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20. 05. 2019
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Lal Kitab and freedom from Debt

With the birth of a person the effect (phala) of the deeds of his previous birth follow him. Due to the past deeds, one is born in the rich family and the other in the hut of a poor man. The fate of every man is associated with him. Despite being born in a poor man's hut, one touches the heights of sky with his labour and dedication and the other despite being born in the palace, drinking milk from the spoon of gold and silver becomes poor wasting the wealth of his forefathers in seeking unworthy pleasure. This is the game of luck which is played with everybody.

Likewise, despite having good luck, several persons bear the sin of their forefathers, their deeds, and their misdeeds. The close relation-such as son, brother, nephew, grandson etc - bears in this very life the phala of his forefathers' deeds.

Father's Debt (Pitra rina)

It is tradition in every Indian state that when the father takes debt, his sons are also responsible to repay that debt. Lal Kitab has associated this fact with astrology. You not only bear the phala of your deeds but that of your forefathers' too Shri Krishna has said in Gita, "Karmaneyvadhikarastey ma phaleshu kadachana, which means that keep doing deeds and do not care for reward (phala). This explains the generational effect of phala.

There is a conjunction named Kalsarpa yoga in the traditional astrology. This conjunction also exemplifies the ill effect (dosh) of generation. It is due to Pitra dosh that a geniture shows Kalsarpa yoga and this yoga can be seen in the horoscope of several members of that family. Generally the entire family suffers from the dosh (ill effect) of this yoga. The economic progress stalls and the joy of family wipes out. I have written another book titled 'Kalsarpa yoga' to set right this yoga.

Thus if the horoscope of one member of a family will have Khemdrum yoga, the horoscope of son, grandson, brother nephew will also have the same yoga. Moon is afflicted due to this. yoga and agitates the native due to mental troubles. It is absolute truth that one has to bear with the phala of forefathers' deeds. This is called the father's debt or Pitra rina.

How to identify father's debt? How to find out that the losses are due to father's debt? Who are the forefathers whose sin or curse is cause of it? How to set right the dosha of father's debt? It is written in Lal Kitab about father's debt -

In a horoscope when malefic planet sitting in a planet's sign is destroying its effect and also is weakening itself, the debt will be father's debt. It can further be identified by the fact that the debilitated planet in most of the horoscopes of lather, son, brother etc. is sitting in the same house or in a similar house where it is absolutely debilitated. The planetary conjunction of such a person might be suggesting raj yoga but the malefic planets have to be treated.

The house has been considered afflicted according to LalKitab, the significator house of which planet houses enemy planet. The sin / curse of the significator family members of the afflicted planet will be the cause of father's debt.

Look at the above horoscope - In the house of Moon, that is house number 4, Moon's enemy Ketu is sitting and' Sun sitting in Ketu's house is also afflicted. Identify father's debt only through horoscope; it has nothing to do with varshaphalam.

Identification of Father's Debt

If the lord of house 9 is sitting in some other house and enemy planet aspects Jupiter, then Jupiter will be called the planet of father's debt. If enemy planet comes to sit in the house of a planet and the influence of the enemy planet too is diminishing, the horoscope will be considered the horoscope of father's debt.

If the enemy planet sitting in the planet's significator sign is destroying its effect and also is weakening its own effect then this conjunction will be visible in several horoscopes of that family: Such as Rahu in 11, Saturn in 4 and 6, Mercury in 2, 3 8, 11 and 12.

Father's debt will exist if one or more planets sitting in other houses of significator Jupiter of 9th house are mutual enemies or are destroying the effect of Jupiter.

With Moon, mother's debt and other planets too will exert their debt. The malefic effect will come from two planets and treatment of those two planets only have to be undertaken.

Reason: If the native's father has killed or engaged someone else to kill dogs, the native will have father's debt of the two planets namely Jupiter and Ketu and this may afflict him from 16 to 24 years.

Remedial Measures: Observe fast for 40 to 43 days in consecutive 40 to 43 weeks for growth of family.

Take one remedy at a time. After a break of one or two weeks, start another remedial measure.

Remedial measure to exalt the planet which is cause of father's debt should be undertaken before the cycle of the planets; otherwise the planet will certainly harm during its cycle. For example -

Earlier than 16th year for Jupiter.

Earlier than 22nd year for Sun.

Earlier than 24th year for Moon.

Earlier than 28th year for Mars.

Earlier than 25th year for Venus.

