretly. He has trouble in feet, eye, navel and genitals and his mind remains restless.

Remedial Measures: Worship Ganeshji. Keep pet dog. Immediately pet another dog after death of the first one.

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