Earlier than 34th year for Mercury.

Earlier than 36th year for Saturn.

The Rahu of pucca house (significator of 12th house) and Ketu (significator of 6th, 2nd or 8th house), in case are not supportive, will effect worldly pleasure only and will not exert ill-effect.

All the blood relations such as son, daughter, grandson (dauhitra), sister, nephew, niece are included in the remedial measure of father's debt. If there is no one except you then you yourself compensate their part of remedy but in that situation your share of remedy has to be performed 10 times greater than otherwise.

Ninth House and Father's Debt Related with Mercury

Mercury is in 1 or 8 and Jupiter in 9.

Mercury is in 2 or 7. and Venus in 9.

Mercury is in 3 and Rahu is in 9.

Mercury is in 4 and Moon in 9.

Mercury is in 5 and Sun in 9.

Mercury is in 6 and Ketu in 9.

Mercury is in 10 or 11 and Saturn in 9.

Mercury is in 12 and Jupiter in 9.

In all the above-mentioned situations, the Mercury, becomes the rival planet and spoils the effect of other planets and makes them inauspicious. Mercury's remedy will be beneficial in that situation.

Father's Debt Related with Jupiter

Jupiter in centre and Saturn is in 2.

Jupiter in centre and Venus is in 5.

Jupiter in centre and Mercury is in 9.

Jupiter in centre and Rahu is in 12.

Jupiter in centre and Mercury and Venus are in 3 and 6 respectively.

Jupiter in centre and Saturn is in 3 or 6.

In all the above-mentioned situations father's debt will be caused due to Jupiter .Hence the inauspicious effect is removed by taking remedial measure of Jupiter.

The Reason behind Father's Debt

The family priest will have been changed for some reason.

Symptom: Religious temple or Jupiter's objects (Peepal tree) nearby have been destroyed.

III Effect: The phase of misfortune begins with whitening of hair. Money is lost or is stolen. Hair begins to fall where there was chon (braided tress). The habit of wearing necklace or garland comes into being. Hurdles arise in study; as a result education remains incomplete. False allegations mar the native. Rumours are spread against him. He goes to jail despite being not guilty. Remedial Measures: Collect money from every person of the family and donate at the temple or offer your services and clean the temple near your house. Water Peepal tree and take its care.

Other Reasons

Sun is not in 1, 11 and Venus is in 5.

Moon is not in 4 and Mercury, Venus and Saturn are in 4.

Venus is not in 1 or 8 and Sun, Moon, and Rahu are in 2 or 7.

Mars is not in 7 and Mercury and Ketu are in 1 or 8.

Mercury is not in 2 or 12 and Moon is in 3 or 6.

Saturn is not in 3 or 4 and Sun, Moon, and Mars are in 10, 11.

Rahu is not in 6 and Sun, Venus, and Mars are in 12.

Ketu is not in 2 and Rahu, Ketu, and Mars are in 6.

In the above-mentioned situation, Sun, Moon, Venus Mars, Mercury, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu respectively will be afflicted and it will be father's debt in all the situations.

Self-Debt (One's Own Debt)

Sun is afflicted when Venus is in the fifth house.

Reason: When one dishonours religion, gods, and tradition, does not believe in God, becomes atheist, then one becomes one's own debtor.

Symptom: There is a fire pot under the surface of home or there is an open part in the roof from where light comes in. Heart disease is present.

Ill Effect: The person rises in position and collects wealth. He gets honour and respect. When the person's son is eleven months or eleven years old, everything is doomed. The money is stolen. The respect is turned into disrespect. The body becomes inflexible. He cannot move around. He drools all the time.

Remedial Measures: Make a capital collecting equal contribution from the family members and perform Sun's yajna with that capital.

Mother's Debt (Maatra rina)

When Ketu will be in the fourth house, Moon will be afflicted and mother's debt will take place.

Reason: To disregard mother after the birth of one's own children; sending her out of home, to ignore mother when she is in grief.

Symptom: The neighbouring well, river, drainage, pond or holy places is converted into a pile of rubbish or is used to drain effluence.

Ill Effect: The entire saving of the person depletes and wipes out. He suffers from illness. Hurdles in study come about. Whoever tries to help him also gets afflicted. The person becomes gambler in wrong company. The courage of the person gives way and his sense to feel weakens.

Remedial Measures: Collect equal share of silver from the whole family and drop it all at a time in a river. That will free from mother's debt.

Wife's Debt (Stree rina)

Venus will be afflicted if Sun, Rahu, or Ketu will be in the second house. This is the cause of wife's debt.

Reason: One might have killed a pregnant woman at the time of delivery out of greed. Family members have fought together.

Symptom: At least one point or idea will invite loath of all the members of the family and in particular that would be service to cow. There will be sorrow in the family at the time of joy.

Ill Effect: If somebody dies in the family at a time when there is occasion of joy, it is indication of affliction of Venus due to wife's debt.

Remedial Measure: Collection of equal amount of money from each member of the family and feeding fodder to approximately a hundred COWS (who are not impaired) on one day at a time will free from the wife's debt. Wearing of clothes properly also sets free from the dosh (ill effect) of Venus.

Kin's Debt

If Mercury or Ketu is in the first or eighth house it will afflict Mars that will cause kin's debt.

Reason: To deceive a friend, poison him, to put or arrange to put fire in someone's house or ripened crop, to kill or arrange to kill someone's buffalo.

Symptoms: The person will be loathing his kith and kin He will not be celebrating the occasion of birthday in his house. He will be keeping away from all types of rejoicing. He will be living pathetically despite having everything.

Ill Effect: The person starts earning money at youth and receives honour for being independent. But he loses everything despite having it once. He becomes powerless. He has no progeny or if any is born it either dies or lives as disabled. He suffers from ill effect born out of Mars. Body suffers from anaemia. Body joints stop functioning and the person becomes blind by one eye. He is beaten for no good reason in a fight.

Remedial Measures: Collect equal money from each member of the family and offer it to a doctor to use the money to treat poor people.

The Debt of Sister and Daughter

Mercury will be afflicted if Moon is in the third or sixth house and it means debt of sister and daughter.

Reason: If one has deceived someone's sister or daughter, has dishonoured her chastity, has committed oppression on her or has killed her.

Symptom: One will try to sell off innocent children or replace them.

Ill Effect: Unfortunate incidents take place at the time of the marriage of daughter or sister. Money is wasted. The power to copulate ends or deteriorates. Tooth falls and the power to perceive reduces.

Remedial Measures: Collect yellow shells from all the members of the family. Fire those shells and make it into ash and float it in the water. Or collect equal sum of money from each member of the family and prepare halwa and puri made in pure ghee on Wednesday and offer it to 101 maids with dakshina after washing their feet.

Ruthless Debt

Saturn will be afflicted and will give ruthless debt when Sun-and Moon will be in the 10"' or 11th house.

Reason: To kill any of the life. To grab someone's house by deceit.

Symptom: The entrance of his house will face south. His house might be built on the land meant for orphanage. Or the house might have been built on the road or upon a well.

Ill Effect: Tragedies befall the family. Accidents take place. Family members become handicapped. The hair from body, particularly the hair from eyelids and eyebrows, fall.

Remedial Measures: Collect money from all the members of the family and feed a hundred labourers on one day at the same-time. Or collect fish from a hundred places and feed them. The affliction of Saturn also goes off by offering bread to crows for 43 days.

Debt of Unborn

Rahu will be afflicted if there is Sun, Moon or Mars in the twelfth house.

Reason: To deceive people who have come in contact or cheat them in such a way that their entire family is doomed. To deceive in- laws.

Symptoms: Adjoining south wall of his house will be forlorn stretch of land or there will be popcorn factory. Under the threshold of the main entrance of the house will be a drain for effluent.

Ill Effect: Unexpectedly all the endeavours give opposite result. Money is wasted. All actions, thoughtfully done, meet obstacles. One goes to jail without good reason.

Remedial Action: Gather one coconut each from every member of the family and float it in the water at a time Live in joint family and keep good relations with in-laws.

Nature's Debt

Ketu is afflicted if Moon or Mars are sitting in the sixth house.

Reason: If one has killed someone's dog out of ill will. He has troubled a mendicant. He has deceived someone by characterlessness. He has killed some life.

Symptom: May have killed someone else's offspring secretly or by deceit. To kill or arrange to kill dogs by bullet. Keeping .ill will towards close relatives, to end their generation.

III Effect: The male child suffers on being afflicted by Ketu. Urinary diseases occur. Consequently male child is not born or if it is born it does not remain alive. Even if it lives on it becomes handicapped.

Remedial Measures: Collect equal sum of money from each member of the family and feed a hundred dogs at a time in one day. Help the widows of neighbourhood. Take their blessings.

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